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Texture Sheet Metal Jewelry


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For any kind of jewelry making, there are numerous tools and techniques that can be used to create unique and innovative designs. Initially, you can start with basic jewelry making techniques for metal, and gradually, you can learn more intricate techniques to make finer metal jewelry. Some people believe that real jewelry is made only from metals.

Understanding Various Jewelry Making Techniques For Metal

Jewelry making techniques for metal include annealing, fabrication and soldering. Using some fabrication techniques such as filing and sawing, you can make great pieces of jewelry.

When talking about jewelry making, fabrication refers to the way of manipulating metal. This manipulation can be bending, cutting or shaping the metal to create attractive jewelry designs.

Soldering is another Jewelry making techniques for metal. Depending on the metal being used, there are few variables involved. Firstly, it is important to set up a safe place to start soldering. You can use a firebrick, a ceramic tile or heat resistant pad. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated place and then put firebrick on top of the tile. You need to ensure that whatever you want to solder fits well. Clean the jewellery that needs soldering, put the solder in place and start up the torch. Once the metals have joined, put them in the jar of water.

Once you have finished making metal jewelry, you need to polish them either by hand or use magnetic polishers. There is polishing kit available that is made up of various kinds of mounted silicone wheels and cylinders. But this kit is suitable only if you need occasional polishing. If there is lots of polishing that needs to be done on regular basis, it is advisable to go for polishing wheel.

Other Options For Making Jewelry

If you enjoy using your creativity in designing jewelry, you can expand your field of expertise to other forms of jewelry making as well. In addition to metal, jewelry can also be made from glass, clay and metal clay. Metal clay jewelry making is a very interesting field as it offers lots of flexibility. Metal clay is clay like medium that is used to make beads and jewelry. It contains minute particles of precious metals mixed with water or organic binder.

If Jewelry making techniques for metal are used creatively, you can make absolutely stunning jewelry that can be sold in fairs or over internet. If you enjoy jewelry making, you can attend a professional course and choose it as your career.

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