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Free Jewelry Making Catalogs

Jewelry makers need a lot of supplies in order to make their creations, and as such, can spend a lot of money on them. That is where wholesale jewelry making supply stores come in. Wholesale jewelry making supply stores sell the supplies in bulk, which gives the jewelry maker a discount compared to going to specialty jewelry supply stores for their wares. In addition, the wholesale jewelry making stores have pretty much every supply that a jewelry maker could possibly need, and rarely are out of stock on the basic supplies. There are even specialty wholesale jewelry making stores that secure gem beads and other rarities that artistic jewelry makers desire.

Types of Supplies

For a beginning jewelry maker, going to a wholesale jewelry making store is probably not the best idea. Since the items come in bulk, the beginner might find that she does not particularly like jewelry making after a couple weeks of it, or cannot keep her two year old out of the supplies long enough for her to make something and has to put it away for a later date, which may or may not happen. Some wholesale jewelry making stores do supply kits for beginners, but it often takes going to an arts and crafts store to purchase the kit.

Experienced jewelry makers love wholesale jewelry making stores because they can stock up on the items they use most, such as wire and beads, so that they do not have to buy them so often and have an abundance of choices on hand at all times. In addition, buying in bulk, although more expensive at the outset, is really less expensive in the long run for the supplies.

Wire can be found at these wholesale jewelry making stores in all different widths and types of wire. Since some jewelry makers specialize in silver jewelry or gold, it is important to find that type of wire to go with their products, especially when wrapping and coiling. It is not always easy to find those types of wires when looking at arts and crafts stores, if not impossible, so ordering from a wholesale jewelry making store is sometimes the only option.

There are also thousands of different styles of beads available in an assortment of colors at wholesale jewelry making stores. This gives the individual many options to keep at their home or store so that they have those centerpiece and accent beads that they need for creating necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches.