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Pepper Plant Nutrient Feed Chart

You wish to make a Hydroponics System then decide what plant you plan to grow with this system and also decide upon the technique you would like to give required oxygen and mineral requirements to plants. The basic features you should keep in mind when you build a hydroponics system are oxygen and nutrients supply to the plant roots. There are two systems in use (1) passive and (2) active for giving nutrients and water to plants. It is simple method to build a hydroponics system at home as Do It Yourself process. If you choose passive systems to feed your plants mineral solution surrounds the plant root that suck up needed nutrients. In active system nutrient solution moves around plant roots thus soak up more nutrients. The two methods are successful and give good plant yield. You can adopt either system to build a hydroponics system.

The Ideal Homemade Hydroponics System

One of the most adorned hydroponics system, is Ein Gedi System (EGS). This is originated from Israel and is said be an ideal way to build a hydroponics system. The EGS has a completely closed rectangular compartment from where plants soak up mineral solution. The plants are positioned in equal distance from each other on the enmeshed baskets. The major distinction in this technique and other methods to build a hydroponics system is that this method gives good oxygen supply to plant roots. Better oxygen supply makes plant growth faster and healthy.

Method to Build a Hydroponics System

To build a hydroponics system in shorter time, less effort, and minimum maintenance there are resources around you that you should use such as used containers, wicks, plastics bottles and things like those. When you build your own hydroponics growing system at home as a hobby, it is better you use your own labor and use the home tools to build a hydroponics system. Hydroponics systems should ensure best use of nutrient rich water to support plant growth. By setting up a hydroponics system in combination with illumination system, you will get strong plants that rise faster that the plants rose in soil.

Take a strong table and put rubber buckets under it. Then set up the ‘fill and drain’ system and put it in ‘ebb and flow’ dish. ‘Ebb and flow’ is plastic plate all plants would raise in separate plate. The trays are should be placed such that overflow draws off above the tank. Now keep the pump in the tank, using plastic flexible tube so that water can move to ebb and flow plate, keep it such that it goes down in to water. Now position the timer water pump to flood out tray two times in a day. Cut and put plastic net in base of all plastic containers. Put perlite and in containers and put plants now. Decorate them well in their place in the tray. Fill up water tray, and add the minerals also. Fix lights on your build hydroponics system, the light should be used for 12 hours in night, a timer if you feel necessary may be used.