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March 23rd, 2017

Rose Almond Pound Cake

Pros: The is a real work of art. The heart shaped design is so distinctive and unusual and the taste is simply divine!

I served it to my guests garnished with real edible roses and it was a huge hit! It looked like an enormous yellow rose and with my real rose garnish it served as a center piece for my meal as well. I would have loved to have taken credit for creating such a beautiful and delicious cake myself.

The cake was purchased for my personal use but when it arrived it was beautifully boxed to give as a gift. I will certainly be doing that this year. What a wonderful way to tell someone how sweet and unique you think they are!

Those who have purchased the all seem to be more than completely satisfied with it as well as with the service that they received. I agree!

Cons: There simply is not a downside to this delicious rose-shaped, almond-flavored cake other than that those who eat it might eat too much.

Guarantee: All products sold through the Home and Garden website through Rowana's are guaranteed to be satisfactory to the consumer. There is a generous 100% money back guarantee. Home and Garden allows their partner companies to set their own guarantee and return policies.

Value for money: This is a large 44 ounce cake in the shape of a rose. For this reason it is an excellent value.

Where to buy: http://www.bhg.com/bhg/store/product.jhtml?catid=cat330002&prodid=prod98