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Interpreting Dreams Numbers

interpreting dreams numbers

It is very wisely said by someone that our future depends on our dreams. Our dreams are a true reflection of our aspirations, achievements, innermost fears and troubles bothering us.

In the constant hustle bustle of our busy city lives, one tends to forget or finds absolutely no time in order to bond with one’s own self. Dreams help a person to bridge the gap between reality and his aspirations. In fact, even when we are awake, we tend to indulge ourselves in daydreaming or wishful thinking.
Day dreaming is a state of mind where we sub consciously keep thinking about a particular issue which is not related to the place, circumstance or the subject matter we are dealing with at that moment of time consciously.

Our mind tends to work at a couple of different levels- conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind is completely engaged with the area of activity we are working upon at a particular point of time. On the other hand, a person has little or no control over the sub conscious aspect of the mind. Our sub conscious mind keeps working all day long. It keeps making a mental note of various things, which may affect our soul, inner self. Generally, a person overlooks such issues and aspects. But as they are already registered by our subconscious mind, they rematerialize themselves in front of an individual while he is sleeping.

A person may be suffering from a host of mental and spiritual problems. More often than not, our dreams are able to provide us with a suitable answer to all our queries. They act as a perfect stress buster for some people.

A person may experience several types of dreams such as lucid dreams, nightmares, healing or prophetic dreams, signal or epic dreams.
A nightmare may represent a person’s most intimate fears, which may be of haunting nature. Some people also experience dreams of recurring nature; these dreams keep repeating themselves at frequent intervals. Generally, these dreams are often related with subject matter relating to some unforgettable past experiences or some internal conflicts waging in our mind. Generally, most of these dreams are haunting in content.

But, some dreams may also be therapeutic in nature. They help an individual to improve their health and accelerate the process of holistic healing. Studies report that dreams play an instrumental role in staying away from health ailments as well. In fact, they are capable of warning us of any forthcoming health related issues even before our sub conscious mind becomes aware of them.

There have been lots of debates regarding whether our dreams can foretell our future or not. Though, most of the people regard this issue as completely baseless, others beg to differ. People believe that dreams have the penchant to predict future happenings and alert a person beforehand about any mishap as well.

Similarly, people also affirm the experience of going through déjà vu. Déjà vu can possibly be described as a situation, where a person realizes that he has experienced a same situation before consciously. The prime reason for déjà vu can be accredited to the fact that at times our overactive sub conscious mind may think about a possible situation, which if takes place in near future, leaves us wondering about various happenings in our recent past.

In fact, different types of dreams experienced by a person often help in assessing his personality and mental state. Famous philosopher Freud believed that all our actions are related with our subconscious and conscious mind. There is absolutely no such happening, which may take place without its subject matter being intimately connected to our school of thought. Hence, try interpreting and assessing your dreams to know yourself better and get in touch with one’s own self. Reach for reality by understanding your dreams.