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April 27th, 2017

Wizards and their Wands What Do They Use Them For

Putting together a fun kiddie party has become easier than ever, thanks to such resources as party supply stores, the Internet, and our very own imaginations, of course. If your kids are into Harry Potter, and what kids (or adults) aren’t these days, why not make the next kiddie party a Harry Potter party? Conjuring up a Harry Potter is pretty easy, even if you are not too familiar with the books. Thankfully, the film versions have allowed even those who are not familiar with the book series to have some kind of familiarity with the Harry Potter universe. Many parents count the Harry Potter books as a blessing in their child’s life because the immensely popular book series has helped turn on even reluctant readers to the power of literature and the imagination to transform and escape. Now you can extend the thrill of literature and fantasy to your own backyard or home to bring the magic of Harry Potter alive during one of your family’s celebrations.

As with all kinds of parties, you will get more out of your Harry Potter theme party if you plan ahead a little. To start the planning process, it helps to get started two to three weeks before date of the event, rather than getting started the week of the event. Start by created wizard maps that can double as fun and imaginative invitations. To make an easy wizard map invitation, you can use parchment paper. Use a pair of scissors to round out the edges, and then write down all of the party details using felt ink pens. You can name the destination as Hogwarts School (i.e., your house). Once you have written down the party details, simply roll the parchment paper into a tube so that it appears like a genuine secret wizard’s map. You can place the rolled invitation into a cylinder, a mailing tube, and then mail it to your child’s favorite muggle friends. During this period of preparation, you can also begin to think about appropriate props and decorations for your Harry Potter party.

Setting up your Harry Potter theme party is easy and fun. A fun way to greet your guests is to set up a sign outside the front door that says ‘Platform 9 ¾.’ You can decorate the kitchen (or wherever you plan to eat) like the great hall of Hogwarts school. For party decorations, you can create golden snitches that you can hang from the ceiling. Simply use small rubber balls or Styrofoam balls and spray paint them gold, then glue feathers on the side of each ball. Another easy party decorating tip is to use the popular glow in the dark constellations that are widely available at stores and temporarily stick moons, stars and lightning bolts to the walls and ceiling. You can also decorate easily by setting out Harry Potter-related stuffed animals out, such as owls, toads, and magic wands and broomsticks. You can use a constellation-themed table cloth to decorate the table. Anything with moons, stars, and of course, lightning bolts, will do the trick.

Finally, you can ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite character from the Harry Potter series if they so choose. They can choose from such popular characters as Harry, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Hagrid, Draco Malfoy, Professor McGonagall, or even one of the resident ghosts like Nearly Headless Nick. You can help out by having costume parts ready for guests to dress up. You can have wizard caps, magic wands, and even invisibility cloaks to keep the fun going. For party games, your guests can play a mean match of Quidditch using broomsticks. You can also hold a Harry Potter trivia game, and use the books to reveal the answers.