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April 29th, 2017

Rose Almond Pound Cake

The purpose of is to delight the palates of those who love and appreciate gourmet gifts.

Pros: After searching the entire Internet as well as every local gourmet store to find the perfect gift for my gourmet-food-loving friend, I finally found . I was delighted as was my friend to whom I gave them.

The ordering was simple and the delivery was prompt and exactly as promised. What a refreshing idea....delivering what is promised! It was a pleasure doing business with The Candy Depot and I will be a repeat customer many times over.

I was delighted to learn that shipping of chocolate products is only done on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to prevent the packages from lingering on loading docks over the weekend. Ice packs were included with the shipment to insure that the chocolate arrived still firm and not melted beyond recognition.

The Candy Depot says that they have the largest selection of candy on the Internet and it is priced lower than others price it. I have found that to be true.

Cons: The only downside is that these truffles are so delicious that people may over eat.

Guarantee: There is no statement of a guarantee on The Candy Depot Website. The only guarantee that would apply is that of Commission Junction.

Value for money: This one pound box of assorted truffles is an excellent value. The truffles are filled with toffee, cool mint, blackberry creme, espresso....treats for the gourmet palate.

Where to buy: http://candydepot.stores.yahoo.net/sechtr.html