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The Inner Workings Of A Hearing Aid
March 28th, 2017

Features of a Hearing Aid Battery

Hearing aids are a part of life for many individuals, especially when they get older. As such, it is beneficial to know how the hearing aid works and what problems might occur so that individuals can immediately get the problems resolved rather than putting up with issues that are unnecessary. One basic part of that needs to be replaced from time to time, even in a properly working device is the hearing aid battery, which gives the electronic parts power. These batteries are not very expensive, running from four to seven dollars in most cases, depending on the type of battery that is needed.

Other Parts and Types of Devices

The other basic parts of a hearing aid besides the battery are the microphone, the amplifier and the speaker. The microphone is the part of the device that picks up the sounds that are emitted around the person. The amplifier helps to increase the volume of the sound so that the individual is able to hear it. The speaker is the part that sends the amplified sound into the ear so that the individual can hear it.

The type of hearing aid that a person needs depends on the amount of hearing loss that they have and what type of a lifestyle that they live. There are some hearing aids that can fit completely inside the ear canal so that they are barely visible from the outside. These are nice because most individuals will be unaware that the hearing impaired person is wearing a device. These devices are usually only for those with a minor hearing loss, however, and they are also limited in the features that will fit on the hearing aid, such as volume control, which can be detrimental in some cases.

Another type of hearing aid is one that fits partly into the ear canal, which allows it to be barely noticeable, but still maintain some important features such as the volume control. Some of these hearing aids even come with remote control devices to help with the volume issue. Since the partly in the canal devices have more options, they can be used by people who have a mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

The most common hearing aids are those that go in the ear or behind the ear. In the ear devices fill the space in the cup of the ear, and the behind the ear devices have one piece that goes in the ear and the battery component and volume control go behind the ear. Although these devices are more noticeable to others, they also usually have a longer battery life and have more control features available for the individual to use to monitor his hearing.