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Best Stomach Shaping Exercises

Best Gym Machines

When you step into the gym for the first time, it can be overwhelming to see the variety of machines for you to choose from. How do you tell which machine is the best one to meet your needs? The smartest thing to do is to ask an employee or arrange for a one-time session with one of the gym's personal trainers so that you can walk around and get a feel for the gym and understand the purpose of each machine. Using exercise machines as part of your regular workout schedule can be a fantastic way to mix things up and challenge your muscles so they don't get accustomed to the same thing. You can also use machines like rowers and treadmills to get in your aerobic exercise and cut down on stress on the joints.

Despite the excess of workout machines at the gym, there are a few machines that stand out from the crowd. These machines allow you to burn more calories and fat while strengthening and shaping your muscles, and go above and beyond the performance of many others. If you're unfamiliar with these machines, ask a trainer to demonstrate for you at the gym. Most of these aren't complex so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use them. Use one or more of these machines in your workout program two to three times per week and be amazed at the change in your body.


Perhaps the king of all gym machines, the treadmill is so much more than just a walking machine. Most of the latest models come with features like incline adjustment, arm tools and more to help maximize your workout time. A digital panel at the front will tell you important information like completed distance, calories burned and other facts. Many treadmills offer preplanned computerized workouts for you to choose from. The best of these is a workout that challenges you by changing the incline, speed and stride at different intervals throughout the workout. Using one of these treadmills can increase your calorie burn up to twice what a normal walking workout would burn. Vary the routine by adding your own arm movements when possible. Raise arms overhead up and down to the pace of your walk or reach forward with alternating arms. This can boost your heart rate higher and increase your total calorie burn.

Lateral Pulldown

One of the best weight machines in the gym today, the lateral pulldown machine works your arms, core and back in one simple movement. Stand at the front of the machine with your feet about shoulder width apart and a handle in each hand. Slowly bring your arms backward as the weights pull on the bands. Do not let your arms go back further than your shoulders or else you risk injury. Slowly pull the bands forward and down as you feel the effort in your back muscles and core. Repeat for 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Be sure that the weight is manageable and ask for help if not. Lat pulldowns can seriously shape up your back and core with just three workouts throughout the week. Your calorie burn is modest but as you replace more fat with muscle, your daily metabolic rate will rise since muscle requires more fuel than fat.

Rowing Machine

Don't overlook this humble piece of equipment that looks a little bit like training apparatus for beginning skiers. The rowing machine can powerfully develop your back, arms, legs, and core with just four workouts during the week. As you position yourself in the seat, make sure you sit erect and keep your abdominal muscles tight. Grasp the handles and pull back at the same time you push off with your legs. Maintain good posture during your workout to burn more calories. Keep rowing for twenty to thirty minutes (depending on your fitness level) and make sure to stretch your entire body after the workout. Use the rower three to four times a week and you'll begin to see major changes within your body in just a few weeks