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Pier And Beam Foundation Insulation


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With new materials that are available for roofing, many are turning to metal roofs. These are gaining more popularity as it is seen that metal roofs have more advantages than other types of roofing. Weather differences, as well as the make of the metal roofs are all adding to the popularity found in metal roofing.

The first reason why metal roofs are becoming more popular in homes is because they are more durable than asphalt shingles or other types of shingles and tiles. Metal roofs are able to withstand strong weather, including wind-driven rains, heavy snow, hail, extreme heat, and hurricane force winds. Several have chosen a metal roof because it withstands fire as well, which may occur because of the heat of the sun or from a man-made fire. By choosing a metal roof, your home will be more protected from harsh weather conditions and natural disasters.

A second reason why metal roofs are becoming more popular is because of the reaction that it has to heat moving into your home. The material in metal causes more reflection from the heat than other homes, causing your house to stay cooler or warmer than it would with any other kind of roofing tile. It is known that those who use metal roofs have decreased their energy bills by up to twenty percent. The thermal reflectivity that metal roofs allow throughout every season is another factor in the popularity of metal roofs.

Metal roofs have a four way interlocking system, unlike shingles and tiles. This interlocks all four sides of the shingle, instead of only two or three. Because of this, the metal roofs are able to last for a much longer time and will remain weather resistant. Because of this interlocking system, metal roofs will also help with keeping the home cooler or warmer by not allowing the sun into the home.

Metal roofs also have different types of layer of paint as well as other types of resistant material in order to make them more durable. One of these layers of coatings is metallic and polymer coatings. This makes them more corrosion resistant than other metals. They also have high-performance polymers which are used when they are painted. After a while, the color will begin to fade because of airborne contamination, however because of the use of polymers, all you have to do is spray down your roof with a garden hose in order to keep it looking like new. Compared to other roofs, the type of painting that is used with the metal roofs makes a low-maintenance roof.

Another reason why most are turning to metal roofing is because it adds value to one's home. The reason why it adds value is because of this type of material will save costs on energy. Because of the lower energy costs, it adds to the appraisal value if you are planning on re-selling your home. A second reason why it adds to the appraisal of your home is because a metal roof is expected to last for forty to fifty years, and usually has a warranty that is expected to last this long as well. It is expected that a metal roof will not have to be replaced in a lifetime, adding to the value of the home.

Many are using metal roofs because they are known to have more varieties of styles and colors than other types of roofing. Because they are painted with polymer coatings, they can come in a variety of shades to add to the accents on your home. Compared to other types of roofing, the metal roof has more styles, also which adds to the uniqueness and value of your home.

When one goes to install metal roofing, they may notice that this is easier than it would be to put on than any other type of material. Metal roofing can be placed over the old roofing. This will eliminate expenses from tear-offs that one would have to make when replacing any other type of tile. Because of the style with the tiles of metal roofing, it is also easier to place the roof on your home.

Metal roofing is becoming popular in homes for several reasons. Not only is metal roofing more weather resistant than other homes, but it is also a low-maintenance type of roofing, lasts a longer time, helps with lower energy costs and adds a style and color to your home that would not be available otherwise. Because of these benefits of metal roofing, several are changing the tiles on their home to metal

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