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May 27th, 2017

Top Tips and Techniques to a Great-Fitting Bra

The revolution of the push-up bra was such a wonderful thing. Padding was great but didn't have that realistic feel to it and no one really bought that is was you and not your bra. Well, modern technology has taken over and the push-up has come to new heights. The Wonderbra was the first great, realistic push-up bra on the market. This bra did not only have padding. It had padding inside of pockets that could be removed for any reason what so ever. So lets speculate that you did not want too much cleavage at work. You could take out the pads and have a normal bra for your cup size. At night when you were out on the town or on the weekends you could slip those pads in and have all the cleavage you want. The pads were also removable for washing. You could wash these and allow them to air dry so they fluffed up just like new.

What power this push-up bra had. It didn't matter if you were an A cup, viola you are now a B with cleavage. For many small-busted girls this was the miracle of a lifetime. For girls with larger busts, it held them higher and gave them the ultimate cleavage. This type of support and sexiness could make anyone jealous. The Wonderbra was revolutionary in its design. If you were bold you got the double pads, which just made any low-neck outfit complete. Any women who thought the sweater bra of the 50s was awesome, this one just takes the cake. Not only are these bras the cat's meow but they are comfortable, too. Even with the underwire support, they are not hard to wear for long periods of time. You can get one of every color in the rainbow and then some. There are lace, silk, satin, and cotton as well. Never before has there been a bra that can do that all by itself.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better they came out with the gel and water bras. These amazing wonders actually felt like real breast tissue when touched. Just when a woman thought she died and went to heaven, she went again. The cleavage this bra produced was outstanding compared to any other push-up that grazed the market in the past. Depending on the style these little doozies you could add at least one-cup size if not more to your bust line. The water and gel bra has this amazing ability to push up your breasts and still have a realistic look to them. There are no pads to take out or cause distortion when washing or drying. You can just pop them right into the washer and dryer and not worry if they will get all messed up afterwards. The underwire is securely in place with extra fabric and in some brands a plastic casing. This keeps it from coming through the sides of the bra and poking you in the breast, or worse, the underwire poking a hole in the water or gel pack and destroying your push-up bra.

The latest little revolutionized marvel is the Fashion Form bras such as Nu Bra. This bra does not even look like a bra at all. It is self-adhesive and can be worn over and over again. It looks like you have taken a pair of breast and stuck them under your own. This push-up power does not only give you the cleavage you desire, it also looks like real breasts. To put them on you just push up your own breasts with the cups and stick. Then it is just about putting on your clothes and going out on the town. The best thing about this bra besides the push-up and realism of it is that you can wear anything you want with it. Unlike the others previously mentioned this bra could be worn with sleeveless shirts and dresses. It is as if you were not even wearing a bra at all. Therefore, no matter what type up push-up you decide to wear you can be sure it looks incredible. So pick a style, pick a color, go out, and show the world what you have