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What is it about seeing a man in lingerie that turns a woman on? It could be the taboo of the idea that the man is in something that is known to a woman's place. It could just be the eroticism of men in something skimpy that women were never allowed to see unless in the bedroom. Whatever the case may be there is a huge market for men's lingerie. There are classes to men's lingerie. Some are more traditional while others are definitely not for the mainstream. There are several styles in between, as well. The idea that a man will dress up with his woman or for her is simply amazing and tantalizing to the senses. There is something truly erotic about a man who is willing to dress up and give his lady a show. To know what type of market is out there, you will have to do a bit of research. Make sure that when you find something for him that it will not be embarrassing. Some men think the idea of male lingerie is "weird" if they have never worn it. Here are some styles that you can experiment with before going into the non-traditional type items.

Many of the traditional, yet sexy lingerie for men are boxers and different types of underwear. Don't go crazy here ladies and get him that neon yellow, leather G-string. Start simple and work your way up. Not to mention you need to be willing to wear something similar if you want him to give it a second thought. You have to be fair. If you want him to dress up for you, then you better come home with something cute. Start off with a pair of silk boxers. Even if he is a brief man he will love these. They are not too daring and he won't even think about the lingerie aspect of them. Once you have done this get him a little something more "risky" like tight boxer briefs or bikini cut briefs. Make sure you come home with a cute little chemise or baby doll to get the mood right. If you don't, it will be football time for him. This is the best way to get him to want to shop for sexy lingerie for the both of you and open him up to new things.

Once you both have passed the boundary of lingerie for the bedroom in its most modest fashion, now it is time for a bit of fun. Male tongs and G-string can be extremely exciting. You will want to go together so he can pick out what he likes. You want him to feel sexy and comfortable in these so he will wear them for you. Whatever he picks out you will want to find something sexy to match. If he goes with the navy blue thong then grab that navy blue teddie and G-string with the black lace for you. This is supposed to be about you both. If you are really daring, go costume style. There are several playful costumes for men that just scream sexy. If are willing to dress up he will be too. There is nothing sexier than a committed couple having fun and play in their sex life. Go get that naughty little nurse outfit and call him doctor. On the other hand, be the little schoolgirl on the playground who is taken aback by the handsome stud. Remember girls where there are costumes there are great little thongs to go with them for your man.

If he is ready and you are too, you can now get into the more kinky types of lingerie for men. Leather is a huge turn on. There is nothing like it and many men don't mind the idea of leather as long as you will wear it too. He can get a pair of chaps to go with that leather thong. How sexy is that? If you are into the more gothic look, you can get the male corset with the garter and fishnet stockings. You will have to be willing to go out on a limb for this one. Then again if you have shown him that your love this he might not even care. It doesn't matter what the two of you decide. Just make sure to start off slow and sweet and before you know it your will not be the only one in lingerie

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