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401k Retirement Plan Is Advantageous To You In A Number Of Ways Including Tax Benefits
May 25th, 2017

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The future is uncertain, and needs a lot of bills to be paid as well as opportunity to enjoy a luxurious life after having retired. All this requires having a suitable investment plan that will take care of the future for you. A 401k retirement plan specifically meets such requirements, and helps a retiree to continue saving even after having stopped earning money through employment. It is indeed a most flexible retirement plan that will stand you in good stead in the future.

The 401k retirement plan is advantageous in many ways, but perhaps the best advantage it gives to you is the tax benefit. In addition, it allows you, as a working person, to decide on the amount of your salary that will be set aside to be placed in this fund. There may however be restrictions imposed by some companies which may limit the amount set aside as being equal to what the employer sets aside on his part.

The tax benefit is important, as the salary that you earn will only be taxed on the amount remaining after subtracting what you place in the fund. This is a good reason to use the 401k retirement plan in preference to other retirement investment plans. There is also a possibility to roll-over the money that you set aside with a previous employer and put it in a new employer’s 401k retirement plan, or even into a separate personal account.

Choose The Form Of Investment You Want To Place Funds In

When you invest in a 401k retirement plan, you can also choose which form of investment that you want to place your funds into, which may include mutual funds, maturities, bond funds as well as money market funds. In fact, the 401k retirement plan is an investment and savings plan that is tax deferred. It can be used as a personal pension fund and the employee of a corporation or private company may authorize his or her employer to avail of pre-tax payroll deductions from his or her salary.

Placing your money in a 401k retirement plan will allow your money to grow, and it may also be withdrawn in case you require the money to meet with an emergency situation. You may also be able to get a loan against it, though the objective is to keep the money in the account of the employee till well into the future.