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The teddy is basically a body suit that is sexy and fun. It can have cups for a bra, with out cups and straight or have no cups at all. No matter what kind you have the teddy will be an intricate part of your wardrobe. The word teddy is probably the first thing most people think of when they hear the word lingerie. An image pops up of this spaghetti strapped little lacy one-piece suit. Well the teddy is more than just that. It adds flare to your clothing by enhancing what you have and hiding any flaws you might think you have. It can be worn as a slinky sexy shirt with your favorite pants or skirt. No one but you would know that it was truly a teddy. You could wear it underneath another sexy outfit to be revealed later at just the right moment. No matter how you use it will be right and feel right.

The key to a good teddy is one that fits right, enhances your best features, and hides the rest. With so many styles and combinations out there today anyone can find what works for them. Know what is out there and do not be afraid to shop around. There are too many styles to be in a rush and you can afford to be picky. Figure out what you are looking for and shop for that specific item first. You will want to go shopping armed with your correct dress, blouse, panty, and bra size. This will give you all the ammunition you will need to get the right teddy. You will want to know if you what you find comfortable and non-irritating. If you know lace makes you itchy then do not buy a lace teddy because it is pretty. You want to be able to wear and enjoy this luxury item for more than ten minutes.

Now, think about talk fabric and color. There are so many fabric designs it isn't even funny. Silk will provide you with a soft comfortable piece that can be worn all the time. It is sexy and alluring, yet versatile, flexible and comfortable to wear. Satin is very similar to silk yet it can be washed easier. You will feel nothing but sheer delight when wearing this teddy. Lace teddies are wonderful intimate pieces that can be used for much fun. Semi-sheer and partially see through makes looking sexy feel like a game. Mesh teddies have nothing to hide, literally. This completely see through number will drive any man crazy. Not to mention all of the combinations. Silk or satin combined with lace is always a hit combination. It adds sex appeal to your smoothness. It doesn't matter how much lace or mesh you throw into your fabric design as long as you are comfortable and feel absolutely divine.

Color scheme is one of the least thought about parts of purchasing lingerie. Most women buy either their own or their partner's favorite color. The second most popular color is the standard black or white teddy. This is a fashion no-no. you want to know which colors best suit you. Buying a teddy is about enhancing what you have. You need to take into consideration the color of your eyes, your hair, and your skin tone. You don't want to look washed out or so dark you don't notice the colors you are wearing. Make sure your teddy brings out your eyes. Most women with fair skin look better in medium to dark colors than light pastels that wash them out. Darker skinned beauties look fabulous in light and pastel colors to contrast their skin tone, hair, and eyes. Those with a medium complexion look awesome in earth tones and dark colors that accentuate their more olive complexion.

So once you have figured out what you are looking for and what is the right style and color for you, get that teddy. You feel fun and spectacular as you walk down the street knowing that you have your naughty little secret hidden underneath. Every woman should have at least that one special teddy in her wardrobe for that special occasion. There is nothing better than a sexy sleek teddy to make a girl feel good

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