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May 27th, 2017

Fish Bait Formulas

The purpose of How to Make Fishing Lures is to inform, educate and instruct the reader in the art of constructing effective fishing lures for themselves.

Pros: The How to Make Fishing Lures ebook was written by Vlad Evanoff. Mr. Evanoff has a lifetime of experience in fly fishing and making fishing lures. He has written for leading outdoor magazines and newspapers over his long career.

How to Make Fishing Lures is more than just a lot of words. There are over 150 illustrations in this 13 chapter book. Included are step-by-step directions for creating lures at a kitchen table or workshop that cost only pennies each. Fly fishermen can spend small fortunes on lures so this knowledge can save many dollars.

Most fly fishermen will tell you that catching one fish using a lure that they constructed themselves is a bigger thrill than catching a dozen fish using store bought bait.

Learning to construct lures that look like the real thing can prove to be an excellent hobby for those long winters when fly fishermen are waiting for the next fly fishing season to arrive.

Cons: There are no cons related to this product. It is an excellent value.

Guarantee: How to Make Fishing Lures carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the book his full purchase price will be refunded within 56 days of the purchase. The six bonus ebooks can be kept by the customer even if he returns the How to Make Fishing Lures book.

Value for money: Considering that the low purchase price of $9.95 actually includes How to Make Fishing Lures as well as six other ebooks, this product has an exceptional value.

Where to buy: http://www.fishing-ebooks.com/make-fishing-lures.htm