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Knowing The Basics Of An Offset Kayak Paddle
March 27th, 2017

Shopping For An Inflatable Kayak

If kayaking seems like an interesting sport to you, you will want to know how to paddle a kayak so that you can get the easiest and fastest trip. To achieve this, you will want a kayak paddle that is made for going fast. An offset kayak paddle was designed to be more streamlined. It eliminates air drag so that you can move fast in the water. Learning how to use an offset kayak paddle is also important in maintaining speed and motion in the water.

How It Works

An offset kayak paddle works by having the curvature of the blades on the paddle facing in opposite directions. This design makes the paddle cut through the water quickly and easily. The offset kayak paddle also adjusts in the middle so it is great for any person to use. The way it works to make you faster is that is puts your strokes closer to your boat. This gives every single stroke more power that will keep your kayak straight in the water.

How To Use It

First, you will want to take your kayak paddle and adjust it so that the brand name printed on the paddle is facing your body and that it is right side up. This is for right-handed paddlers. Left-handed paddlers will have to adjust and put the brand name face down. You will need to take your dominant hand and line up the knuckles with the top of the blade that is closest to your hand. This is the grip that will be stationary, so keep it firm. Your non-dominant hand will be in a parallel position to your other hand and both elbows should be kept at a 90-degree angle. This will let the blades at the ends of your kayak paddle align with your arms.

If you want the best stroke, you will want to remember that the power of the stroke comes from the core of your body. You will start with you dominant hand and get that blade in the water. You will have to pull toward you just three inches away from the kayak in order to get the fastest stroke. At this time, your opposite hand will be pushing away from you.

With an offset kayak paddle, you will be able to eventually move on to more experienced tricks and maneuvers once you learn the basics of using your offset kayak paddle.