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Older Women In See Through Panties

There is something truly sexy about a woman in a garter belt. No matter who you are, the thought of the garter belt just screams sensuality. A woman in a sheer stocking attached to a garter belt as she shows a bit of thigh absolutely drives men crazy. Many women argue that hooking one of these up is a pain. In actuality, it is very simple and easy once you know what you are doing. Just like anything else, you have to know how to work it until becomes second nature. The garter belt has a huge intimate appeal and allure for most all people. For most women who choose the garter over regular panty hose, they have a duel purpose. Not only is the garter belt comfortable and not visible under clothing, it makes you feel sexy even if no one else knows you are wearing it. Women have found that the idea of the garter belt and stockings makes her feel more lady-like and sexier than any other piece of lingerie.

The garter belt is worn around the waist and it has elastic garter clasps hanging down from it. The clasps attach to the stockings to keep them up at your thighs. If you buy a garter belt that fits, you will not even know it is there at all. A good garter belt will never move around while you are in it. Stay away from cheap ones because they tend to droop. You will want to get your garter belt at a lingerie shop that sells good quality lingerie. Make sure that the stockings you get are designed for a garter belt. Many women do not realize that some stocking types no matter how sheer, are just not meant for the garter belt clasps. This is what gives women the impression that the garter belt is a pain to use. If you are using the right hose then you will be able to clasp your garter belt to the stocking relatively easy. It may take a few times to be able to get the clasps in the back straight with just one shot. This really is not such a big ordeal. Even such hose like pantyhose has to be slightly adjusted once on. Usually with pantyhose you are constantly adjusting yourself. With a good garter belt there will be no more adjusting any thing.

Many women get a secret pleasure from knowing that under every outfit is a sexy garter belt. There are women who were a garter belt with everything they own including jeans. It makes them feel sexy and alluring to themselves. The great thing about the garter belt is that it is so comfortable it is just too easy to wear all the time. Another great thing about the garter belt is that you do not have to un-clasp it to use the ladies room. It never gets in the way at all. It is fun to know that everywhere you go you have on this sexy, hot lingerie under your clothes. It makes a woman feel good about her self and in turn builds self-esteem. Women usually do not find having to close the clasps around the stocking to be any more work then pulling up and straightening a pair of nylon hose. However they do like the feel and the look of the garter belt much more.

The key to buying the perfect garter belt is size. You want to make sure that it fits snugly but does not cause bulges. The clasps should be adjustable to be able to fit your personal body length. Make sure that the material you choose is soft and comfortable to have against your skin all day. You might want to consider silk or satin for extra comfort. Examine the clasps, make sure that they are durable, and do not look like they could break easily. This should help make sure you get a garter belt that will last a long time. When purchasing stockings you will want to go with silk. They are more durable and last longer than all other types. Moreover, they clasp very easily to the garter belt. Silk stocking will be a bit more expensive than regular synthetics but they are more comfortable and really sexy