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Do Lab Pit Mix Puppies Make Good Family Pets


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The Labrador breed is one of the most popular dog breeds around the world. The Labrador can come in several colors including golden, chocolate and Black Labrador. This breed was originally used as a hunting dog, but they have evolved into being one of the most widely used breeds for assistance training, security and police dogs.

They are very smart dogs that are easily trained and want to be working dogs. They have an easy going nature and this is one of the reasons they are used as an assistance dog. They have the intelligence to be trained to work with people with disabilities and the loving nature that makes them very loyal.

The History Of The Breed

The origins of the Black Labrador begin with the St. Johns Water dog. This breed was found and used in the fishing communities of Newfoundland. It is thought that this is also the ancestor to the large Newfoundland dogs that may have been a combination of St. Johns Water dog and large mastiffs.

The Black Labrador has its roots in a similar gene pool of the St. Johns Water dog and they were breed to be smaller than their cousins the Newfoundland's. Black Labradors were used as water fowl retrievers and needed to have water repellant coats to aid them when they were in the water.

The Black Labrador Retriever is the original color of the species and this type of dog appears in historical notes from around the 1880's. Because of their keen hunting nature and abilities in the water, these dogs were admired by many and the black Labrador was taken back to England were the breeding continued.

In the United States the breed gained its recognition in 1928 in an article written about them. Black Labrador Retrievers quickly gained popularity as a hunting and retrieving dog. They continued their rise in popularity as it was noted that they were also a great family pet.

Their easy going temperament and gentle nature make them a wonderful addition to any family. They are well known for having a "soft mouth" which means they don't bite down on what they are carrying in their mouths which makes them a good retriever, but also gentle around children. If not trained, they are however somewhat energetic and as a larger dog need an outlet for all of that energy.

The Black Labrador Retriever is an excellent pet for a family and will be a welcome addition.

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