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March 27th, 2017

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Are Hot Tubs Bad For Your Health

There have been rumors and controversy surrounding the use of hot tubs for general health and it leaves many asking the underlying question; are hot tubs bad for your health? When answering this question it is incredibly difficult to be very specific because every single person suffers from different health issues and it is impossible to address every single one or guess how that might interact with hot tub use. When answering the question are hot tubs bad for your health it is necessary to examine the facts and understand what category you fit in to and if a hot tub can be beneficial to your health.

Warnings: Hot Tub Health

It is common when forming an answer to the question are hot tubs bad for your health to explore the common signs that people are generally used to seeing in a public pool or a public hot tub. Those signs that clearly warn you of the dangers of the hot tub if you are pregnant or if you suffer from any type of heart condition. It is only advisable for a healthy person who has a good heart to stay in that temperature of water for a maximum of twenty minutes as well. There are very good reasons behind these warnings and in order to answer the question, are hot tubs bad for your health; you have to understand the reasoning behind the warnings.

It isnít only people who suffer from heart conditions either that need to be examined when answering the question of are hot tubs bad for your health. The body temperature attained when sitting in a hot tub can be extraordinarily bad for the person who suffers from heart conditions because it can raise or lower the blood pressure and this can lead to serious stroke or heart attack. It is very easy to see in achieving the answer to are hot tubs bad for your health that if you suffer from any type of heart problem whatsoever or have suffered a stroke, stay away from hot tubs unless under the direct advice from your medical professional!

The hot tub health issues and common danger signs are posted for good reasons and one of those reasons is that a pregnant woman can be at risk due to the obvious raising of the body temperature while you are in a hot tub. It is proven that a high body temperature in a pregnant woman caused sometimes by a fever can cause birth defects in the fetus so by that same principle, it would be dangerous for a pregnant woman to raise her body temperature on purpose by exposing herself as well as her baby to raised internal body temperature. In that respect, and if you fit in this category then it is very easy to answer the question are hot tubs bad for your health because in your case, they definitely are and you should avoid them until you are not pregnant.