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There's nothing like being able after a hard days work like going outside and relaxing on your deck or patio. Weekends are especially nice to take a few minutes and fix up a dinner of hamburgers or steaks. If you want to build a deck for your enjoyment, you might want to consider looking into pavers or paving stones as some call them. Read on to learn about the advantages of using pavers as compared with a traditional wood deck. You might be surprised to find out that there are some real advantages to using them.

The advantages of pavers are numerous. Read on from the list below to find out why you might want to use pavers.

Deck Building. Building a deck is tedious. Even with the simplest designs you should be prepared to spend more money for wrong cuts and other mishaps. Pavers are simpler to use, and less expensive than wood.

Building Permits. If you live out in the country with neighbors far away you'll usually have no problems with building the deck of your dreams. The problem comes in when you live in a residential area with tight building codes you'll have to adhere too. Don't take the chance and spend your hard earned money without looking into the codes for your area. Neighbors can report you and then you'll be fined, and you'll have to remove your deck. In some areas the requirements on deck building include the size, type of wood to use and even color. Usually you'll have no choice if you want a free standing deck as opposed to one that attaches directly to your house. Because of limited space think about easement issues too because the cities building codes won't allow you to encroach on another's property, or stop access to necessary utility lines either. Also look at issues of rot in cases of standing water, and water infiltration from high velocity of water runoff. If your deck is built off of the second floor, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Pavers can easily fit to building codes.

Landscaping. Look at how your ground landscaping design fits in with a deck. Are bushes and flowers shown to their best advantage? Building a deck could cost more that the deck itself for your landscaping needs. Pavers can be sheared to fit you yard.

Space. Decks are meant to give a sense of escape. If you feel cramped in, your deck won't be used to much. Other decorative items such as flower pots are likely to be kicked off and trampled on. Look at the fact that most people love cooking out on their deck, and a grill just might not fit, or be very useful around the railing of the deck. If the deck itself on the second floor, ashes end up on kitchen or bedroom windows below, and you'll have an ashy mess to continually clean up during the summer. Pavers give a sense of more space, so more room to move in.

Portability. Decks are stationary once you build them. With pavers you can place them so that if you need to move them, you can. Reasons you might want to move them are to add a new landscape design to your yard, or if you just need a change of scenery. Also consider the fact that if you know you'll be moving soon, pavers will add some value to your home and at the same time can be enjoyed by you, and easily removed by the new occupants.

Renting. Most landlords won't approve of any new structure being added to their house. There are varied reasons why such as the design, faulty construction, building permits issue, and liability for insurance in case you or a new renter get hurt. Even if the landlord's liability insurance does cover it, most don't want to have any wood or siding removal done on their rental property. This is really true if you live in a historically designated district where the city directs what can be done to a home. Pavers might be allowed if they can be moved by the landlord. When renting always check with them because if you don't and something happens you could be held liable.

Pavers are a good idea, and really have a lot of advantages over your typical wood deck

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