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A Guide To Hearing Aids
May 25th, 2017

A Guide To Digital Hearing Aids

As per the estimates, more than ten percent of the population suffers from some kind of hearing impairment. Hearing aid is an electronic device having a small microphone that helps make sound louder. For hearing aid to be effective, there must be some hearing left in the person.

These days, hearing aids are equipped with myriad of features to satisfy the needs of all consumers.

How To Choose A Good Hearing Aid

There are different types of hearing aids, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to choose the aid based on the advice of audiologist. Body level hearing aids are less expensive and are sturdier. If the earmoulds are not good, there is lesser problem of feedback squeal. But as the microphone is mounted on the chest, it does not provide ear level hearing. It is also difficult to eliminate the body shadow and cloth rubbing noise.

BTE hearing aids are small, and are easier to wear, especially for children. They are more flexible in terms of adjustment of output signal. BTE provides binaural hearing, as sound is received at ear level. But, these are more expensive to buy and maintain. In the ear and in the canal hearing aids are more expensive, but are not suitable for kids.

Before buying hearing aids, get your hearing tested by the audiologist, and make sure that there is no other cause of hearing loss, such as middle ear infection, tumor or earwax.

Hearing aids must have the trial period of at least 30 days. As it takes time for the ear to get used to the aid, you can decide within this time frame if the aids are useful and comfortable. Most of the hearing aids have a warranty that includes parts, as well as labor charges.

Hearing aids cannot eliminate all the background noises and restore normal hearing. You have to be cautious of companies claiming otherwise.

There are many people who suffer from hearing loss but donít want to use hearing aids as they feel that it will make them look older. But, wearing the hearing aid is much better than repeatedly asking people to repeat. Hearing aid that fits well can greatly improve the ability of interaction, as it can minimize various problems associated with hearing loss.

Modern day hearing aids have various advanced features, and digital hearing aids offer many advantages as compared to older models. These hearing aids are available from Starkey, Beltone, Siemens and Rexton.