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Do Lab Pit Mix Puppies Make Good Family Pets

The Poodle breed is one of the most popular breeds of dogs around. This loyal, fun and affectionate dog is one that fits right into many families. The Poodle breed can be found in three sizes, the Toy Poodle, the Miniature and the Standard Poodle.

The Toy Poodle is also called a Tea Cup Poodle due to their small size. They are around 5 pounds and about 10 inches in height. These tiny dogs do better with older children, but are extremely intelligent and very loving. They enjoy being with their families and are loyal.

This well loved breed is so popular that there are many breeders for this type of dog. It is important to find a breeder that incorporates good breeding techniques and a caring environment into their puppies.

What To Look For

A good Toy Poodle breeder can make all the difference in the type of puppy that you get. When first looking for a Toy Poodle breeder, ask your veterinarian. Since dogs need to be taken to the veterinarian to remain healthy, many have relationships with their vets and this can be a possible way to find a good quality Toy Poodle breeder.

The American Kennel Club may be another source for a Toy Poodle breeder. Many that show their dogs also breed them, and you may be able to get in contact with a good Toy Poodle breeder through this club.

If looking through the paper for a Toy Poodle breeder make sure to ask questions of the breeder. Find out if you can see both parents. If this isn't possible, as many reputable breeders don't own both the parents, find out if you can contact the other owner about their dog.

Find out if the pups have been raised in the home. Puppies that have had a lot of contact with humans from a young age are usually better socialized animals and make for a better pet.

Find out if the sire and dam have had any genetic testing and what the results were. A good Toy Poodle breeder should have information about the sire and dam and all of their medical histories.

Set an appointment to come and visit the puppies. It is a good opportunity to see where the puppy lives and the environment it is in. You can also spend time watching the mother with her pups and the interaction of the Toy Poodle breeder with the mother and babies.

There are many high quality Toy Poodle breeders available. Make the time commitment to make sure that the puppy you select has been breed in a good environment.