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May 29th, 2017

Quick Blog

The purpose of putting a bog on a website is to give customers a voice as well as giving yourself a direct link to your customers.

Pros: Quick blog allows website owners to interact with their website visitors. By letting your customers interact with you as well as with other customers much valuable information can be collected and used to improve products and services.

Pictures, graphics and even animations can be posted using Quick blog and blog posts can be made from an email program as well as directly on the website.

Quick blog features include: multiple authors and blogs, 50 customizable templates, support for GoogleŽ and AdSense, sidebar enabled for Custom HTML,
emoticon enabled comments, BlogRoll sidebar, image and audio upload, RSS feeds, management tools, email updates, surveys, site statistics, 300MB Disk Space, and 15GB Bandwidth.

Quick blog can be used to enhance an online business and put an Internet marketer in close contact with his valued customers and even his potential customers.

Cons: There really aren't any particular cons for this product. It can be very useful and effective for those who use it correctly.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee for this product. The subscription is limited by the consumer when the contract is entered into.

Value for money: The value of a blog on a website is not easy to calculate. If it is used correctly, this blog software is an excellent buy.

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