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Do Lab Pit Mix Puppies Make Good Family Pets


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Over the last decade or so the Blue Pit Bull has become a much more popular dog breed and the new interest in this breed is also not showing any signs of waning, and part of the reason behind this rise in popularity is the media coverage given to the Pit Bull, though unfortunately for the wrong reasons such as when it attacks people. Still, it is not really a dog that will attack people too often and the episodes of attacks are rather few and far between, but which, when they occur, are sure to make media headlines.

Product Of Interbreeding

In any case the Blue Pit Bull is the product of interbreeding among different species of Pit Bulls and the aim of such inter-breeding is to produce Blue Pit Bulls that are sure to have certain desired characteristics. However, hundreds of years ago, this practice was prohibited in Ireland since the pedigrees were a secret not to be let out to everyone and thus it was essentially a protected dog breed. However, when this kind of inter-breeding takes place, recessive traits are found including the Blue Pit Bull which is essentially a diluted Black Pit Bull.

Also, it is necessary to realize that when Pit Bulls are bred for several, and some would say, too many generations, the Blue Pit Bull produced may actually suffer from several problems, some of which are known while others may be unknown, which can explain why these types of Pit Bulls are so overly aggressive.

Obtaining a Blue Pit Bull is often quite difficult because such a breed is not easy to find and it is also often in high demand and thus one cannot easily find a Blue Pit Bull whenever one wants one. Nevertheless, Pit Bull breeders are constantly trying to breed the blue pedigree in order to produce more of them, though there is no guaranteed equation that will result in a Blue Pit Bull. Thus, if you are on the lookout for a Blue Pit Bull, you should expect a lengthy wait before one becomes available and your best bet would be to join the list of others waiting to obtain one.

However, even when the Blue Pit Bull becomes available for sale, he is sure to be very expensive and high priced and if you opt for the first choice from a litter, the price can become prohibitively expensive, and so, you may need to settle for one that is a low choice. In any case, the Blue Pit Bull could cost anywhere from two thousand dollars upwards and you may also be asked to make a down payment, much like as you do when purchasing a home.

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