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Get Your Wedding Guests To Pay For Your Honeymoon
May 25th, 2017

What You Want In A Honeymoon Destination

You and your bride to be have the perfect honeymoon destination picked out. You canít wait to lounge in the sun at some tropical locale while you bask in the fact that the two of you are about to spend the rest of your glorious lives together. However, in this dire economy finding the funds to get away to a tropical locale, or anywhere else for that matter, isnít easy. How can you find the money you need to go on your honeymoon? You can get your wedding guests to give you the cash you need to spend your honeymoon in style. Youíre probably thinking that asking for cash from your wedding guests is rather tacky. Youíd be correct. Thatís why you have to be a little more sly about things.


When most people get married, they register with a store and pick out gifts they would like. This makes it easy on the guests who donít know what to get for the happy couple. They just look at the registry, pick out an item they want to buy and that becomes their gift for the wedding. Instead of picking out registry gifts that you really want or need, pick items you already have or donít really want. That way you can exchange them for cash and spend the money on your honeymoon. The guest is doing the thoughtful thing and youíre still receiving their gift, just in another form.

Hint Dropping

If you were to come out and ask your wedding guests to pay for your wedding, that would be very tacky. Not many brides or grooms would stoop to such a level. However, thatís not to say that one of your friends canít hint around to the other guests that you really need the cash for your honeymoon. Get an inside person, someone you know and trust, to drop hints to all the other guests on the list to give you cash for your honeymoon instead of gifts. That way youíll be able to get the cash you need to spend your honeymoon in style, you wonít be stuck with a lot of gifts you donít really need, and you can still save face because you werenít the one asking or hinting around. This is a sly, but effective way, of getting the honeymoon funds you desperately want and need.

There are many other ways to get cash for your honeymoon. Your guests are there to spend the day with you and witness the two of you forming a lifelong bond. Theyíre going to spend the money on gifts anyway, they may as well just give you the cash so that the two of you can spend your honeymoon in a first class resort somewhere. You can ask for the money if you want to, or you can use one of the above examples so that you donít feel as embarrassed or tacky. Then youíll be able to relax, guilt free, as you spend your honeymoon with your new spouse and it is all being paid for by the wonderful people on your guest list.