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Do Lab Pit Mix Puppies Make Good Family Pets

The exact origins of the Red Nose pitbull are not known and it is also unclear when and where they first made an appearance, though according to available information, they are supposed to have originated from Ireland. Thus, it is not surprising to learn that the Red Nose pitbull is a very rare breed and is much sought after because of its having descended from the Old Family Red Nose strain that is a strain that goes a long way back in time.

In fact, there are many that believe that the Red Nose pitbull has only been bred for its looks in which their striking red noses as well as red eyes and red lips as well as predominantly red toe nails are features that attract a lot of buyers.

John Sullivan

The first Red Nose pitbulls to make an appearance in the United States happened to be the ones that a once famous boxer named John Sullivan brought to the country from his native Ireland. This simple act was soon to turn into a full-time business for Sullivan and he did well because he was well versed in the history of the Red Nose pitbull, and his name went on to become famous in its association with the Red Nose pitbull in America. In fact, the ‘old family’ dog was part of his collection which has since become pretty well entrenched as well as established in the US.

In any case, the Red Nose pitbull is a very nice dog though you need to train him from becoming overly aggressive, and it will also pay to have some prior information about this dog breed before considering bringing one home with you. Thus, it would even be a good idea to get professional advice before you decide on owning a Red Nose pitbull because though he can be very well behaved, there are times when the pit bull can be life threatening as well.

However, contrary to what you may have heard or read about the Red Nose pitbull, it is generally no more and no less aggressive than other dog breeds and they can be as good or as bad as any other dog. The only thing that bothers prospective Red Nose pitbull owners is the amount of cross-breeding that has gone into this breed that they can be various types of this breed which means it is hard to safely say how different Red Nose pitbulls will turn out to be.