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April 29th, 2017

Youll Always Have Paris in Las Vegas

The Hoover Dam is a technological marvel that is located between Arizona and Nevada. Only about 30 miles
outside of Las Vegas, a trip to the famous dam finds its way on many travel itineraries, yet it is so
often put aside as a destination once the gambling bug bites the adults, or the sights and sounds of
Vegas spell bind the kids. This is truly a shame, since this marvel has been a major landmark since the
1936, which saw the finish of its construction phase and permitted for the facility to finally go

Named after Herbert Hoover " former American president most famous for his 1928 campaign slogan to have
“a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage” " this amazing monument was designed to provide flood
control for the Colorado River, a water source for Southern California, and energy generation for
Arizona, California and also Nevada. The actual structure is decorated in an Art Deco design, which was
considered to be the style of choice for anything that wanted to portray a modern and almost futuristic

Since this monument is a favored tourist attraction, a visitors’ center hosts tours and it is estimated
that each year 1,000,000 will sign up for a tour. There is the self guided tour that will permit eager
visitors to stroll through the areas open to the public; this tour takes about two hours and is highly
recommended for older children and young adults who may decide that this visit is a good learning
opportunity. Those who might be a bit more ghoulish inclined always seem to bring up the rumor of the
workers buried in concrete in the massive slabs. Tour guides time and again heave a sigh and let the
interested party know that there is nobody buried in concrete anywhere on the property. So, if you were
wondering about that, there is no more need to ask!

Of course, there is more to a visit to Hoover Dam than simply a self guided tour. Did you know there are
rafting tours available as well as paddle craft tours? The actual rafting trip you will be taking will
be on the Colorado River, where a detailed adventure map will alert you to specific sights and landing
options. It is imperative that you are knowledgeable about rafting; otherwise it is a good idea to sign
up with a rafting outfit that will host a tour.

Of course, you do not have to stick with the traditional two hour tour to get a look at the Hoover Dam.
If turbines, valves, and really big outlets are not your thing, you will be able to sign up with one of
the fascinating Lake Mead cruises that will still bring you up close and personal with Hoover Dam, yet
without the tour aspect. Whether you book a champagne brunch cruise, a pizza party cruise (great for the
kids!) or a dinner and dance cruise, you will not only be able to soak in panoramic landscapes, crystal
clear blue waters, and a variety of landmarks, but you will also be able to see Hoover Dam!

As you can see, a trip to this historic landmark is much more than an obligatory check on a list of must
sees just so that you can say you “did” Vegas. Instead, it is a daytrip that promises a change of pace
from gambling, it offers a glimpse into nature that is both awe inspiring as well as educational, and it
provides you with the ability to plan further outings to also take in some of the surrounding areas.
What a wonderful opportunity!