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Do Lab Pit Mix Puppies Make Good Family Pets

Poodles have long been a loyal companion to humans. They were originally bred to be a hunting dog and the breed has evolved from there. There are three sizes in the Poodle family including the standard sized Poodle, the Miniature Poodle and the Toy Poodle.

Poodles are known to be energetic, loving and very trainable dogs. The Toy Poodle can be a little temperamental and older children are better around this breed.

Whatever size poodle is desired, one thing that will remain consistent is the fact that poodle grooming will be part of the routine with your dog. Poodles need to be groomed as they have very dense fur, they don't shed and the fur needs to be trimmed.

Tips And Tricks

Many find that is just easier to take their dog for poodle grooming at a local pet grooming location. This is a great choice, but one that can become costly. Poodle grooming can be done at home, and often is a great time to truly bond with your pet.

Poodle grooming is a centuries old tradition. Originally these dogs were groomed to help them in retrieving water fowl from the water. Because of their dense coats, poodles would often struggle when swimming. Hunters began trimming the fur off of their hind quarters, but leaving tufts of fur around their joints to keep them warm. This is a traditional style for poodle grooming and can be seen in poodles that are being shown in dog shows.

A poodle can also be shaved, which is a much easier way to maintain their coats, and can be a simple way to learn poodle grooming. In the summer this can be the best choice for your poodle as their fur is heavy and can make the days much hotter for them.

The correct equipment is required for poodle grooming. Since the Poodle has such dense fur, it is important to have a good dog shampoo and conditioner to be able to comb through the fur. Clippers are also important for poodle grooming and can be purchased at most pet stores.

When learning poodle grooming you may want to take a class. Many pet stores offer classes on grooming as well as obedience training. You can also ask your veterinarian for any advice on where to learn poodle grooming.

Fortunately, while you are learning how to groom your dog, they won't realize any mistakes that you have made and once you've perfected the art of poodle grooming, it can not only save you money but build trust between you and your pet.