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All puppies are adorable, and sometimes it can be hard to determine if, aside from the fact they are cute, this is the right bred for you or your family. Doberman puppies, like all puppies, make a huge impact when you see them. Most Doberman puppies are usually brown or black and their happy disposition and energetic play, it can be hard to forget that they will grow up.

So what are the defining characteristics of Dobermans? These dogs were bred originally in Germany and are a combination of several different dogs. The intent for the Doberman was to have a dog that was loyal, loving and a good protector. Originally called a Dobermann Pinscher, the word Pinscher was dropped as this means Terrier in German and it was felt the dog didn't represent a Terrier. The n at the end of Doberman is not always used, but the man who originally bred the dog's name was Dobermann and the dog is named for him.

In some countries the dogs ears are not cropped and the tail is not bobbed. In the United States most Doberman puppies will have their ears surgically cropped and their tail bobbed. It is not necessary to do this, but does make the breed stand out from others that have similar colors and characteristics.

The Doberman has lived up to the potential that it was bred for and more. This is a breed that is easily recognizable and a favorite for many.

Finding Doberman Puppies

If a Doberman is the right dog for you, finding a good breeder is an important step to getting the right Doberman puppies for your family. A good breeder will be concerned with the care of the puppies and have an interest in you as a potential buyer of the puppy. Ask to see both the dam and the sire of the puppies. If you're not able to actually see the sire, ask to speak with the owners to find out about any potential genetic health risks to the Doberman puppies.

Often, breeders have other dogs registered through the American Kennel Club and this may be a great way to find a reputable breeder. Visiting dog shows can also lead to discovering a good breeder. There will be Doberman dogs at most dog shows and speaking with people that belong to clubs that support the breed can help you find a good breeder.

Doberman puppies are cute and the bred has a solid reputation as a good family pet.

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