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Jewelry Making Patterns For Beginners


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The web is full of online resources for aspiring jewelry makers as well as for experienced ones who want to share their ideas and questions with others. There are wholesale jewelry making sites that offer great prices on materials for jewelry making which can sometimes get to be quite expensive, especially at the beginning when all of the basic supplies have to be acquired. Many free jewelry making projects can be found online with detailed instructions as to the supplies needed and steps to take in order to complete the specific piece of jewelry.

Types of Projects

The types of projects on free jewelry making project sites are almost limitless. There are many different types of necklaces that can be found on such sites. For beginners, there are simple, single strand necklaces that can be beaded into different patterns using whatever beads the beginner has chosen. In addition, it teaches the beginner how to add the clasps and use the crimper to do so, a tool which many have never seen or used before. There are also more complex necklace projects on free jewelry making project sites, such as the wire wrapped pendant. This type of project is not for beginners, as it requires knowledge of how to work with wire, use the crimper efficiently, and the patience and eye to create a highly artistic piece of jewelry.

There are other free jewelry making projects that have to do with different types of bracelets. Like necklaces, there are simple bracelets made of a single strand of wire and some beads which is great for beginners and children. There are more complex projects that require the use of a bead loom to create the patterns in the bracelet, such as some Native American bracelet patterns.

Free jewelry making projects also teach the individual how to make different styles of earrings and brooches, which can get fairly complex as well. Although single strand dangling earrings are simple, when they get to double and triple strand dangling earrings or dangling earring designs, then the projects get to be more complex. In addition, there are post styles of earrings that use a single, larger bead as the center point, usually one that is a gem, and then smaller beads are woven around it so that the end result is flower-like in appearance. Brooches usually start with a pattern that contains the clip to hold it to the clothing and has the basic shape of the brooch. The jewelry maker then adds beads and wire to the pattern to create their own style and colors on the brooch.

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