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Do Lab Pit Mix Puppies Make Good Family Pets


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Of all the different varieties of poodles, the teacup poodle is the smallest being at most seven inches in height and weighing just four pounds. However, despite their tiny size, they are big hearted and have a great personality that makes them well suited as pets, though they also do have a peculiar fondness for water. The teacup poodle is also a great companion to its owner and because it is small in size, it can adapt very well to living in apartments, especially in the cities.

Elegant And Lively

The teacup poodle is also well known for being elegant as well as lively and is it is of course a toy breed that has a profuse and clipped as well as curly coat that needs to be groomed well to ensure that it always looks great. It has long, wide as well as flat ears that remain close to its head which in turn is long as well as dark. Finally, its feet are small and oval sized though webbed and the toes are arched.

In addition, teacup poodles are also very sensitive and they have remarkable intelligence and are very responsive and are also believed to be among the best trained of all dog breeds. Their nature is pleasant and the demeanor is perky as well as happy and quite lively and they like being around people.

However, teacup poodles are also liable to develop health problems such as ear infections and their eyes can often turn runny while other problems normally associated with this toy breed are problems with the digestive tracts and also heart disorders. In addition, they may suffer from skin conditions and also slipped stifle.

Because of their small size, teacup poodles are ideally suited for living in the city and they can often get enough exercise within the confines of an apartment and thus there is no real necessity to have a yard just for them to roam about. However, they are also equally at home in the country and will enjoy the freedom of movement that country living affords them.

You should ensure giving your teacup poodle a daily walk because this breed is quite active and letting it play can also address many of its exercise needs, though he still has a primitive instinct to walk, and if he is not given adequate opportunity to walk, he may begin to show behavioral problems.

The teacup poodle has a life expectancy of between twelve and fifteen years and in that time he will have given his owners much joy and is certainly a welcome addition in any home.

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