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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site all about then?

The idea is that you will receive unbiased information on how to do a particular task or use a service. All the 'grabthebasics' guides are intended to guide you right from the beginning in a particular area

Who writes the guides?

Some of the guides are written by grabthebasics.com themselves although contributions are always welcomed

Why are there affiliate links?

The affiliate links are there to financially support the site. There is no obligation to click on any of them.

How can I be informed of any new guides?

Please sign up for the newsletter which can be found on the Home page. No details will ever be sold to any third-party companies, nor will these details be used for any other purpose than to email you information with regards to this site. You may cancel your subscription at any time

What do I do if I have an idea for a new guide?

If you have a suggestion then please email using the contact link. If you would like to submit something already written, then please click here

Please can you answer my question?

Apologies apologies. Please feel free to email us, and we will be sure to get back to you