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Pepper Plant Nutrient Feed Chart

When it comes to planting seeds many individuals realize that it takes a number of factors in order to be successful. Commonly, those factors include an actual seed, soil, sunlight and the use of water.

However, there is another technique available to the individual when they want to plant a seed that will become a plant. That process is known as hydroponics.

Therefore, if curious about this specific technique it is important to know what hydroponics is and what type of hydroponics plant food is necessary to aid in the nurturing process.

What Hydroponics Is

The word hydroponics is composed of two Greek words. Those two Greek words are hydro and ponics. Specifically hydro means water and ponics means to labor. Therefore, the translation of hydroponics is “water labor.”

When it comes to actually discussing the process of hydroponics it is the scientific growth process in which the required nutrients for the seed to germinate and grow are derived from water that has been ionized or mediums other than soil. When talking about the strict use of water as a medium there are three types of solution processes that are used.

Those three types of solution processes include the static solution culture or contained cultures, the non-static solution or continuous flow culture and aeroponics. The aeroponics process is one in which the roots are constantly saturated with the ionized water. This process can be best described as a misting or water vapor process.

The other type of medium that is used in the hydroponics plant process is through the use of mediums other than water and soil. Those mediums could include the use of a rock wool culture, gravel culture, sand culture, etc.

Often, if these cultures are used, the planting process is contained in various receptacles. Examples of the various receptacles could include wood, glass, metal, etc.

Types Of Hydroponics Plant Food

Furthermore, when it comes to hydroponics planting, it is important to know how the hydroponics plant food is derived. This is because nutrients, along with water and sunlight are essential to the growth of the plant. However, unlike the seed being planted into the ground to obtain the nutrients from soil, the hydroponics plant food is derived from the water.

Specifically, the water is infused with various types of chemicals so that the water has the proper percentage of nutrients needed for optimum growth. That hydroponics plant food solution is generally comprised of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, nitrate, sulfate, the hydrogen phosphate, magnesium, etc. The watery nutrients contained in the hydroponics plant food are easily absorbed because it is liquid in essence and therefore easily absorbed through the root structure.