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The perfect bra has been never truly designed and women have been battling this dilemma for years. Women have gone through every possible problem you can have with a bra from run away straps, itchy nipple ripping lace, a visible bra line to indecent nipple showing from too much lift. Well there has to be some awesome bras out there that are sexy and supportive. The five top sellers are in and women are raving about their fit and comfort.

Wacoal Bras: they may not always be the sexiest in the world of bras but they are truly serious bras. There is always some point in a women's life where she needs a serious bra that offers her the best support. All sized girls, even the bustier ones can truly benefit from having one of these well made and very comfortable bras. Not only do they sell cup sizes that range from small to very large they also carry larger cup sized for smaller framed women and smaller cup sizes for larger framed women. For women with different body proportions this is a dream come true. Not to mention the molded cups to keep nipples from being seen through clothing. This feature is great for women who have nursed and any one else out on a chilly day.

Gap Bras: One the other greats out there now is the GapBody low cut T-shirt bra. This bra offers excellent comfortability, style, flexibility, and a great price. It comes in few assorted basic colors and can be converted to a racerback. They carry the perfect nude colored bra that cannot be seen under light colored or white shirts at all. This bra can take a beating and survive multiple washes and wears. This wonderful bra also lifts the breasts nicely and gives great cleavage.

Playtex Bras: The infamous Playtex 18-hour bra is surely not the sexiest bra on the planet, but as far as comfort and support are concerned, it wins the trophy. The padded shoulder straps keep ladies from suffering from strap dents and keeps larger breasted women from having backaches. There elastic design also keeps the rib cage from feeling too squished but still supportive. For those busty gals out there this bra will fix sagging and keep the breasts right where they should be.

Lily of France Bras: This is a bra with a duel function. It can be worn at work for a more professional look and altered in the after hours for that sexy look. The revolution is in its cleavage enhancement. This awesome bra can create the best boost with out the need for padding. The great thing is they are so similar to the Victoria Secret design but much more pocket book friendly.

Jockey Bras: The Jockey Demi bra has been raved about since it first appeared on the market. The cups are perfectly designed with just the right amount padding and shape. It is absolutely fabulous under T-shirts and cool summer tank tops. The straps are nice and thin so they don't show but do not cut into the shoulders like some other styles. The underwire in this great bra doesn't suddenly disappear in the dryer or go missing in the washer. It actually stays wear it should, on the bra.

Victoria Secret Bra: The Victoria Secret Very Sexy Bra and Gel Bra are their number 1 hot sellers. They are sleek and sexy and both give the best cleavage. Many women have raved not only about the sexy appeal it has but how you can fall asleep in this bra with out even noticing. That is true comfort for sure. These bras also wash up great like new and don't fall apart after three washes.

Some bras worth honorable mention are a small collection that was also in the top ten lists of great bras out there right now. The Nu Bra Divine Body Bra is a fabulous bra to wear with those cute little summer dresses or halter-tops. This busty little number adds an entire cup size to your bust and has no straps. This great accessory looks and feels like a real breast. The Zoe Bra provides an excellent shape with a great lift. This super comfy bra is so streamlined you can wear it with no visible lines under your clothes. The actual women who wear them, which is crucial for the rest of us, who have yet to find that perfect bra, have deemed these bras note worthy requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 11:38:50 AM