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Bougainvillea Plants For Sale


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bougainvillea plants for sale

There are many interesting ideas that can help you save money on your planting and landscaping. Most of these ideas involve a little creativity, but you end up with an attractive and distinctive yard. And some of the ideas look nice and can save you money in other areas of your life, like food. At any rate, there are quite a few easy ways to stretch your dollar and still make plants an attractive part of the landscape.

Use vegetables. Plant vegetable seeds in your flower garden. Seeds cost much less than plants, especially many flowering plants that have already started growing. Choose attractive varieties that mix well with flowers and are attractive in their own right. Peppers look nice among flowers, with their attractive leaves and colorful issue as they ripen. Pumpkins and bushy-plant squashes actually look very nice planted in the same way one would plant an island of flowers. Squashes and pumpkin's flower so they are pretty when they bloom, and their leaves grow big and beautiful. Tomatoes make great accent plants on the edges of flower gardens, and peas can be set up to grow on small edge fences. Their curly vines are appealing, and they are among the least expensive of vegetable. Not only can vegetables save you money in enhancing the look of your landscape, but they also save you money when it comes to eat.

Herbs for ground cover. Instead of spending money to buy plants designed for ground cover, invest in an herb garden. Buy seeds for the herbs you commonly use in your cooking: parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage are all very attractive plants. They grow close to the ground, and can grow thickly, creating ideal ground cover. Chives and green onions can be planted behind for an even more ornamental look. Herbs also grow fast, and you can use them in your cooking, saving you money at the grocery store. You can still have your flowers throughout your garden, as these herbs go with any color scheme. Additionally, they will add a pleasing aroma to your home environs, making it inviting in smell as well as in looks.

Container gardens. Container gardens are among the cutest and more inexpensive landscaping ideas. Rather than trying to treat your soil and dealing with the constant hassles of upkeep, make a container garden. Your garden can hold a variety of plants, although annuals are among the best for this type of garden, as you can easily replace them as they dies out. It is possible to use perennials in a container garden, however, as long as you use a larger container so that they have room to create their extra bulbs. Buy potting soil on sale (if you buy at the end of the season, you can get it for sometimes as little as one or two dollars a bag), and then you can plant seeds in the soil. By the time winter is over, you should have flowers fit to be set outside.

You can use almost anything for containers. Old washtubs and tin cans make quaint containers. Clay pots are a little more elegant and can also be very decorative and attractive. It is even possible to use milk cartons (with the tops cut off) as containers. Whatever strikes your fancy and is deep enough to let the roots grow (which really is not too terribly deep) can be used in container gardening. Large urns and hanging baskets can also add to the look of your home. Much of the time you can get these items on clearance at the end of the season for just a few dollars.

After arranging your plants in their containers, you can then set your urns, pots, and old washtubs wherever you wish to in your yard. Hanging baskets need not hang only above your porch. If you have large enough trees that can support them, you can hang them from the branches. When planting your baskets, use starts or seeds. They cost less than more mature plants. It is even possible to start a herb garden and you can even grow most vegetables in containers.

With a little creativity, it is possible for you to turn a commonplace landscape into something really attractive without a lot of back breaking work and without having to spend a great deal of money to make improvements to the soil

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