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Get The Best Juicer For You!
March 27th, 2017

What Makes Up The Best Juicers?

Juicing can be a great way to complement a healthy diet, supplying many essential nutrients and vitamins with great ease. In fact, many people swear by juice fasts to improve their energy and quickly lose weight, although you should always consult a doctor before embarking on one of these. Getting the best juicer can also mean that you save money. Think of all those vegetables and fruits youíve let rot in your fridge. With a juicer and a bit of ice, you can convert that stuff into enzymatically-active delicious beverages!

Coffee, Or Juice?

You may be a coffee drinker. You may also know that drinking coffee has been shown to block the absorption of certain nutrients. Certainly, coffee is a natural diuretic. Consider the act of taking your vitamins with coffee. What does coffee do, other than make us jittery? Thatís right! It makes you have to go to the bathroom. And when you do, guess what happens to a lot of those vitamins you just took? Thatís right, down the toilet. Fix this problem by switching to juices and using your juicer. Have the best days of your life right now.

Why buy your own juicer? Cost and efficiency are two big factors. Even if you have been healthy and have been staying away from $3.65 lattes for the past ten years, a visit to the juice bar can set you back five or six dollars, no problem. By looking into the best juicer for your needs, you can almost eliminate this extravagance. Take that five dollar bill and put it back in your pocket, spending just a small part of it on fresh fruits and veggies.

Which One Do You Need?

The best juicer is naturally the one that is best for you. Do you intend to use a lot of citrus, with its high Vitamin C content? Do you want it mostly for leafy vegetables or carrots? Some combination of all of these? A little research goes a long way. For example, you can go electricity free by using a manual juicer. The cordless and naturally-green method of operation may be right up your alley. Many wheat grass and citrus juicers operate this way with reamers or augers.

The Juicing Process

On the electronic scale, you can go big or small, cheap or expensive. For example, if you donít want to have to deal with clean-up, simply get a centrifugal juicer with a pulp chute. It will literally scatter the pulp away from your juice, keeping pesky fibers out of your teeth. You can also get one with a powerful engine by going the commercial route, with some of the best juicers having some serious rpm. These also wonít get clogged as easily, as a general rule. Shop around, and find the best juicer to suit you!