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Most often, long haired Chihuahuas are found in rescues or need to be purchased from breeders though there is not much difference in this breed other than having an especially long coat which however is not the same as the smooth coats of the main varieties of Chihuahuas, which makes prospective Chihuahua owners prefer the smooth coated Chihuahuas over the long haired Chihuahuas. However, if you do consider buying or owning long haired Chihuahua, remember that it is also a breed that is well suited for apartment living and you can easily get it to learn how to perform simple tricks and it also makes a good therapy dog.

Fragile And Delicate

The long haired Chihuahua is a breed that is certainly small in size though it has a temperament that is vivacious and at the same time, it does not require much to care for this type of breed. Nevertheless, the long haired Chihuahua is quite a fragile as well as delicate animal that you will need to constantly supervise, and so before you pick it for your home, be sure to consider this very important aspect to taking care of it.

Nobody is really sure about the origins of this breed, though if it is purebred, it will surely make a great champion dog that is also well known for its abilities to track and also for being very agile. According to popular beliefs, the long haired Chihuahua is supposed to have first become noticed in Mexico in the state of Chihuahua and that is how it got its name. However, the long haired Chihuahua is also very communicative and thus is ideally suited as a pet that is sure to easily win over the hearts of their owners.

Even though the long haired Chihuahua is a very small sized animal, it does not act or behave like a small animal and in fact shows that it has the heart and guts of larger and much more muscled dogs and is willing to stand its ground even when confronted with other animals that are much larger than him. They also show a lot of protective instinct around their owners and are not likely to welcome strange dogs.

One thing that the long haired Chihuahua does not like very much and that is being teased by small children, who will make him become scrappy. Long haired Chihuahuas are, nevertheless, great pet dogs and it would be an act of kindness to bring them into your home, especially those that have been left in rescues.