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The American Pit Bull Terrier: Friend Or Foe?
March 30th, 2017

The Trusty Black Labrador As A Pet

The American pit bull terrier has received a bad rap over the years as a vicious beast that attacks other animals and humans alike. While this breed is protective of his family and territory by nature, the truth is that the American pit bull terrier can be a gentle companion that makes a wonderful pet for the right family. In fact, you might be surprised at just how friendly and playful this dog can be, unless you do your homework into the temperament of the breed and find out for yourself. Unfortunately the strength of the dog, coupled with his desire to please his master, have made the American pit bull terrier the focus of dog fighting competitions for more than a century. Because of the reputation for fighting, many still purchase pits for this exclusive purpose, resulting in many pit bulls that have not been socialized properly and are highly aggressive.

The Truth about the Pit Bull

Most of us have probably heard news reports or stories from friends about a pit bull who attacked an animal or a person, injuring and even killing him. In many of these instances, the dog in question wasn't a purebred American pit bull terrier at all, but a mix of a variety of breeds. It is also possible that the dog was bred and raised specifically to behave aggressively, giving all dogs in this breed a bad and undeserved name. Unfortunately, these are the stories that many people think of when they see a pit bull in action, and the fear that has developed as a result of the stories has led to pits becoming illegal in many communities and closely monitored in others.

However, the American pit bull terrier is known by breeders and owners alike for its undying loyalty, intelligence and eagerness to please. These characteristics combine to create a pet that is easy to train and fun for the entire family. The American pit bull terrier is known as a working dog that excels in many competitions including herding, hunting and guarding. This breed has been owned by famous people like Teddy Roosevelt, Helen Keller and Laura Ingalls Wilder. The American pit bull terrier has represented companies like RCA and Buster Brown and was used to represent the United States in WWI propaganda. This dog has been around for generations, and continues to be a popular choice for dog owners that are well versed in the specifics of this breed.

If you are considering an American pit bull terrier for your own family, the first step will be to determine whether you are legally able to keep a pit bull where you live. If so, you should hunt for a reputable breeder who raises dogs as pets and not as fighting animals. With care in selecting your dog and plenty of time training it properly, your American pit bull terrier can be the perfect family pet for you.