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Pepper Plant Nutrient Feed Chart


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Hydroponics uses an ages old technique of growing plants in nutrients rich water rather than soil. All the nutrients that are required by plants for their growth are supplied in the water. These nutrients vary with the different kinds of plants and a good mix of all the essential minerals and nutrients will ensure strong plant and roots.

A general guideline is to follow a general hydroponics chart for feeding schedule. This chart includes changes in the nutrients from start till end. Using appropriate nutrient solution is one part of growing and maintaining healthy plants. But it is equally important to take care of other environmental factors such as temperature, light, carbon dioxide and humidity.

Contents of Chart

General hydroponics chart can consist of various factors that affect the growth of a plant. The chart consists of all the plants you have and kinds of mixes you use for them. The quantity of mixes needs to be precisely specified. The general hydroponics chart can help you decide the quantity for each product that needs to be added to the plant. You must get nutrient testing device to accurately measure the nutrient strength. You can select hours of light as one of the columns and phase of the plant as other column. It will help you track perfect records. You can also note down which phase the plant is in such as grow phase or bloom phase. It is a good idea to maintain a weekly general hydroponics chart.

General hydroponics chart of nutrients is a great resource for people who are unsure of how much and when to use. It provides a comprehensive guide for using the right mix in perfect quantity. This chart contains types of plants such as orchid, strawberry, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, basil, pepper, bean, melon, eggplant and general purpose. Each of the ingredients is exactly specified for each kind of plant. There is a separate general hydroponics chart of nutrients for flower and fruiting. It also shows you the quantity to be used depending upon whether you want mild general purpose or aggressive strength.

You can at times use your own judgment in deciding the right mix of various ingredients. To enhance the production of flowers and fruits, you can use more of bloom products rather than grow products. Similarly, to enhance the growth of vegetables, use more of growth product and less of bloom products. General hydroponics feed programs must be strictly followed for strong plants and roots.

In addition to following a general hydroponics chart, it is equally important to take care of the other environmental factors as well such as carbon dioxide, light, temperature and humidity.

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