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Soldering Gun For Costume Jewelry


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Jewelry making is an art and is a form of self-expression. You can master this skill and use it as a home business selling your metal jewelry at craft shows and over internet. Designs of the jewelry you make should be unique and represent your style.

Choosing Metal Jewelry Making Tools

You can increase you designing potential and save time by choosing the right kind of metal jewelry making tools. Use a tool organizer to park your pliers and other essentials. It is important to choose best lighting solutions for the workspace and keep all the tools handy.

Some of the most common metal jewellery making tools are pliers, clasps, adhesives, gripping tools, clipping and cutting tools, cord knotter, magnifier, measuring tools, needles, reamers, safety glasses, solder paste, thimble pads, wire jigs and workplace lamps.

Most important of the metal jewellery making tools are the pliers. They come in various forms such as round nose, diagonal flush cutter, flat nose, chain nose, side cutter, end cutter, loop closing, rosary, bent chain nose, stone setting, splitring, and gem setting pliers.

For cutting and clipping, there are memory wire shear, thread burner, thread clipper, wire nipper, laser scissors, replacement tip for thread burner, craft knife set and slicer. For gripping, there are bonding clips, hemostat, breading tweezers, gem and bead holder, prong lifter, tweezer set, ring clamp, bead stopper and locking tweezers.

Some of the other handy metal jewelry making tools are steel hole punch, needle files, burnishers, scoop set, fine steel wire brush, miniature screwdriver set, bezel pusher, prong pusher, bezel roller, needle threader and spring bar.

There are numerous jewelry making techniques for metals that are simple and help you make all kinds of jewelry from pins to earrings and much more. Various techniques include etching, inlaying, enamelling, casting, stamping, blanking, oxidising etc.

Where to Buy Metal Jewelry Making Tools

You donít have to jump and run out to buy all the tools to start making the metal jewelry. To start with, it is alright to have just the basic set of metal jewelry making tools and then you can gradually add the new ones. These basic tools are enough to get you started with the basic designs of metal jewelry.

It is very easy to shop for all the metal jewelry making tools online. You can either buy each item individually or buy a kit which has all the basic tools to give you a jump start.

Things to Keep In Mind

You must keep in mind that tools are aid to ease your work and you must take good care of them. At the same time, take care of your hands and eyes. Use the tools wherever needed and use you hands only to feel your work and guide the tools. Once you start working, you will realize that you need specific tools that may not be easily available with the suppliers and you will have to find them on the internet. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 2:12:49 PM