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If you love making wire wrapped jewelry, one of the biggest questions that you are probably asking yourself is whether you should just stick to having silver wire for jewelry making as a hobby, or perhaps take it more seriously and start making wire wrapped jewelry for a living. Wire jewelry is very popular these days and so you can take advantage of this and start earning money if you are making wire wrapped jewelry.

There are a few aspects that you will need to take into consideration if this is a decision you are trying to make. After all, starting your own business is no minimal task, but may be well worth it.

Do You Enjoy it?

One of the first things that you will need to think about when trying to decide whether to start making wire wrapped jewelry for a living is whether or not you enjoy it enough to do so. Unless you get busy enough and hire on additional help, you are going to be making all the jewelry yourself so you need to make sure that this is not something you would grow bored with.

Think of it on a larger scale. After all, when you are just making a random piece of jewelry here and there you may have fun with it, but if you are getting orders and are being forced to be making wire wrapped jewelry as necessary, it may become more of a job than a pleasure.

Do You Have the Money to Get Started?

Another important issue that you are going to need to take into consideration here is whether or not you have the financial resources to get started with something like this. After all, you are going to need to spend money on the supplies and tools that will be required for you to make the necklaces, and even a studio or other location that you will be using to make the jewelry.

Is This a Long Term Thing?

You also need to think about whether or not making wire wrapped jewelry is going to be a long term thing for you. For instance, maybe you enjoy it now, but when you are older if you get a health condition such as arthritis you are obviously not going to be able to use your hands as much and so this job opportunity is one that you will really only be able to take advantage of for a certain amount of time.

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