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There is nothing better then going lingerie shopping. This is time to pick out something sexy that suits you and your needs. Every woman should treat herself once and a while to that sexy little piece. You are off for an amazing day for sure. The main thing to remember is make sure you love it and it for you so you can enjoy it when you get it home. Here are some tips on what to look for to make your lingerie-shopping trip better.

Absolute Flattery: Make sure you feel like a goddess in you choice of lingerie. Make sure that it compliments your body and does not expose areas that may make you self-conscious. This is supposed to make you feel sexy not awkward. If you do not like the way your butt looks try a camisole or chemise instead of a G-string and garter. If you want to have more cleavage then go for a bustier or corset. Show off your arms and thighs with a great teddy. It is all about what makes you feel and look your best.

Have a Great Time: Try on tons of lingerie to see what strikes your fancy. Get creative and go for some fun and sassy prints. Maybe you can try on the leopard print you have always wanted. The point is to enjoy yourself and find things you know you love and discover new thing as well. You can get that cute little bra and panty set with the little cherries on it. Then go for the corset and matching thong. It is all in the name of fun and sexiness.

Colors: Know what colors make you look fabulous. You don't want to look washed out. Blondes can pull off just about any pastel color there is. While brunettes look fabulous in those earth tones, stronger colors, and prints. Redheads look amazing in bright sassy colors as well as earth tones too. Nevertheless, go for what you like and try it on. You will be able to tell if it flatters you or it doesn't. If it makes your eye stand out that is a huge plus.

Soft to the Touch: You should enjoy touching it as much as wearing it. Make sure it feels luxurious on your skin. If you think it might irritate you then do not get it. Silks, satins, and crushed velvets are not only sexy they are comfortable to the skin and senses as well. Stay away from too much lace or lace that covers delicate parts. This can be scratchy or irritating after a very short time. If you are going for that lace look make sure the fabric underneath is soft and gentle to your skin.

Get Comfortable: Update those intimates with some comfortable items like tank tops cutesy pajamas, and sweet little nighties. Sexy is not just skimpy it is cute and sassy and cozy. You can look good and still be casual at the same time. Look for soft fabrics like satin. On the other hand, go more traditional with cottons, jersey knits, and flannels. Yes, even these can be down right sexy and appealing if they are the right cut and look.

Sizing: Find your right size. Don't assume because when you were fitted for a bra for your senior prom you still wear that same size. If you are not sure how to take the right measurements ask the sales girl when you are out shopping. She will be able to measure you and tell you what sizes of lingerie you need. You will want to know not only what bra size you are but whether you are a small, medium, large, or something else. Finding the right size is the key to your comfort and enjoyment.

Key Styles: The key types of lingerie that can work with any woman's wardrobe are:

Chemise: A straight or slightly flares gown that skims over the contours of the body

Negligee: A loose sheer, or satin gown that covers to the upper thighs

Peignoir Set: A negligee with a matching robe that is sheer or satin

Baby Doll: A short gown that can be sheer or full fabric that has a bra like upper portion and flares out just under the bust. Usually comes with matching panties.

Bustier: Usually strapless looks like a long bra that has cups and covers the torso.

Corset: can come with or with out straps and gives the profile a flat look when cinched. Designed to slim the waist and create cleavage

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