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It is easy to love the silky terrier because of its loving nature as well as high degree of energy, and also because it can serve you well as an excellent watch dog, though you will need to put up with its excessive barking habits. In addition, this particular breed of dogs is small sized and thus makes a welcome addition to an apartment where they can get plenty of exercise without needing to be taken out too often. The silky terrier is good even when other dogs are around it, though they do need to be socialized to ensure their best behavior, and it is also a one person and even a one family dog.

Common Health Problems

As an adult of about two years or more, the silky terrier will grow to about ten inches at its highest point (withers) and weighs between eight and eleven pounds. Of course, like other dog breeds, the silky terrier too is at risk of developing certain health problems, though it is mostly a hardy breed that enjoys good health more often than it falls ill. Nevertheless, before buying your silky terrier, ensures that his teeth are strong and free from problems and also look for possible genetic eye diseases as well as collapsing trachea.

To ensure her proper health, it may be necessary to take her regularly to the vet for a check up, at least in her first year when she needs to be given shots and boosters. After she has become an adult, you can take her once in a year for shots and also check-up, though once she grows to older than six years, the frequency of visits to the vet may need to be increased to twice in a year.

As her name implies, the silky terrier has a very fine and silky coat which requires being brushed on a daily basis since brushing will keep the coat healthy as well as clean and it will also prevent the coat from matting up. It is also recommended that you keep a close eye on her health condition and that you create a strong emotional bond with her.

You will also do well to brush your silky terrierís teeth biweekly with toothpaste and toothbrush that is designed solely for use with dogs as this will prevent build-up of plaque and thus forestall the possibility of cavities forming. In addition, it is also a good course of action in clipping the petís nails and especially the toenails on the front feet which grow faster than those of the hind feet.

Given the proper type of diet and nutrition, your silky terrier should live for anything from between twelve and fifteen years. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 2 seconds. Current time: 8:40:24 AM