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Stone Structures For Backyard Landscaping
May 29th, 2017

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Hinges On Projected Use

Backyard landscaping is great especially if you usually like to spend time in your backyard. There are many things that you can do to improve the look and ambience of your backyard. Plants are sometimes the key to making the backyard look different but stone structures for backyard landscaping can create a homey atmosphere as well as invite some people to spend time here.

Stone Furniture

Stone structures are ideal for backyard landscaping because these can withstand the heat of the sun and the pelting rain. Stone benches, tables and chairs are often some of the most common structures that you need for great backyard landscaping. The more common stone material used for these furniture are marble and granite. Some can be a combination of other furniture medium such as metal and glass.

Pathways And Steps

Stone pathways and flagstones are also great for backyard landscaping. These will provide a break in an otherwise monotonous grass lawn or yard and also give people somewhere to walk on to prevent damaging the grass or stepping on wet patches. Many backyard landscaping ideas focus on pathways that are made of stone. This is because stone pathways or flagstones are durable and many do very well in the outdoors.

Steps made of stone can lead to and from the backyard or the patio to the house. Some backyard landscaping may include steps if the house if slightly elevated from the yard. Slate is a good choice for this as well as limestone for backyard landscaping using steps.

Low Walls And High Walls

Some backyard landscaping ideas are also about stone walls to divide a yard or to double as stone seats at the same time. Slate, natural river stones, marble and other kinds of stones are ideal for low stone walls. These make your backyard attractive and at the same time define the perimeter of the yard. Higher walls can also be used for landscaping your back yard.

Arbors, Trellises And Water Structures

Stone arbors and trellises are great for backyard landscaping. These can have creeping ivy and other plants growing on them and also provide shade for guests. Usually, the legs of these are made of stone or cement and then the top part is either wood or steel. Water structures like waterfalls and fountains are great for backyards. The help cool down the area as well as soothe people there.

Backyard landscaping has a lot of possibilities using stone. You can choose a variety of textures and colors that will best suit your home as well as complement it.