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The first thing you want to think about when shopping for your lady is that you are shopping for HER, not you. That statement cannot be said enough. Just because you find something sexy and alluring does not mean she does or that she feels comfortable in it. If she does not like it, or feel good in it, she will not wear it. So do not run out and get the most revealing, uncomfortable piece of lingerie know to man just because it is eye candy. This will probably get your purchase used as a rag or in the garbage can when you are at work. You want to ask yourself what would she wear. What does she like? Will she feel good and comfortable in this? This can be a very difficult task to say the least. However, knowing what types of lingerie are out there and what kinds she likes will very beneficial for you.

The next thing to consider is the actual type of lingerie out there. You will want to make sure that you are finding what you are looking for and not just plane old panties and bras. You want something special that will suit her style and body. You will want to know the difference between a corset and a bustier. You might think there is none but there truly is. A corset is designed to cinch the waist and flatten the bust line to produce a specific amount of cleavage. A bustier has bra like cups in it and does not have waist cinching. The difference between a Chemise and a Baby Doll is that a chemise is more conservative and a bit longer. The Baby Doll has bra like cups and is a bit shorter and more revealing. Baby Dolls often come with matching panties, as chemises usually do not. Then there are the teddies that are like a one-piece outfit.

So now you know the basic styles. Now you must know her size. Here is the most confusing part about lingerie shopping. There is more than one size type depending on the type of lingerie you purchase. When buying any lingerie that has cups in it you will have to know her bra size. This is the size that says 32 B, 36 D, 34 C, etc. This is critical to know or she will not fit into it properly and will not wear it. For all other types of lingerie you will have to know her shirt and dress size. You will want to know both the number and generic size. Look on her clothing to see if she is an 8, 10, 6, etc. then look on other articles to see if she wears a small, medium, or large. If you buy something too small she will think you want a smaller woman. To buy something too big, she will think that you think she is fat. You must have the right size so she knows you want her.

Once you have decided on what style will suit her and make her feel comfortable, then now you need to think color. You need to be sure that this hides anything she feels is a flaw. An example would be if she is constantly complaining about her hips then you will not want to go with a teddie that outright exposes that area. Go through her draws and see what colors she likes. Pick out a color that enhances her eyes and skin tone. See what other lingerie she has. This will help you find the perfect style and color for her that she will enjoy. Take your time while shopping and don't rush things. You can also always ask for help if you are having a hard time finding what you are looking for. Always go with items that have adjustable straps. This will allow her to fit the garment right for her body. Detachable straps are always good too, especially with corsets and bustiers. This will allow her to determine if she is comfortable with out the straps or is almost like two outfits in one. When buying matching panties you will want to know what style she wears and get that kind. For garters and stocking make sure you are positive she likes these and they have adjustable straps. Most importantly have fun shopping and make it exciting for her. When done right, you can expect to go out again and again together, which is the best fun

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