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Free Jewelry Making Catalogs

Often, the hardest part about making beaded jewelry is picking supplies to use. Jewelry making has becoming very popular and as a result most craft stores have a full aisle dedicated to the hobby. Numerous distributors of products all contribute to the large selection of beaded jewelry making supplies.

Depending on how seriously you are involved with beaded jewelry making you may find yourself investing a bit of money into it. Others who are interested in getting a general feel for the hobby may be better off with the purchase of a beaded jewelry making kit that includes all of the supplies you will need to get started. Over time the components of the kit can be upgraded as needed if the person decides they wish to continue with jewelry making.

Different Beaded Jewelry Making Supplies

One of the first things many jewelry makers will purchase is some type of organizational caddy. This caddy will be used to store all of the different beaded jewelry making supplies that might be collected over time. From wire to beads, everything can be kept tidy and organized in a compact caddy.

Wire is often another type of popular beaded jewelry making supply. This is frequently the cornerstone of many jewelry designs and as a result it is generally purchased in large quantities. There are also a number of different wire gauges to choose from. One project might require a large gauge while other projects might require small gauges.

There are also a number of tools that a jewelry maker will accumulate over time. A crimper to attach clasps to jewelry is frequently used by jewelry makers. To cut the wire a nice pair of wire cutters will also be needed as well.

Of all beaded jewelry making supplies on the market the one that you will likely find yourself with the most of is the beads themselves. You may find over time that you will accumulate beads either leftover from a previous project or from beads that were simply never used at all. This is another reason why a caddy is a great purchase as you can use it to keep your collection organized so one day when you need a particular bead you will not have to spend hours sorting through a jar of beads looking for just the right one.

There are many different supplies that a jewelry maker will find themselves needing over time. Depending on the particular style of the jewelry being made, some people will need more supplies than others.