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Preventing Heartburn Without The Use Of Prescription Medication
May 29th, 2017

What a Heartburn Symptom is and Ways to Treat It

Millions of people deal with it on a daily basis, and without a prescription it can be hard to control. But what if you prefer not to use prescription medication to treat your heartburn due to the side effects associated with prescriptions? Sure you already know all about popping an antacid when a heartburn symptom comes on, but there are other things you can do to actually help prevent heartburn altogether!

For those who suffer from frequent heartburn, nothing seems to be full proof (even prescription medications) but the things discussed here can definitely help to keep your heartburn to a minimum.

Cut it Out!

Many different foods help to create heartburn so cutting back on them, even cutting them out completely, can work wonders. Acidic foods and spicy foods tend to be the culprits which is tough because thatís usually the kind of food that is considered a favorite by most.

Pizza, chicken wings, tacos, sausage, pepperoni, limes, lemons, oranges, and many fruit juices are all things that should be eaten in moderation or better yet, not at all in order to keep your heartburn in control.

This may sound harsh and like something thatís going to be tough, but there are some ways to enjoy the foods you love without having to carry huge bottles of antacid around with you.

First of all, consider making small changes to the foods you do love, so they can be enjoyed without the harmful results later. For example, instead of eating pepperoni pizza try just cheese pizza instead. The lack of pepperoni will help to dramatically limit your heartburn.

Eat chicken tacos without salsa, teriyaki chicken wings instead of BBQ chicken wings, turkey instead of sausage and apples or grapes instead of oranges. All of these ideas help to incorporate eating the foods you like while leaving out the heartburn foods.

Drinking plenty of water with your meals and even popping an antacid before eating can also help prevent heartburn, but once youíve eaten and heartburn sets in make sure you donít drink water. It only fuels the fire, so instead drink something soothing such as milk.

The bottom line is that heartburn is brought on by the foods we eat, so of course thereís a way to prevent or at least help to lessen it. However this does take work and a commitment to fighting heartburn and without these things, you might as well put the bottles back in your pocket!