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May 27th, 2017

Women's Golf Clubs

Every golf player loves the feeling of hitting the ball with everything they've got, coming from a smooth and graceful swing, and giving all their power in order to send the ball skyrocketing down the fairway.

There is no better feeling!

That is all fine and dandy, so long as your power shots are done with enough accuracy. In order to achieve having the right strength and precision, the key is to make contact with the ball on a consistent basis, and every time you swing.

For this to happen you must:

1. Learn to make contact with the ball on the club head's sweet spot. The sweet spot, as it's called in golf, is a small central area on the face. Hitting the ball even just a half an inch from the sweet spot will reduce power and lessen accuracy.

2. Hit the ball so that the club face makes contact in a perfectly square matter. In other words, perpendicular to the ball's target path.

3. Swing your club in a certain way so that when the ball has been hit by the club head, the club head is moving in the direction which is directly down the intended ball flight path.