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Texture Sheet Metal Jewelry


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Jewelry making is a hobby for some and passion for others. It is a great way to express yourself and make a statement. Sheet metal is a metal formed into flat and thin pieces. It can be cut and bent into various shapes to make attractive jewelry and its thickness varies significantly. If the sheet metal is very thin, it is called foil or leaf. The thickness of sheet metal is called gauge and it can vary from 8 gauge to 30 gauge. Higher gauge implies thinner sheet. Aluminium, copper, brass, steel, tin, titanium and nickel can be made into sheet metals and they are extensively used in jewelry making.

Processing Sheet Metal For Jewelry Making

Sheet metal for jewelry making can be purchased from any jewelry supplier but you can also make it yourself. It will help you save money and you will not have to depend on the suppliers. You can use the rolling mill to compress the cast ingots into sheets of any thickness.

Thickness of sheet metal for jewelry making can be reduced by using tangential compression. To reduce the thickness, sheet metal is passed many times through the controlled space between the rolls of rolling mill. Before passing the sheet metal through rolling mill, you need to anneal it. Annealing is important, as the sheet metal gets hard after passing several times through the mill. To get a smoother and more uniform surface, it is best to roll the sheet metal through the mill when it is cold.

Texturing Sheet Metal For Jewelry Making

You can make any impression on sheet metal and use textured clothes, wires or watercolour paper to create the pattern. If you anneal the sheet metal well prior to passing it through the rolling mill, you can get very good results in texturing.

To make an impression, place the material whose texture you want, on the top of annealed metal sheet. On top of this, put another metal sheet and put this sandwich on the rolls. Close the gears tight and then pass this sheet. Calculating the pressure that is sufficient for transferring the patterns can be learnt only with experience.

Texturing the Sheet metal for jewelry making is a good option for any kind of design. Just keep in mind that annealing is very crucial so that flakes and cracks can be avoided. Before you star the procedure on Sheet metal for jewelry making, make sure that the surface of the metal is absolutely clean.

Once the sheet is ready, you can fold it, pierce it, dome it, chase it and stamp it to get the jewelry of your choice. If you are interested in making jewelry, you can explore other options as well such as metal clay and glass jewelry making. Each medium offers a unique way to present your creativity and ideas. Sheet metal for jewelry making offers endless opportunities to explore your creative self. Just make sure to follow each step carefully in making the sheet metal or else, buy it from the supplier.

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