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Hemorrhoid: Hurts, But Does Not Threaten Life
March 30th, 2017

Hemorrhoid Treatment: A Few Simple Alternatives

Hemorrhoid refers to a very common malady which it is believed affects over eleven million US citizens with about a third of them needing to get their condition treated by a doctor on a yearly basis. It is common to experience this condition occurring in your anal canal and such a condition in fact is referred to as internal hemorrhoid because it causes bleeding (intermittently) when moving the bowel.

External Type

In some instances however the hemorrhoid may occurs outside a person’s anal canal and this condition is known as external hemorrhoid in which the main symptoms include feeling discomfort as well as experiencing swelling. Both the internal as well as external hemorrhoid can cause the sufferer to feel embarrassed since in the case of external type the swelling is visible on the outside, and in the case of internal one there is some amount of irritation and bleeding during bowel movement.

People that eat a diet consisting of low fiber food are the most likely to develop hemorrhoid and so it makes sense to change your diet to include high fiber diet which will prove to be effective in preventing the condition from developing. The more fiber you consume the better it will be for you as the stool will become softer and that in turn will make it easier to move your bowels.

Generally, hemorrhoid is caused which occurs when there is pressure being put on the anus for a long duration, and more particularly in the veins within the anus. The excessive pressure makes the veins bulge and also expand and this leads to feeling pain, especially when sitting down. The fact of the matter is that hemorrhoid piles, as the condition is also known as, is a condition that causes a person to feel considerable pain – mainly because the veins within the anus swell up as well as become inflamed.

This condition will then lead to having difficulty in passing stool and it can also cause chronic case of constipation as too suffering from diarrhea. The good news is that hemorrhoid is not a condition that will threaten your life and it is not even considered a dangerous condition. Mostly, the symptoms appear for a few days and then disappear on their own though you will experience bleeding during the time when symptoms are present.

Hemorrhoid can lead to itching, bleeding as well as pain and so it makes sense to seek timely hemorrhoid treatment to get rid of the symptoms and to also ease the pain. This condition can also affect pregnant women who will suffer on account of pressure exerted by the fetus and also because of changes in their hormones that will lead to enlargement of hemorrhoidal vessels.