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Free Jewelry Making Catalogs

One of the most popular hobbies today is jewelry making. Not only is it productive because you can create some gorgeous pieces with it. Not only that but it is stress reducing and very calming.

So you are interested in jewelry making, have your wire jewelry making instruction booklet and are ready to get going, but you are not sure where you can go to purchase your silver wire for jewelry making. If this is the case, you should know that fortunately there are quite a few different retailers that offer silver wire for jewelry making.

Stones and Findings

One company that you can go through to get silver wire for jewelry making is Stones and Findings. They are a bead and jewelry supplies wholesaler, one that you can always rely on for your jewelry making needs. They offer one of the largest jewelry making supplies selections in the world, and for affordable prices to boot.

They are a jewelry artisan studio that offers the largest selection of freshwater pearls in Canada and they create their own cuts cubic zirconia and even dye their own pearls.


Also to purchase silver wire for jewelry making you can check out is Contenti. Here they really focus on the beginner jewelry makers, so if you have little to no experience in jewelry making you will find this company to be better suited to you and your needs.

They have everything you would ever need for jewelry making, including burs, casting, cleaning, dispensing tools, drills, engraving tools, knives, magnifiers, plating, pliers, polishing tools, hammers, and more.

House of Gems

Another company that is popular for its silver wire for jewelry making is House of Gems. They know that you want to be able to get the highest quality materials for your jewelry making hobby, and they supply this and much more. They offer quality beads, pearls, findings, pendants, chains, and other accessories at wholesale prices.

You can view their entire lineup of jewelry making tools and accessories right online, making the entire shopping process as easy and convenient for you as possible.

Once you have all the supplies that you need to get started, make sure that you have the instructions on hand of the jewelry piece that you are going to be making. Even if you have experience with jewelry making this will be the best idea, so that you at least have a reference there that you can turn to if necessary.