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How To Use Beads For Jewelry
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Magnifying Glass To Make Beaded Jewelry
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Metal Jewelry Classes
Jewelry Making Supp Uses
Materials For Making Costume Jewelry
Wholesale Jewelry Making Supply Centers
Wire Jewelry Patterns

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Texture Sheet Metal Jewelry


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Metal jewelry looks attractive and elegant, and if you really have a creative knack, you can come up with beautiful jewelry for yourself and your loved ones. The market of metal jewelry is increasing rapidly hence you can also choose it as a career.

How to Make Metal Jewelry

There are many books available that you can read to learn how to make metal jewelry. Metal jewelry making can be lots of fun and you can add your unique touch to each piece.

There is more to metal jewelry making than strings and beads. There are numerous tools and machinery that need skill to be operated but once you learn them, there is no limits to what you can make utilizing them. There are many metal jewelry making tools available for soldering, casting, polishing and beading.

It you want to learn how to make metal jewelry, you can join a workshop where you can learn to saw, solder, anneal, file and finish the metals. All the material is given to you and there are few things that you are expected to bring such as towel, box for tools, tooth brush, sketchbook, pen, marker, pencil, ruler etc. depending upon the course you want to attend. These classes provide a stimulating environment to enable creative expression.

These classes offer metal and jewelry art classes through out the year for students of all ages. Various courses offered are metal working technique, creative problem solving and designing.

Types of Courses

If you want to pursue your career in jewelry making, you can attend a bench jewellers program, which is a 2-5 day workshop and will help you to hone your skills. This course includes workshop on pave and flush stone setting, mechanism, chasing, mokume-gane, classical chain making and granulation.

There are also courses in metal arts including investigation in conceptual and contemporary metal arts. Weekly jewelry classes provide basics in metal jewellery fabrication in constructing hollow forms, casting, moldmaking, PMC, fusing, design, classical chains and layout. There are studios so that once you have finished your course, you can work independently under your instructor’s guidance.

Learning how to make metal jewelry is not difficult. You just need few tools and a little imagination to come up with your unique designs. You can choose any metal and accessories based on you budget. To get some ideas, you can visit online stores and find out what appeals you the most. You can also shop online to get the suitable book as per your level of skill and specific interest. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 1:58:00 PM