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March 23rd, 2017

Youll Always Have Paris in Las Vegas

If you are ready to tie the knot, then you know that Las Vegas is often considered by many to be the
wedding capital of the world. While this is most certainly within the realm of possibility, it is often
quite underrated when it comes to being a honeymoon destination. Granted, the quintessential honeymoon
destination was, is, and probably forever will be Hawaii â€" and for good reason! Yet did you know that by
discounting Las Vegas as a destination for your honeymoon you might actually be shortchanging yourself?

Of course, a honeymoon in Vegas should not consist of a hastily planned outing to a number of casinos
where money is wasted on one armed bandits slowly robbing you of your coins, and your new spouse of her
or his patience. Instead, with a bit of know how, you will be able to turn a Las Vegas honeymoon into an
unforgettable outing! Here are some excellent ideas for honeymooners in Las Vegas:

1. Eat in style at an unforgettable restaurant. You will need to pay a lot of money for this dinner for
two, but it is worth every penny! Consider the ambience of the Canaletto at The Venetian. Recreating the
look and feel of the Saint Marcus Place in Venice, this restaurant offers the charm of Italy with a view
of the gondolas that glide by the restaurant. The food is to die for, and the friendly waiter will be
happy to make a wine recommendation to accompany your meal. If French is more to your liking, then Le
Cirque at the Bellagio will fit the bill. Be aware that this is a high class eatery with a steep price
tag, so be sure to come prepared or else you will suffer from sticker shock in front of your new spouse,
which is always considered poor form. Dress up for this once in a lifetime experience, and watch French
cuisine at its best! Not even Denver’s famous Le Central can offer up better or more unique dishes â€" and
they do try!

2. Stay in style at the Four Seasons Hotel. As far removed from the sometimes garish gambling atmosphere
of the city, this hotel is among the finest the city has to offer. Whether you choose to book a moderate
room â€" it still measures 500 square feet and offers a full marble bathroom â€" of the Presidential Suite
at 3,400 square feet with a number of bedrooms at your disposal, the attention to detail will make your
stay truly unique. Such opulence comes with a price tag, but for your honeymoon it is well worth the
extra expense!

3. Take in an exquisite show. Do not fall for the free tickets to some show that features a magician
nobody ever heard of, or a comedian who would not recognize the difference between a metaphor and an
allusion if it hit him in the back; instead, spend a bit of extra money and purchase tickets to the
famous shows, such as Cirque du Soleil’s performances. While the tickets will not be cheap, you will be
treated to an amazing acrobatic performance that will leave you awed and speechless. Make sure to
purchase these tickets well ahead of time, since they do tend to sell out quickly.

4. Do something totally unique you would never ever dream of doing at home. This could be anything and
everything, depending on your hobbies and disposition. For most couples, however, indoor skydiving would
probably fall under this heading. Las Vegas offers this astonishing opportunity where you and your new
spouse will be able to literally fly in a column of air for three minutes each. The prices are
relatively modest and the experience is well worth every penny.