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Texture Sheet Metal Jewelry


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Wholesale jewelry making supply centers are an asset to jewelry makers, whether they are beginners or professionals. Although these centers are usually frequented more by the experienced jewelry makers, the centers still carry the kits and tools that beginning jewelry makers need in order to get started in their new hobby. Wholesale bead jewelry making supply centers specialize more on the different types of beads that the jewelry makers might need and desire, whereas other wholesale jewelry making supply centers have a more rounded selections of goods.

The Benefits

Wholesale jewelry making supply centers often have catalogs to make it easier to order the supplies. The stores are usually warehouses that are not always located in the city where the jewelry maker resides. Fortunately, most of these wholesale jewelry making supply center catalogs are free, so jewelry makers can get them from several different companies at a time to compare costs and variations of different products. Many of these companies will also offer sales where the shipping cost is free, making the deals even better for the jewelry maker who happens to find them.

Wholesale jewelry making supply centers are a better choice for most products that a jewelry maker needs that going down to the local arts and crafts store or specialty jewelry supply store. Unless the jewelry maker is just starting out and only wants to buy a small kit, not sure if she will want to continue the hobby beyond the test run, arts and crafts stores and specialty jewelry supply stores are significantly more expensive on almost all supplies. The reason for this is that the wholesale jewelry making supply store sells most of the items in bulk, which means that although the price is higher up front, the price per item bought is significantly less than buying in a smaller store.

In addition, the selection of items in a wholesale jewelry making supply centers is much greater than a smaller store, allowing the jewelry maker to have greater creativity. In addition, the catalogs often display jewelry ideas of what to build with their products, so they are a great resource for creativity for the jewelry maker as well.

Beyond just beads, wire, and other essential items, there are also jewelry making tools that can be found at wholesale jewelry making supply centers around the country. Crimpers are always in demand by jewelry makers, as well as tweezers and soldering irons. There are other tools for specialty pieces, such as metal punches, which create unique designs in the metal.

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