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Texture Sheet Metal Jewelry

For intermediate and expert jewelry makers, wholesale jewelry making supply stores are life-savers. They have an abundance of materials for jewelry makers to choose from and since it is bought in bulk, it provides discounted prices from the ones normally encountered in arts and crafts or specialty jewelry making stores. In addition to finer jewelry making supplies, such as beads that are made from real gems, there are also costume jewelry making supplies for wholesale prices.

Beginner to Professional

A beginning jewelry maker does not need to buy in bulk since she is just beginning to learn the craft and does not yet know if it will be a passing fad or a lifetime profession. Beginning jewelry makers should probably begin with kits that can sometimes be found at wholesale jewelry making supply stores, although they are more likely to be found at the local arts and crafts store. Other than buying bulk materials being an issue for a beginner, beginners also need the tools, such as tweezers and crimpers that can be found in the kits and upgraded after she learns how to use them.

Wholesale jewelry making supply stores and their catalogues are vital to intermediate and professional jewelry makers. They have an abundant selection of all types of supplies that they can use in various projects. It is more expensive up front to buy everything in bulk, but the cost per item is much less, allowing professional jewelers to make more of a profit on their wares. For those who do it as a hobby from themselves, friends and family, it can save them a lot of money on their gifts, while still giving everyone a special piece of art.

Some of the supplies that can be found at wholesale jewelry making supply stores are wire and beads. There are different types of wire that are required for different types of jewelry, depending on if it is part of the décor of the piece or if it is only the backbone holding the necklace together. There is also wire that is used in wrapping, where the wire itself is the decorative element, being formed into coils for use as beads, or twisted into different designs.

Beads are also essential elements since they can be used in all types of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches. There are many types of beads themselves, such as metal beads, beads made of gems, painted beads, and others, all of which can be found at a wholesale jewelry making supply store.