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Buying Silver Wire For Jewelry
How To Use Beads For Jewelry
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Sheet Metal Guide Silver
Jewelry Making Supplies Catalogs

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Texture Sheet Metal Jewelry


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Free jewelry making catalogs are a wealth of resources, not only because they offer valuable supplies that jewelry makers need and desire, but they also provide an abundance of ideas as they show off various ideas of how to use the various supplies. In addition, there are kits and instructions available in some catalogs as well that can give beginners ideas on free jewelry making projects that they can embark upon.


Free jewelry making catalogs contain all types of supplies that jewelry makers can need to practice their craft. There are basic items in the catalogs such as the different types of wire needed to produce all types of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The wire can be found in different metals, such as silver, copper, gold and steel so that different looks can be achieved by the jewelry maker. It can also be found in different thicknesses, since wire wrapping requires a thicker wire most of the time than building a necklace or bracelet.

Free jewelry making catalogs also contain a plethora of beads for a jewelry maker to choose from. There are beads that can be used at centerpieces of necklaces and earrings, such as beads that are actually formed out of real gem stones. There are small beads that are normally used to accent the larger beads or to create patterns in more intricate necklaces, bracelets or earrings. The beads also come in different metals, so that metallic works can be created, as well as coming in all different colors for variety. There are some beads that have writing or pictures on them, and others that are especially made for children's jewelry.

In addition to the wire and beads, free jewelry making catalogs also contain some of the tools required to make different types of jewelry. Tweezers and crimpers are essential to all jewelry making, and are sold in the catalogs, both separately and in kits. In addition, there are some types of jewelry that require soldering, so soldering equipment is also sold in the free jewelry making catalogs. Metal punches for creating different designs are sold as well as different patterns for brooches and rings.

Jewelry makers always look forward to the arrival of their free jewelry making catalogs even if they are not planning on buying anything new. The catalogs always have different ideas in them, showing off new products and tools in the different pieces in the pictures which gives the jewelry maker at home more ideas for their own creations.

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