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Arts And Crafts Wire For Soldering

Wholesale supply stores for jewelry making are becoming more and more popular as the craft grows in popularity among children, teens and adults. These stores provide wholesale jewelry making tools, wire, beads, and other supplies that are needed each day by beginning to professional jewelry makers. Some of these supplies are still costly at the wholesaler because they are made of a certain ore, such as gold or silver, or the beads are made of actual gems. Costume jewelry making supplies for wholesale prices can also be found at these stores. Costume jewelry can have the look and feel of the real thing, but costs much less. As technology advances, it gets harder and harder to tell a bead that is made from a real gem from one that is a good imitation.

Types of Supplies

There are different types of tools that can be found at a costume jewelry making wholesaler that are vital to the business. Different types of crimpers can be found, which is a tool that is used almost constantly during the jewelry making process to finish off pieces as well as bending wire for different patterns. Bead looms can also be found that allow the beader to create intricate patterns for the various bracelets and necklaces that they create. These looms are especially useful when making Native American style costume jewelry, since there are always complicated patterns and designs in that type of jewelry.

Other tools include a soldering iron, which is used mostly in wire wrapping types of projects and ring making. This iron gets extremely hot, allowing the user to melt the metal and weld small pieces together. Another tool is the metal punch, which enables the user to punch different patterns into the metal. Both of these tools can be found at a costume jewelry making wholesale store.

Besides tools, the most exciting supplies in the costume jewelry making wholesale store are the beads. There are such varieties of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and other criteria that it is a beader's dream come true. In addition, there are beads that are made to imitate precious stones, which allow the jewelry maker to create costume jewelry that has a classic feel to it.

Wire is another basic supply that is found at a costume jewelry making wholesaler. Wire is always needed as the basic stringing material for beading. It is also used to wrap different pendants and rings, so that they come out with different patterns and colors of wire. For jewelers who only work in gold or silver, wire can be found in those ores as well.