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March 27th, 2017

Chloromycetine and Bacterial Infections

Studies have revealed that there is a very unhappy connection between a drug like Brethine and autism; this abnormality in children is the direct unfortunate result of the administration of Brethine during pregnancy.

How are Brethine and autism related

Frequently called Terbutaline because of the main active compound, Brethine is a medication administered to treat asthma and preterm labor, being classified in the beta-adrenergic drug category. Its administration during pregnancy is more than risky for both mother and child: women may experience chest pain and hypertension, and the fetus receives all the chemicals through the placenta.

When we mention the relationship between Brethine and autism, we actually refer to the consequence of drug administration during pregnancy, since most unborn children exposed to the drug have developed the disease. Brethine is considered to stimulate the activation of the premature development of certain parts of the brain that are responsible for organ control.

Under the influence of Terbutaline, the synapses between the nerves grow abnormally, thus reducing the capacity of the central nervous system to react in a well-organized way to outward stimuli. Brethine and autism-oriented behavioral dysfunctions have also been revealed in some special cases of patients who have administered this medication for a long period of time.

Brethine and autism after pregnancy

Not discovered until the age of three, autism in small children is rooted in the preterm labor period. Lots of materials now available online warn pregnant women not to use this medication at all because of the risks to which the unborn baby may be exposed.

This is a clear case that sometimes the doctor's recommendations may be detrimental, and many patients may find their trust in the medical system shaken when hearing about Brethine and autism cases. There may be some other consequences that may affect the baby, and though less severe than autism they are still traumatic: speech difficulty and developmental delay here included.

How could one avoid Brethine and autism problems? Unfortunately there is no solution to the inherent problems, the safest way is to prevent all drug administration during pregnancy, particularly within the last three months when more substances are allowed to pass through the placenta.
The connection between Brethine and autism is still in the research phase as studies are conducted to see how such abnormalities are possible. Until a viable solution is provided, the best thing to do is avoid Brethine administration to mothers-to-be.

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