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Harry Potter Translation In Tamil

You can create your own Harry Potter costume for your next Halloween costume party, trick-or-treating escapade, or whenever a fun and creative costume is needed. Creating a Harry Potter costume is relatively simple. After all, when it comes down to it, Harry Potter is just a regular kid who happens to be blessed (and sometimes, it seems, cursed) with a number of magical abilities. But at heart he is still just a young man trying to find his way in this world. He is basically a young adult entering adulthood, and he dresses more or less like a regular teenager most of the time. Here are a few tricks to getting the Harry Potter look just right.

Of course, you will need a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. Harry’s simple wire-rimmed glasses are one of his major trademarks, so your Harry Potter costume simply won’t be complete without this crucial accessory. If you don’t already wear glasses, don’t fret. Getting your hands on a pair of Harry Potter-like glasses is simple enough. Simply head down to your nearest drugstore or retail outlet and head to the pharmacy section. Most pharmacies carry a good selection of non-prescription reading glasses. Browse the selection until you find a pair that seems like something Harry would wear. Be careful with your new pair of glasses. Just because they are not prescription glasses does not mean that you will not hurt your eyes wearing them. To be safe, make sure you carefully remove the glass or plastic lenses from the glass frames. Even better, try to find a pair that do not have a prescription so you do not have to worry about removing the clear plastic or glass part from the frame. If you cannot find clear, see-through lenses, take your glasses to the pharmacy or store optometrist and ask them to remove the see-through part for you. This is especially a good idea if they are made of glass.

Another crucial part of your Harry Potter costume is to find the right shirt. To really look like Harry, you will have to locate a long-sleeved polo shirt that is striped with bars of gold and maroon. Gold and maroon are the official colors of the house of Gryffindor, so if you are unavailable to find a striped polo shirt, at least make certain that you get the colors right. If possible, find a striped polo shirt that has an emblem near the heart. With the red and gold polo shirt you can wear jeans or nearly any bottom. You should also try to approximate Harry Potter’s hairstyle to truly get the costume right. You can pattern your Harry Potter against the image of Daniel Radcliff that has been popularized in the Harry Potter films, or you can try to pattern your costume against the image of Harry that is depicted on the cover art of the popular books. Simply comb your hair forward a bit so that you have the rough image of bangs like Harry does on the book covers and in the movies. Of course, this will come off even better if you happen to have dark hair like Harry Potter.

Finally, to complete your homemade Harry Potter, you can use several props to help ‘prop’ up your costume as it were. You can make or purchase a magic wand, and drape a cloak around your shoulders. Of course, you can also use face makeup to draw a simple zigzag on your forehead. This lightning bolt emblem across your forehead may just be the most important detail of getting the Harry Potter costume right.