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April 27th, 2017

What to Look for When Purchasing Gold Jewelry

Navel rings are unconventional, but they are one of the most popular forms of body piercing, especially among females. The navel ring is seen as an appealing piece of jewelry in today’s society. However, the practice of piercing the belly button has been around since ancient times. The history of the navel ring can be traced back to the Aztecs, the Egyptians, Incas and various other ancient tribes. In ancient times, a body piercing represented more than fashion or personal individuality purposes. Piercings were used to denote social status, bravery in battle, and spiritual connections with the gods. It is often said that Egyptian royalty pierced their navels, which much like today’s navel piercings were used more for sexual appeal and fashion than anything else. Navel piercing regained its fame in the late 1990s when supermodel Christy Turllinton revealed her belly button piercing at a London fashion show.

Celebrities have provided the platform for the navel piercing’s success. Navel piercings could once be seen on celebrities, such as Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Cher, and Christina Aguilera. Navel rings have had a wide appeal, because there is something inherently sensual about the navel ring. The sparkling jewelry used in navel piercings call attention to the planes of the belly and the curve of the waist. It has been said that many women having their belly button pierced is a symbol of how they feel about their bodies. However, this is an uncommon reason, and many women may say that it is simply for fashion, or to increase their sexual appeal. In a navel piercing, the navel is not actually pierced itself.

When a belly button piercing is performed, the skin surrounding the navel is pierced and the jewelry is inserted. The piercing will heal like an ear piercing, depending on the amount of skin available for piercing, or it may heal like a surface healing with rejection risks and an extended healing time. Healing a navel piercing can also be complicated by irritation, and damage caused by clothing, especially waistline or tight clothing. The healing process can also be complicated, depending on the position of the navel relative to the bend of the waist. The most common navel piercing is performed through the upper rim of the navel. True navel piercing would require a person whose belly button is considered to be and “outie,” which is actually rare among humans. There is also an urban legend that states that an infection in a true navel piercing can travel inward to the liver or peritoneum, but there are no known true cases. The popularity of the navel ring has also been associated with a popular Aerosmith video.

In the 1993 “Cryin” video, Alicia Silverstone wears a navel ring, which is credited with introducing navel piercing into mainstream society. Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba, and Paris Hilton are also among the mainstream celebrities that have navel piercings. Navel piercings are also seen as a symbol of a “wild woman” instead of just being personal statements, as many women wear midriff revealing clothing that show off the navel piercing. Teenage girls have also seen the piercing as a sign of rebellion, and many parents disapprove of the piercing because of its sexual appeal and association. Parents are also often worried about the risks associated with a navel piercing. A navel piercing is often difficult to heal in young people, especially in young girls, and it is often performed with improper, unsanitary jewelry or piercing tools, including ear piercing guns. The semi-clandestinely healed piercings are often seen in emergency rooms as a result of their improper healing.