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Body suits are awesome. They can be worn under your clothing for extra support or as a shirt itself. There are also those sexy body suits that can be worn as intimate apparel. A body suit looks very similar to a leotard but usually has snaps in the crotch to make it easier to use the restroom. They have a variety of uses and styles. Some provide support and shaping to help hide excess weight and have a slimming effect. Many body suits are actually clothing and are used as a shirt that cannot become untucked while pursuing daily activities. Some of these body suits cover the entire body from neck to ankle and are usually opaque. There are those body suits that are made into sexy lingerie, such as teddies. What you want the body suit for will determine which one you go buy.

Support body suits can range greatly is style and shape. They are designed to hold you in and make your shape smoother. Most of these are made out of synthetic blends with elastic fibers interwoven to give the proper amount of support. These garments are not sexy they are functional. The design is to make your outer clothing look better on you. This type of body suit has various styles. It come with or with out straps depending on your need. If you are looking for a slimming device to wear and support you in strapless outfits, you would want to consider this style. If you have a larger bust you might want the straps to give you better control and lift. The legs of the body suit can also vary is shape and function. There is the bikini cut designed to look sleeker and still hold in the waist and buttocks. This is great for those women who only need minimal shaping in the abdominal region only. The brief cut includes control to the hips, buttocks, as well as the abdomen. Then there are the body suit styles that go down to the bottom of the thighs. This style slims the thighs as well as all the other areas the other ones do.

The body suit that was used as a shirt that could not come untucked in the late 1990s is not as popular as it once was. These can still be found in some stores and look like any other shirt when they are on. These body suits have a snapped crotch so you can take them on and off easily as well as go to the bathroom without a huge ordeal. You could get various styles, colors, prints, and fabric types. The trend was crazy back in the 90s for quite a few years, but died out for the most part. Because the body suits made during that time were not sized the same way as underwear, they could be most uncomfortable. Many styles were either too short or too long in the crotch for many women. This meant that no matter how much she loved the design, she could not wear it without being uncomfortable all day. This left too many deficits, so they faded out of the popular style types.

The neck to foot body suit has several functions. These can help slim and support the entire body for an over all sleeker look. Many of these types of suits come in an opaque elastic material and are designed to go unnoticed underneath your clothes. Another type of full-bodied body suit is the style used by athletes such as bikers. This gives them a sleek aerodynamic design to help them reduce wind resistance that might slow them down. The other aspect of a full body suit is for intimate wear that is highly sexy. The suit can be made out of rubber, leather, or a spandex material. You can find these in any lingerie shop in a variety of styles, colors, and prints. Some are also very sheer and can be worn on top of other lingerie items such as a bra, panties, and garter. So as one can definitely see, the body suit has many possible functions today. No matter what style or design you need you will be able to find one that suits you. Most women find them extremely comfortable and supporting

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