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April 24th, 2017

Top Tips and Techniques to a Great-Fitting Bra

When focusing on the big day you want to not just think hot and sexy. You will also want to consider that you will be in this for a long time. It is important to think of your comfort as well. You will want to focus on fit so you can look fabulous and feel great too. Make sure you get lingerie that is functional as well as eye candy. Remember the day will be full enough and busy, you do not want to be miserable through the whole thing. This is supposed to be a happy and memorable occasion. You will want to choose a bra that suits the style of your dress and offers you good support. You will want to stick with something you are already familiar with, know works, and are comfy.

If your dress has a low and/or wide neckline, is strapless, or has spaghetti straps you will want to start looking for a strapless bra, corset, or bustier to go with it. It will depend on the exact style of the dress of course. A strapless bra is a great accessory especially if it comes with detachable straps that can be put back on or criss-crossed for tank tops. If you are not used to wearing one or have always had bad luck with them falling down, you might want to go with something else. Bustiers are wonderful because they give you the same support as a bra but have a built in torso to keep you trim and make sure that it cannot slip. In order to be able to wear a corset, you will have to know that it will fit right under your dress. If your dress is fitting them go with hooks verses laces. This will keep the ties from poking through. This little number will keep make your bust line look fabulous and add cinching in the waist to make you trim and sleek.

If your dress has no back at all then you will need to go a different route. Go for the kind of bra that hooks at the waist. This will allow you till still be supported in the chest but will not compromise your dress design. If you decide to go with a bra verses a bustier or corset you might want to consider a tummy slimmer to soften up your shape and just make things a little more perfect. Having the right bra or support is the key to your comfort and also is sexy when it is time to take that dress off. Make sure you find some sexy matching panties to go with your bra. You will want to make sure that they are comfortable, stay in place, and don't irritate you. Make sure to stay away from any color or pattern that can show through your dress in any light. Keep is sexy, simple, and sweet. You will then need to choose between pantyhose or stockings. Pantyhose do have that control panel but you run the risk of lines or rolling of the waist. If you invest in a matching garter to go with your bra and panties this will not be a problem. Not only will it be invisible to everyone else it is sexy. Imagine the look on his face when you slip out of your gown into a matching bra, panty, garter, and silk stocking set. There will be no need to change into anything else.

Make sure that you try on your whole underwear set with your dress. You want to make sure that it has the perfect fit and no one can see anything. When going with a garter belt get a good one. The cheapies tend to move around and cause drooping hose. This can be annoying as much as uncomfortable. Make sure to buy at least one extra pair of stocking just in case something happens. You rather be safe than sorry. You can always return them or exchange them later for another color if you don't have to open them. If you plan to so barefoot invest in a good stocking to make sure it can withstand the torture. Silk and cotton are very reliable fabrics that can take a beating and not get torn or snagged as easy