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Do Lab Pit Mix Puppies Make Good Family Pets

In the beginning, the Labrador had been bred only for hunting and that is why you can be sure to find that it is adept at sitting with a hunter and waiting till a kill has been made, which it will then retrieve for the hunter. In addition, this breed of dog is also a good swimmer and it also must do a fair amount of running, especially through bramble and bushes, and he has also been trained to not do any damage to the game which he has to retrieve after the hunter has made his kill.

Insensitive To Touch

Being bred in this manner, the Labrador is rather insensitive to touch and he is also not afraid to jump into cold water as well as remain seated in cold conditions just so that he can keep his master happy and also properly perform his duties as a hunting dog. In fact, you can also expect the Labrador to be a strong animal physically though at the same time he is good with children and is responsive to training, which can be attributed to his ready willingness to please its master.

Another notable characteristic of the Labrador is his rather pronounced insensitivity to sound, especially to the loud sounds of a gun being discharged and even a child’s screaming does not cause him any discomfort and nor will yelling at him get a response. Also, the Labrador is not too aggressive which is a trait that is not desirable since he has to handle birds and other game without damaging them and thus needs to be rather less aggressive.

Quite surprisingly, the Labrador is also friendly to humans and is ready to hunt with almost everyone, and he is well behaved whilst among people since he considers everyone to be a friend rather than a foe. In addition, the Labrador loves to have something to hold between his teeth and thus is instinctual as well as oral and so, loves to chew on toys, sticks, balls and socks.

There no doubts the fact that the Labrador is a really extraordinary pet and is fun when in the company of children, and is sure to make a great family pet as well being fun loving and also energetic and is also a good looking animal as well. Thus, it is hardly surprising that the Labrador is the number one most preferred dog breed in America, though this very popularity can cause you to also come across a wide range of the breed in terms of their quality, and so you need to be careful before choosing your Labrador pet to ensure that you get one with the desired qualities in him.