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What Is A Gazebo And Can You Build One?
March 30th, 2017

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A gazebo is an open structure that homeowners often have in their backyards, which is supported by columns and have a column-supported roof. It is an ornamental garden pavilion that is designed to let in air and light and often situated to take advantage of a view, normally constructed of either metal or wood.

Building a Gazebo

Of course the option that most people take is to go out and buy a gazebo that is already made and ready to go, but you can always build your very own gazebo, which offers its own set of advantages. For one you can customize it to however you want and so if you have certain preferences, for instance you want it larger than normal gazebos, you can fit this in.

It can also be much cheaper to build your own, although you will have to take into account the amount of time that you are going to need to spend building the thing. It really all depends on whether you are going to have the time availability for constructing the gazebo, and of course you are going to need to have a bit of skill here as well.

The basic materials that you are going to need include screws, fiberglass, building blocks, staples, chop saw, cable, anchors, and a framing square. After you have decided where you want to build the gazebo, you are going to need to frame out an edge which is going to be needed to be joined together be a screw.

Now you want to lift up the joist to the middle, so that each of the joists is attached together. The next step is to use the patio blocks that must be concealed under the floor, and you really need to be careful with this step.

Mark the precise area in the joist from where the anchor cable is going to be able to pass through so that you can fasten it tightly. It needs to be very tight because otherwise once you are done building the thing it may end up falling apart. This is basically the support of the structure and so this is one of the most important steps during the building process.

Finally, you are going to need to use the fiberglass to use on the deck plank, and you want to assemble the glass with the help of screws, and you are finished.

Of course you can always dress it up with some nice accessories, such as a gazebo canopy which will protect you from the elements.