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The idea of lace is sexy and alluring to both men and women alike. There is no wonder why the lingerie industry has picked this fabric for most of its design. Whether a garment is made up of all lace or just adorned with it does not change the fact that is it truly stunning. If you are a lace lover, you may find it difficult to find lace garments that are not only appealing but soft and non-irritating as well. Lace has a stiffer feel to it if it is made from synthetic fibers. The only lace that is not scratchy or irritating is the lace made from silk fibers instead. If you are truly a sucker for all things lacy then it is suggested to use this type of lace. If you go the cheap route then you might end up with some really sore delicate parts. Be picky when trying to find those lovely lace lingerie items. You want practical, functional, sexy, and comfortable. There is nothing worse then being stuck in something that is chafing you raw all day.

If silk lace is just not in your budget, try nude or other colored satin lovelies with the lace on top. This will allow your skin to be next to the softer material but still enjoy the lacy exterior. There are literally hundreds of styles of lingerie that adorn lace with out having it over the most sensitive parts. Try negligees and chemises with satin around the bust and lace straps and lower half. This will allow the nipples to be touched by a softer more gentle material but not lose the sexy lace benefit. You can also find many teddies that are lacy have satin panels on each side covering the breasts. The possibilities are endless when it comes to lace adornments on lingerie. If you just have never found that lacy lingerie that you can wear and feel comfortable then try silk or satin lovelies with lace trim around the neck, legs, bottom, and straps.

For those of you who have tons of lace fashions that you really want to get more use out of but cannot stand the itchy feeling, try this: Take all of your lacy lingerie and put it into your sink. Fill it with hot water and tons of fabric softener. Now leave it in there for 24 hours. You may want to change the water to keep it as hot as you can. This will loosen the fabric for you and remove some of the scratchy and itchiness out of the lace. Repeat these steps, as often as two to three times per week and before you know it your lace will be soft enough to wear again. If you are really crafty you can also sew on silk, satin, or a synthetic lining to all of your lace bras. There are several patterns you can get online for free that will guide you step by step through the process. This will at least allow you to use what you spent your hard earned money on and still look sexy while remaining comfortable. If the idea was for the garment to be see through, then use a rayon mesh. Rayon is very soft and smooth but can come in sheer see through to keep your look the way it was meant to be.

Lace is one of the most sought after articles in lingerie, but also the most irritating when worn for long periods. You really have to know how to get the most out of your lace and what types to buy if you plan to wear them every day. For those dye hard lace fanatics go silk. This will give you the best comfort and control. You will feel sexy and the material will not be irritating in any way. You will be able to wear your silk lace for year and it will stay looking like new. The initial investment is worth having the luxury and comfort or your silk lace lovelies under your clothes every day for decades. For the passionate lace lover, owning silk lace is the object in the first place. There is nothing more alluring and wonderful than a complete silk lace set with matching bra, G-string or thong, garter belt, and stockings. Why not feel sexy in lace every day