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March 30th, 2017

Add Tranquility to Your Outdoor Space with Water Garden Landscaping

The Home Depot Landscape Supply Stores have all of the different items used in landscaping available for a variety of end users including professionals, avid gardeners, nursery experts and ordinary folks. They carry a huge collection of landscape, lawn, gardening products and their collections include some live goods as well. In addition, from this landscape supply store you can also obtain your supply of chemicals, landscaping materials, tools as well as irrigation systems.

History Of Home Depot

If you are very particular about where you buy your supplies for landscaping projects, then the Home Depot is a landscape supply store worth taking a closer look at. The history of this landscape supply store began in the year 1978 and was the brainchild of Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus in association with Ken Langone, a banker, and Pat Farrah, a guru in the world of merchandising.

The Home Depot was meant to function as a one-stop landscape supply store where people could shop non-stop and it also was meant to cater to the needs of DIY enthusiasts. At first, this landscape supply store had an area of about sixty thousand square feet though this was far greater than what competing landscape supply stores had at the time.

The Home Depot landscape supply store began by providing the best quality customer service and this feature has continued over the years even in spite of the great amount of business expansion that has since taken place with the company.

Today, the Home Depot continues to adhere to the qualities with which it had become so well known - is it best customer service, taking care to people’s needs, spirit of outstanding entrepreneurship and doing the right thing at all times. It is not for nothing that the Home Depot has grown the fastest amongst all retailers in the entire history of the US. It now has a global footprint.

Besides stocking items for home improvement, the Home Depot also has appliances and garden and lawn products and everything else that you will need for proper landscaping. There are also many landscape design tools available on the market today and among the more commonly used tools you can include items such as rakes, spades, hoes and garden forks.

If you are looking for items such as potted top soil you could also check out a landscape supply store such as 1800TopSoil that is a foremost choice when it comes to top soil and topsoil.