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Older Women Nice Big Legs

With so many styles of underwear out there today it is very easy to get confused at what is in and what is not. At this point, who knows anymore if underwear is supposed to be comfortable, sexy, functional, or some happy combination of them all. Most women find they have several types of underwear in their draw for every possible need and occasion. Depending on who you are, you may not want anyone to see or know some of the underwear you actually have in there. Some days, sifting through your drawers for those particular panties can be a daunting task. It does not matter if you are looking for your favorite comfortable granny panties, your sexiest G-string, those sassy little boy cut panties, or those special panties for the monthly visitor. Figuring which ones to wear when and how to keep them organized to be able find them when needed is enough to give any normal woman a headache. So, here is how to sort them out.

After you go and buy some dividers that will fit in your panty drawer you now will be ready to put those underwear where they belong and find them when you need to. Here are a few tips that can help you categorize your panty draw.

G-strings and Thongs: These are those sexy little numbers that on most days will be the panty of choice for many women. There are some slight differences in how they are designed but they can live in the same space as each other happily. G-strings really have no crotch to them, no matter what others tell you. This is dental floss with a frontal triangle attached. But man do they look hot and feel great. Thongs are the ones that actually have the crotch. Even though it is so narrow one wonders why it is there in the first place.

Briefs and Bikinis: This underwear will be the other most commonly used items if you happen to not be a thong or G-string kind of lady. Your briefs are the full front, back, and side underwear also referred to as granny panties. They are comfortable and can be used all month long unlike many other styles of underwear. The briefs cousin, the bikini is just a shorter version of the brief. It has a lower waist and higher leg cut. These types of panties give the old granny panties a little flare.

Boy Cut: These are so cute that every woman has to have at least one pair. They are so simple and comfortable it is not funny. The best part is that men find them irresistible. These underwear look like little mini shorts that show off the bottom of your butt cheeks. The great thing is these are sexy, comfortable, functional, and can be worn all month long! This is a style you just can't go wrong with even if you tired.

The 'special' monthly panties: These are just about any pair of panties that you can use when "Aunt Flow" comes to visit you. Usually these are the old, ragged underwear that you have collected through your lifetime that can no longer serve any other purpose. These are the ones that are all stained and tattered. You just cannot seem to get rid of them because they serve their function and keep all your other good underwear from a similar fate.

Now you have all your panties in there proper places. At this point you are now seeing some of your spaces have less underwear than others in them. More than likely you are now going to go out and fill up each area with its proper amount of panties in that particular style. Organization can backfire sometimes and cause a spontaneous shopping spree. This time be adventurous and buy something neat. Fill those gaps with different designs of the same cut instead of buying nine pairs of the exact same thing in different colors. Before long you will have so many panties again you will be lost. At lest this time you will be able to resort them easier than you had to the first time. Good luck with all your underwear, you will need it