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One would think that buying something as simple as a bra should be easy. Guess again, it is not as easy as one thinks. This is actually a very complex matter for most women. The main problem most women face when purchasing a bra is comfortability. This is usually due to the fact that the bra is not of the right design for you, you do not know your true size, and you have gained or lost 10 or more pounds. All of these and many more can affect how a bra feels and its comfort. The most important part of bra shopping is, knowing your true size. Many women think they know and are shocked to find out something else. For a bra that actually fits properly someone who knows what they are doing must fit you. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable your bras will be just from trying on ones that actually fit you right. This will help to improve your posture and your comfort as well. A bra that just does not fit right can cause back issues, muscle tension, and for some even headaches.

The next thing to consider is style. Even though the basic design f the bra is there it will depend on your body type and reason for the bra tat will tell you which style is best for you. You may want a few designs that can be used for support and comfort, sports and athletic activities, or to be sexy. There is no such thing as the all in one for the basic bra today. The manufacturers make the money off of the idea that if you have a bra for every occasion then they make a profit. Think about it. You have the bras that you wear to work that you probably have at least two or three of, the out on the town to give the extra "wow" bras in several colors, and the sports bra that is great for activities and to bum around the house in. This adds up not only in the number of bras you have filling your draws but it also the manufacturer's cash flow. Despite what people think one bra cannot do it all.

The only things that are basic of every type of bra are the band, cups, straps, and its closure. Other than that there is several possible ways to make this basic design work. One can have so many variations to this design that it has made many millionaires. If you just go with band style alone you could choose between a large band that offers the most support or go with a thin band that bridges the two cups together and fits around the rib cage right off of the outer rim of the cups on each side. Not to mention that the band could be multi layered or lined with other types of material for hygiene and comfort reasons. Once you add in cup types you have sweetened the pot a bit more. With all the possible lining styles you can figure hundreds of differing patterns. Then there is the age-old dilemma of underwire or no underwire. It all depends on what you like and prefer. Many smaller breasted women have great luck with underwire while many of the bustier ladies out there say they cannot stand them.

Now is a good time to take a look at strap styles. There are thin, thick, medium, or non-existent straps of varying materials and looks. Some are lacy and others are padded for more comfort. Then there are the types that have adjusters on them and other that don't have any. With adjusters alone there are at least three options. You can have the whole bra strap able to be adjusted from front to back. This is the most common among multi purpose type bras. Then there are those straps that go from the center of the strap to the front only for that quick tweaks if need be. Or their counter part straps that start from the middle of the strap to the back, which is almost impossible to adjust while wearing. Not to mention the actual hook that can be in the back of the bra and have several possible adjustments hooks. Then you could also have the single front or back hook as well with no size adjustment. Just to make a woman more confuse add in the sports bra that is put on like a shirt and has no fastener or hooks or adjustments at all. All these choices and we haven't even gone into fabrics and push up devices that you could possibly want. So as far as a basic bra, there is no such thing

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