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The Stylish And Popular Baby Phat Handbag
March 28th, 2017

History of the Beaded Handbag

The Phat Farm line of fashion clothing and accessories is a multi-million dollar company that has a huge following. The Baby Phat line is subsidiary of the original Phat Farm line and it too has become a force in the fashion world.

The History of Baby Phat

The Phat Farm line was created by Kimora Simmons a former fashion model and her then husband Russel Simmons. The line is known for its urban feel and Russel Simmons is a co-founder of Def Jam records which is well known for its hip-hop music.

The Baby Phat line is the more feminine side of the company. The company often features the daughters of the Simmons as models, making this a true family business. The logo of the Baby Phat line is a sleek cat that was designed to represent the Egyptian Goddess Bast. The well known logo is part of the style that is Baby Phat.

This company has become one of the top fashion design companies in the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Everyone from celebrities to suburban teens loves the style and glamour that goes with the Baby Phat line of clothing and accessories including the Baby Phat handbag.

Some Baby Phat Handbags

As with the clothing line, the collection of Baby Phat handbags includes a wide selection of designs. The clutch selection of Baby Phat handbags are cute and include the letter B to showcase that they are a Baby Phat handbag. Many of the Baby Phat handbags have a crown on them or the words Baby Phat. Again, this is what consumers are looking for and these Baby Phat handbags are very popular. They come in many colors including the traditional black, white, brown and even silver.

Many of the Baby Phat handbags have straps that allow for the purses to be carried and some have a drawstring opening at the top to allow for easy access to the purse. These purses are reasonably priced and many are designed with the school girl in mind. The selection of Baby Phat handbags also include materials from faux leather and faux fur to quilted material. Animal prints are popular as well as a combination of materials to really enhance the look of the handbag.

The Baby Phat line of clothing and accessories is stylish and has a youthful flair. The company manages to give a trendy spin on some traditional style of purses that make them fun and appealing. A Baby Phat handbag can be a good choice for those that are fashion conscious and don’t mind flaunting the fact.