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Criteria For The Best Home Gyms
March 28th, 2017

Boxing Gyms Bring another Alternative to Fitness Centers

Probably one of the most famous bodybuilding legends in history is Lou Ferrigno. The iconic star of THE INCRDIBLE HULK developed a massive and shredded physique at an early age and this physique was the catalyst to achieving worldwide fame. Now, while many are familiar with the fact that Ferrigno trained in Southern California with the legendary fitness guru Joe Weider, there is another little fact that most people are not aware of. Believe it or not, Lou Ferrigno initially developed his physique in the basement of a nondescript home in Brooklyn, NY with a home gym. Yes, you read that correctly….Ferrigno initially developed his contest winning physique with a self-made home gym.

Now, this does not mean that a home gym can completely replace a well stocked professional health and fitness club. What it does mean, however, is that a decent gym can be constructed in your home or apartment that can adequately provide the equipment necessary to develop significant lean muscle mass that will speed up metabolic functioning, burn fat and provide a person with a decent physique.

Looking For The Best Home Gyms

Since not all home gyms are equal, it becomes important to try and figure out what are the best home gyms available on the market. This can be somewhat difficult to ascertain as different customers will have different criteria for determining what defines the term “best home gyms.’ It would be easy to rattle off a number of name brand bench press and leg raise equipment, but that would mean very little as such equipment may not fit the proper criteria for everyone. In order to center on what are the best home gyms, one needs to define what type of home gyms would be acceptable.

For example, if one lives in an apartment it might be advisable to purchase vinyl weight sets. The reason for this is that vinyl weight sets do not scratch of damage furniture while iron weights sets can due serious damage if they accidentally come in contact with delicate furniture. However, if you have a basement, garage, etc…you may wish to avoid vinyl weight sets because they are unreliable for building muscle mass. This is why professional bodybuilders and commercial gyms stick with iron weights exclusively.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the title of best home gyms (price, size, etc) and it becomes important to define what you need and then go about matching your needs with the home gym that suits those needs the best. It is as simple as that.