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The Types Of Diabetes
March 28th, 2017

The Effect Of A Diabetes Symptom

Most people believe that diabetes is a condition brought to effect by the presence of sugar in the blood stream. This belief is true. Many other people believe that the sugar in our blood stream is caused mainly b the sugar that we eat. In reality, diabetes is not just about how much sugar one takes in but there are other factors that make this condition so. Any sign of a diabetes symptom should warrant a visit to a doctor.

Type 1 Diabetes

This type of diabetes is the condition where the individual's immune system does not accept the some functions and tries to destroy the insulin creating cells in the body. Insulin creating cells which are important to our normal everyday body functions cease to function normally when the attack of the immune system occurs. This diabetic condition can occur at anytime to anyone but studies have shown that it occurs to individuals below 40 years of age and they retain this condition until their old age.

Factors that contribute to this diabetic state are the kinds of food we eat, some viral infections and some hormonal imbalances that may occur due to genetics. The treatment for this kind of diabetes is to inject insulin on a regular basis, some for several times a day. Maintenance for this condition may be difficult but the individual will get use dto it eventually.

Type 2 Diabetes

This type of diabetes is one where the individual suffers from insulin resistance and insulin deficiency but not from the attacks of the immune system. There is a very obvious trend that shows that this kind of diabetes is strongly linked to genetics but can also develop due to the lifestyle of the individual. Such things as excess weight, a poor diet, high blood pressure and a sedentary life can lead to this diabetic state. Many doctors believe that this form of condition or type can be managed and controlled through radical lifestyle changes.

Gestational Diabetes

This condition manifests itself on some pregnant women who are prone to diabetes in the first place. While most cases resolve themselves after the birth, some women are unfortunate enough to develop full blown diabetes if they have no control or management of their condition while still pregnant. The right diet and exercise is necessary to waylay any chances of the pregnant women developing the condition after giving birth. Although the risk of this is relatively small, there is still a risk.