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Child Insomnia: An Overlooked Condition
May 29th, 2017

Finding the Insomnia Cause that Keeps You Up

Insomnia is a very popular disorder that most adults experiencing extreme stress face. Sometimes, it can be occasional, lasting for a few nights to weeks, and becomes worse until it becomes a chronic condition. Whatever the severity, one thingís for sure: the person with the condition suffers with all the effects that sleep deprivation brings about.

One misconception about insomnia is that only adults experience it. The truth is, a condition such as childhood insomnia also exists. In fact, child insomnia is actually one of the most commonly overlooked conditions that children suffer.

Facing Child Insomnia

Facing this kind of problem in the family can be burdensome for you as a parent. If your child is restless every night and always wakes up irritated and un-refreshed, then your kid may be facing the condition of child insomnia, and may feel just as depressed as adult sufferers.

Although for adults, it can be hard to point what is the cause of sleeplessness, in the case of child insomnia, there are several pinpointed reasons that may be the culprit why your child could not go to sleep. Here are some of them.

Possible Causes of Child Insomnia

First off, just like with adults, stress is one culprit for this condition. Yes, do not be surprised that children suffer from stress too, because they can and they do. Try taking a look at your childís life. See how everything is doing, especially at school. Is your household in the middle of marital or financial problems? Maybe your kid is being pestered by a bully down your street? Try to see if he/she has any worries and try your best to help with such problems. Definitely, when you successfully get rid of your childís stress, insomnia would be at bay too.

Another common culprit for child insomnia would be constipation or having an upset tummy.

Something that is as simple as this can cause children to have occasional restlessness. This is quite easy to understand since adults also suffer from the same condition. Check if your kid is eliminating properly, if not this could be the cause.

It would be advised to see if your child is also experiencing any kind of pain. Sometimes, fibromyalgia can strike indiscriminately, whether young or old. Growing pains can also be experienced by kids, along with muscle cramps from strenuous activities like sports. Factors like these can cause children to have extreme discomfort and lead to child insomnia.