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Must Have Agility Training Equipment
May 29th, 2017

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Agility is as important for man as well as for manís best friend. Exercise is important for your dog. Much like a human being a lack of exercise for you pets may cause the onset of disease.

Agility training equipments are available in pet stores. Agility training facilities also have complete equipments; they offer lessons as well as helping you train your dogs. It can be expensive though so you can build your own instead.

If you want to try agility on a laid-back basis, you donít have to invest on expensive agility training equipment you can just build your own. Building your own agility training equipment requires total dedication, a thorough and realistic knowledge of your dogís capabilities and limitations. The Internet provides wonderful instructions on how to build your own agility training equipment.

You donít have to have an extensive collection of agility training equipment. Target basic agility exercises for your dog like, jumps, tunnels, and weaving.

Jump Doggie Jump!

Letís start with jumps as its one of the easiest and most basic agility exercise. The most basic agility training equipment is a tire jump. If you plan on competing on agility courses or simply to exercise to exercise your dog, then the first one to invest on is a tire jump.

A tire jump can be built using PVC pipes to hold a 19 inch or 24 inch diameter tire. As long as you conform the height to your dogís height then it wonít be problem starting your dog with this type of exercise.

Another type of jump equipment is called the bar jump. It is the most cost friendly equipment as all you need are PVC pipes to build this dog agility equipment. A bar jump is also easy to transport since you can buy collapsible bar jumps or you can make your bar jumps collapsible.

Weave Poles

Weave poles is a staple agility training equipment. They are a delight to watch and yet probably the most challenging agility exercises for your dogs. It is however the simplest one to build. All you have to do is buy black fiber glass poles, wrap them in the color you would like, bury them in the ground in a crisscross manner and voila! You have your own weave poles.

Tunnel Vision

Tunnels are nice to watch. This agility training equipment teaches your dog how to focus, especially ones who are challenged. You can buy tunnels in toy stores or if you want you can look for the nylon ones in specialty dog stores.

Hopefully this article has given you an insight on the basic agility training equipment you may need for your dog. You can find complete guides in building your own agility equipments on the internet and in your favorite pet store.