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How To Use Beads For Jewelry
Free Jewelry Making Patterns
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Beads Coiling Beginner

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Jewelry Making Patterns For Beginners


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Jewelry making is an art and many people enjoy handcrafting the jewelry. When you handcraft any jewelry, it is unique in its own way. There is individual skill involved and everyone has a different style making each creating different than other. The market for handmade metal jewelry is increasingly becoming popular and it can be a very profitable business. You can make professional jewelry using inexpensive material and cleverly adapting traditional methods.

How to Start Metal Jewelry Making

If you are new to this field, you can get hold of a book that is meant for beginners and is a step-by-step guide to teach how to make metal jewelry. Jewelry Making: Tips and Trick of the Trade is a good book, which is suitable for all skill levels. There are photographs and each step is explained in detail for better understanding. It teaches you to make ring, ear studs, choker and bangles.

There is another book called Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry that tells about metal jewelry fabrication. Fabrication includes all the processes such as metal cutting, forming, shaping, filling, joining and finishing. There is much more to metal jewelry making than wire work and bead stringing. There are specialized equipment and skills need time to master.

Tools Required for Metal Jewelry Making

For metal jewelry making, you need some specialized tools and learn to use them. Some of the most commonly used tools are jewelry casting, wax molds, synclastics, anti-clastics, bench mount synclastics, cylinder anti-clastics, dimplers, hole punchers, sheet metal break, double flush cut with gauge, metal shear, prong setter, double cylinder bracelet makers, channel bracelet makers, double cylinder ring makers, channel ring makers, double cylinder metal wraps, channel metal wraps, texture hammers and tool clamp.

Bracelet makers are used to put curve into flat metal stock. Dimplers can be used to put circular indentations into metal so that they look more attractive. If it is used on the edge of the metal, partial indentations can also be made. Punchers are used to make holes of various sizes. Metal break is used to bend clean angles into metal stock. Metal wraps put the curvature on the wire and also on the flat metal stock. Texture hammer textures the wire and flat metal. There are three different faces. Is has a back end which is flat and polished and is used to put beautiful patterns on the metal. Wraps can put a curve into flat metal and wire.

All these tools are perfect for any kind of metal jewelry making of any size. They can also be used for repairing purposes.

Where to Buy Metal Jewelry Making Tools

Most of these tools are available on the internet. You can visit various sites and search for the tools you need. There is a complete guide that gives you details of the product, specifications, price, comparison with other products and buying details.

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