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There are many schools that offer metal jewelry making classes and they have been teaching people this art for many years. They offer courses in many fields related to metal jewelry making. If you want to make a career in jewelry making or just want to learn it as a hobby, these metal jewelry making classes are easy to start and offer flexible scheduling. For those who qualify can get financial aid as well. These courses are available to general public including international students. There are full-time comprehensive courses as well as part time courses available.

Various Schools For Metal Jewelry Making Classes

One school offering this course is jewelry making school in New York City. They offer comprehensive jewelry training of 720 hours. There are other more specific training programs such as basic jewelry making, jewelry repair, diamond setting, wax modelling, pearl and bead stringing, jewelry design, open workshop and metal jewelry making classes.

Metal Werx, School for Jewelry and the Metal Arts specializes in providing training for jewelry and metal arts. It provides a stimulating environment and classes are conducted by experts who are dedicated practitioners with their focus in metals. There are weekly jewelry classes and technical workshops. Metal jewelry making classes use latest techniques such as flexible shaft, hydraulic press and special lapidary techniques.

Precious Metal Arts is another institute offering metal jewelry making classes to all age groups and for any skill levels.

If you want to take metal jewelry making classes from the comfort of your home, you can opt for various online courses being offered by Topical Project List, Colorado Academy of Silversmithing and Art Metal, Eni Oken’s jewelry, GIA, Preston Reuther, White Swan and Wig Jig. You can sign up for the classes online and have a look at some sample classes prior to choosing the institute. The courses are available for all the levels of expertise. You can fill up the form online and can make the payment for any metal jewelry making classes or workshop using your credit card.

Before you decide to go for a particular course or institute, it is important to read the reviews and check the credibility of that institute. If you have questions regarding faculty, curriculum or fees structure, you can talk to the official staff and clarify them.

Once you complete the training by joining metal jewelry making classes, you can also start taking classes for other aspiring students. You can set up your own jewelry making classes so that you can create income for yourself. To start metal jewelry making classes, you need a place to hold the classes. You then need to arrange the materials and tools related to metal jewelry training, curriculum, material and decide about the age group you would like to teach. You will also need some special tools and sheet metal for jewelry making, which can be cut and bent to get the jewelry of any shape and size. Sheet metal is available as coiled strip as well as flat pieces and its thickness is called gauge, which can vary from 30 gauge to 8 gauge.

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