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Old Naked Women In Girdles

Many women believe that picking out panties is so easy. Well, it really isn't as easy as you would think. There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from that it truly depend on what you like and what you need. The most important thing to know is what size you are. Just because you fit into a specific pant size does not mean that your panties are the same. You have to wear the right pair of panties or you will truly suffer through your day. If you wear the wrong pair, you will absolutely suffer through your day and not be happy at all. There is much to be less than desired when your panties are riding up and chafing you all day. There is nothing worse and unappealing than panties that are constantly falling down or give you that awful wedgie. This can be very distracting to your day, not to mention a negative attention getter. This can all be so easily avoided by fitting your self with the appropriate sized panties form the beginning.

Therefore, ladies grab a tape measure because you will need it. You will want to measure your waist first. You will want to have the tape measure snugly around you waist without causing any bulging. Don't cause any cinching that could cause you to go too small. You will want to use the natural indentation and/or break at your hip and waist. If you are having a hard time finding this curve, then bend to the side. You will better be able to see where this crease is and know where to measure. You will want to write this number down and mark it as you waist measurement. This will become very important depending on what type of panty you are buying. Some panties are hip huggers while others have elastic on the waistline. It truly all depends on the style you buy and what you find most appealing on you and comfortable. You will not want to buy a pair of hip huggers that use your waist size. This will cause that not appealing bulge that many women get around their mid section. If you are going to use a waist binding panty then make sure that is what is.

The next step is to measure your hips appropriately. You will want to wrap the tape measurer around your hips in their fullest area. To make sure that the tape measure is straight, so you might need to use a mirror or get a friend to help you. It is very important to make sure the tape measurer is level all the way around your whole body for the proper fit. The tape measurer must be parallel with the floor and snug. Again you don't want so snug that it causes bulges. You will also write this down to make sure that you know what size to buy. This will help with hip huggers, bikinis, many thongs, and/or string bikinis. One example is if your waist measures at a 28 and your hips are at a 37, then your panty size will be a size 6 or size medium depending on the style. Usually sizes such as small, medium, and large have two to three number sizes in them. Therefore, if you wear a 5, 6, or 7, then you also wear a medium. Remember that a 5, 6, or 7 doesn't mean your regular pant size this is exclusive to panty size.

The fitting point of panties is crucial to their comfort. There are must haves in any panty you choose to wear. The most important thing is a comfortable crotch. This is something that if it does not fit right you will know right away and will drive you to never wear those panties again no matter what. The crotch of the panty should fit just right against your body. It should not bunch up in the back or the front and should be tight. For panties that horizontal crotch seems they should be visible at the front of the panties only and not slip back. If the open end of the seem is in the front make sure you do not have them on backwards. Otherwise if the seam moves back it will bunch up and be uncomfortable. The waistband should be snug but not tight around your waist or hips depending on the style of panties you buy. If it rolls up or bunches a lot then you will want to try a smaller size. You will know when the panty fits properly because the band will stay up no matter how much you move around and feel comfortable. For all panties except thongs and string bikinis, the leg band should not leave marks yet feel snug and secure