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No matter what any man tells you, every woman has to have at least one pair of granny panties. Realistically, try nine pairs. These are not sexy in any way, which is actually kind of sexy by it self. The plain old standard brief has its role in every woman's wardrobe. These are the best underwear to clean the house in or the litter box. Not to mention that they are very handy for the monthly visitor. No one can convince any woman to ever get rid of her old faithful briefs. When no one else is looking or you are planning that night home alone why bother wearing those sexy thongs. You are just going to be lounging around and might as well be comfortable while doing it. Not to mention it saves on laundry. Just because you are choosing to wear granny panties, you do not have to wear some horrid ripped up old junk. There are plenty of pretty panties out there in the old brief or granny panty style. There is a lot to be said about having the old granny style in your drawers. They are comfortable and breathe well. This is a great asset to your underwear collection. Especially when you do not feel like wearing anything else.

When you are out for comfort these are the panties for you for sure. There are many types of material to choose from. You do not have to stick to basic cotton. The Lycra fabric is soft and form fitting to make you feel better on those uncomfortable days. They never give you a wedgie and make you feel cozy and warm. If you are still not feeling like sexy underwear but want some pizzazz you can try the satin granny panty variety. These have a nice cool feel when you slip them on. They also warm up on contact and just plain feel great. Sometimes there is just nothing better than a comfortable pair of underwear. Just because you would never show them to any man on the planet does not mean they need to be ugly. Get fun and even buy prints. There are so many possibilities it is not even funny. You can find a great pair of granny panties to replace those ones that have seen better days in your draw. Turn those into dusting rags girls and treat yourself to something new.

There comes a time and place that every woman realizes that comfort outweighs sexy by a lot. You can wear those sleek little thongs to heat up the bedroom when need be. However, why bother to wear them day in and day out and be uncomfortable. A great pair of granny panties can offer extreme comfort and no visible panty lines. Not to mention they offer extra support. This is a great feature of the granny panty all the time, but even better when "Aunt Flow" comes to call. The extra support can help with the bloated, crampy feeling of PMS. Granny panties make you feel more snug and secure during this time. The newer they are the better off you are for that extra control and comfort. Cotton is very comfortable but it wears out after washing repeatedly over and over. So go buy yourself a good pair of panties that offers comfort and feel good. Go pick out a few new ones in different designs. Go crazy. No one has to know that you are buying them with paw prints and strawberries on them. Buy something for that little girl inside of you.

Therefore, as any lady can see there is something to be said for the granny panty for sure. There is not a woman on the planet that should be with out a few good pairs of these. The second you slip them on it will be like meeting an old friend. There is no reason to for go any type of comfort in the name of underwear. Take a chance and feel free. Grab a few of these old faithful pairs of granny panties for your self to enjoy. You can rest assured that you will be more than happy that you did when it is all said and done. Now you can curl up on the couch and watch your favorite show in comfort

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