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Jewelry Making Patterns For Beginners

There are many different tools and supplies that are needed to make jewelry. These tools and supplies can get to be very expensive unless the person goes to a wholesale jewelry making supply center instead of the local arts and crafts store or specialty jewelry making shop. Although specialty jewelry making shops are great places to find particularly interesting or unique beads and stones to use in jewelry making projects, the supplies and tools that jewelers use every day are more expensive than finding wholesale jewelry making tools and supplies.

Making Jewelry for Less

Jewelry makers who sell their wares in boutiques and other shops frequent wholesale jewelry making tool and supply stores very regularly. Since the items in those stores are mostly bought in bulk, the price per item is much less than buying them in lesser numbers, so although the price is higher to begin with, it saves the jewelry maker money and he is able to make more per piece that he sells.

Beads are some of the more expensive items that can be found at a wholesale jewelry making tool and supply store. Beads are used very quickly, since especially small ones go quickly as more are needed to fill a necklace or bracelet. In addition, beads are often used as ends to different types of jewelry, so keeping a supply on hand or various shapes and sizes is important to the jeweler being able to fully creates his masterpieces.

Wire is also an item that jewelry makers need a lot of and go through very quickly. There are different types of wires that are needed depending on the project. If a necklace or bracelet uses a wire as the backbone to string the beads upon, then the wire does not need to be anything fancy. If however, the wire is being used to wrap a pendant which is a beautiful glass glob, then the wire needs to be thicker and probably of a precious metal such as silver because it is part of the artistry of the pendant.

The tools that are commonly found at a wholesale jewelry making tool and supply store are different types of crimpers, tweezers and soldering irons. Crimpers are used to finish off different types of jewelry, such as putting the clasps on the ends of a necklace or bracelet. They are also used in bending the wire when needed, such as in wrapping. Soldering irons come in different sizes, since they are used to melt the metal and weld pieces together. There are also bead looms, which allow the jeweler to create very intricate patterns of beads.