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Backpacking Can Offer Days Of Challenge
May 29th, 2017

Backpacking Equipment – It All Starts with the Backpack Itself

When the thrill of hiking through the local woods begins to wear off, interest in the outdoors can be rekindled by backpacking through some rougher areas. This type of adventure presumes the ability to head into the wild for possibly several days at a time, but backpacking for a one day journey can still provide and excitement. Depending on there the walk is going to take place and type of environment involved, it can be everything from a pleasant stroll to a challenging adventure.

It is a different environment when backpacking compared to simply going for a hike. Hiking is usually considered for a day trip or for several days as part of a camping trip where hiking takes a different direction each day, but typically ending up back at the camp at the end of every day. On the other hand, backpacking often involves heading out in one direction from a base camp, possibly even the home, and staying out for a day or more exploring new areas.

When on the backpacking trail, carrying all needed supplies in a backpack, the size of the load will depend on the length of the trip as well as what the hiker considers necessary for their journey. Food and water are obvious needs to be placed in the backpack, but emergency supplies and equipment will also be needed.

Emergency Has Many Definitions

When backpacking there are challenges that may pop up that will be faced differently by different people. For some a sudden snow storm may be cause enough to turn around and head for home. For others it means hunkering down in a shelter and waiting out the storm and then resuming the trip. Those who choose to wait it out will have packed equipment and materials to enable them to withstand the extremes that sudden storms have to offer.

Water is a necessity when backpacking but it also involves carrying a lot of weight, especially if the planned trip is for several days. There are many water purification methods available to insure a health supply of clean water that do not involve carrying several gallons. All that is really needed is water source along the intended path and the appropriate purification methods to have all the water anyone needs while backpacking,

A lot of planning is also needed for backpacking to include having everything that will be needed, while limiting the weight of the items to only what is needed. Being comfortable on the trail will also involve proper packing techniques as well as having the appropriate clothing for the intended climate in which the trip will take place.