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You saw them in the 1980s as Madonna flaunted herself around the stages of the world. You heard about fishnet stockings when punk and gothic styles came into fashion. What is the appeal and fascination with these sexy tights? Maybe this is some type of phenomena that is never meant to be truly understood. One thing is for certain though; the fishnet stocking is hugely sexy. There is something naughty and taboo about a leg covered in black or red fishnet. It is almost defiant. It is like the leg is covered but not really. Fishnet stockings scream, "See mom, I am wearing my hose," even though the whole leg is still uncovered for the world to see. When the 1990s hit and the gothic scene grew to new lengths, we saw the return of the fishnet stocking. Where they were prior in history is a major controversy. Many think the fishnet stocking was the trademark of the call girl. Others argue that it was a way to show some leg in the Flapper Era without actually going bare under those sweet little dresses. Then you hear of the 50s housewife wearing fishnet stocking as she vacuumed the living room while the kids were in school. Who really knows where these sexy gems came from?

It was the 1980s that brought back the fishnet stockings to some extent. The fashion design at the time was short shirts and jackets in bright colors with mini skirts and fishnet stockings. Once the trend was started the manufacturers went nuts with every possible color and design built into a fishnet stocking. Once the gothic look can back in style in the mid-1990s black fishnet took over the continent. Not only could you find fishnet stocking and tights. There were also fishnet shirts and skirts. Even in the mainstream fashion fishnets were a big hit. They made any outfit sexy and daring. There was and still is not a department store that does not have fishnet stocking or tights in their hosiery department. Not to mention the idea that a good girl could wear something so "naughty" and still be good had a tremendous sex appeal to men and still does. For men to know that their so-called "normal" girlfriend could look so pretty in the bedroom has always been a big thing.

So, what can you wear your fishnet stockings with? Just about anything you want to wear them with. The best color choices are black and dark bright colors. Somehow this has the amazing power of sex appeal. Choose the color that is right with any outfit. The traditional black is the most popular and can be worn with any dark or bright colored skirt and/or dress. If you are the kind of woman that prefers pastels you are in luck. Because fishnet stockings are so popular these days they are no longer limited to the gothic style. You can now find them in lavender, baby blue, or any other pastel color you so desire. If you are going with fishnet stockings for intimate play, go black. Black is the naughty color and seen a woman who normally wears lighter colors has more sex appeal for some reason. It is almost like even the best girl has a naughty part to her. The stigma of the trashy look on a woman drives men crazy. Men love to know their women are good girls but can look naughty for them only.

Therefore, no matter what your taste is there is a perfect fishnet stocking out there for you. It does not matter if it is a thigh high with a garter belt or teddy. It could be a pair of tights under a cute little dress or slip. The sex appeal no matter where it originated is there and not going any place very soon. What really matters is that you have at least one pair of these in some form in your sexy naughty girl draw for that special occasion. You will want to be able to draw on this sexy look in one of those moments when nothing else is working. Do not wind up the only one without fishnet stockings in her lingerie draw. There is nothing worse then getting caught with your fishnet stockings down

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