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Poodles have long been recognized as one of the more popular breeds of dogs around. This dog breed has enjoyed centuries of interacting with humans and forming a close bond with their families.

Originally breed as a hunting dog, the poodle still maintains its hunting instinct and will often "point" at prey. The dog breed was thought to have started in Russia but it was in France where the breed was better established and grown.

Poodles come in a variety of colors including, white, brown and black. Their coats are known to be very dense and they don't shed which makes them a very attractive pet for many. They do need to be groomed and their fur needs to be taken care of and this includes brushing, washing and clipping the fur. Poodles can also be shaved which is an easy way to maintain their coats.

These dogs are very intelligent and easy to train. They generally have an easy going temperament and fit into most families very well. Poodle puppies can be found in almost all areas, but it is important to find a good breeder to purchase from.

Where To Find Poodle Puppies

When searching for poodle puppies, the American Kennel Club may be the first place to start your search. Many people who show their dogs also breed them and the American Kennel Club may be able to point you to a reputable breeder.

Your local veterinarian may also be a source to find poodle puppies. Let them know you are searching for poodle puppies and they may have possible leads for you.

Be sure to check out any potential poodle puppies. Talk with the breeder to find out about the genetic history of the parents of the poodle puppies. Take time to visit the poodle puppies to see them in action. A puppy that has been handled and loved by their breeder can make an exceptional pet that has already learned how to be around people.

By watching the poodle puppies with their breeder and their mother, you can get a picture of the individual puppy's personalities. Are they bossy or timid? Do they come right up to you or are they shy? This initial view can help you determine what type of puppy you are looking for.

Poodle puppies can make a great addition to your family. Making sure that they have been given the right start can ensure that they are ready to be with a family and will fit in to your home.

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