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Most men and even women have no idea what the difference is between a corset and a bustier. In fact, there really isn't much of a difference when you are looking at the basic design. The main difference is that a bustier has cups like a bra and a corset does not. Most corsets can be worn as intimate apparel and as outerwear. A bustier is generally worn as only intimate apparel. Most bustiers also do not have shoulders straps attached to them, as well. When purchasing a busier, you will go according to bra cup size not S, M, or L like you would for a corset. This is a bra style top that generally goes to the hips or in some cases is cropped. Some manufacturers are now adding straps, but for the most part not. Some styles come with boning for that stiffness and extra support. Many also have detachable garters for those lovely sexy stockings. The whole idea of a bustier is to provide a sleek sexy shape to the waist with supported breast cups on top.

The great thing about the bustier is that it is a bra with a torso built into it. So there is absolutely no need to shy away from the strapless look. Even the largest of breasts will be held securely in place. A woman will not have to worry that her everyday movements will force the top down around her waist and not support her or she will fall out of it. In fact, most women prefer these to the mainstream strapless bra. The bustier can even be purchased with or without boning or lacing. The lacing can come on the front or the back of the bustier. Many bustiers that have back lacing also offer buttons or hooks in the front for convenience. You can use this sexy lingerie under all strapless outfits and know that you look great and feel awesome underneath, but still have the right support. There are also those fashion bustiers that are more similar to corsets so they can be worn as outerwear. These will still have the separate cups but they will consist of a thicker fabric and not provide the same restriction in the waist.

First and foremost, you will want to decide what type of use you want from your bustier. Are you looking for a supportive undergarment, a sexy intimate item, a dazzling outerwear piece, or all of the above? It is not so easy to just look at a style and a size and say that is the one you want. You must be willing to try them on and know which ones will be most comfortable. Many of the bustiers that are made as intimate apparel are sheer or made of lace that can become itchy and scratchy if worn for long periods of time. If you love the sexiness of the sheer lacy look you might want to keep it as a "special" occasion piece for those sultry nights. If you want a sexy, easy, and comfortable bustier for all day wear then look for a fabric that is silky and/or satin. This will feel good on the skin and not make you itchy or scratchy and still look great after work hours with a sexy outfit. Silks and satins can also be combined with lace for that shear look with out being close to your most sensitive parts that can be irritating.

You can go with a cotton or synthetic blend fabric for your bustier as well. Not only are these fabrics sexy and soft they are most comfortable. They breathe well and offer some elasticity for movement. Many of the styles out in the world today offer lace or satin trim to add to the sexiness of the lingerie. The best part about cotton and synthetics is that they are easily laundered with minimal restrictions. Most can be tossed in with regular clothing. You would want to lay cotton varieties out on a flat surface to dry and most synthetics can be placed right into the dryer with all you other clothes with out damaging. So, as one can see, the bustier is a great versatile piece to any woman's wardrobe

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