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For whatever reason, pitbulls have been the center of much controversy over the years. Most of us have seen the stories on the news concerning pitbull attacks. The media tends to report the attacks without considering what circumstances may have led up to it. Unfortunately, this has led to many people disregarding pitbulls as an option for a family pet. This article will try to dispel some of the more common myths about this dog.


They first thing that comes to many people's minds when they think of this type of dog is that they are aggressive and dangerous. This, again, is due to the reports they have seen about pitbull attacks on the news. Studies have been conducted on this very subject, and have shown that these dogs have no natural aggression toward humans. There are circumstances that can lead the dog to become aggressive toward people. If a pitbull, or any other breed, is not raised and trained properly, it is possible for them to show aggression. Many of the dogs that have been featured in these reports have been abused and poorly treated. It should also be noted that, although they are not aggressive toward humans, they can show a tendency to be aggressive toward other dogs.

Many people are under the assumption that these dogs will turn on you at a moment's notice. Again, there has been no proof of this. There is no breed of dog that is naturally inclined to turn on it's owner. In any breed of dog, there are individuals that are more prone to aggression than others. The pitbull is no more likely to give you problems than any other dog.

Locking Jaw

Many people also believe that pitbulls have a mechanism that allows them to lock their jaws closed. Studies have proven this to be a myth as well. There is no proof of any kind to support this claim. The makeup of a pitbull's mouth and jaw are no different from any other breed of dog. The reason for this misconception is the fact that these dogs do have extremely powerful jaws. There is no breed of dog that is able to lock it's jaws shut.

In general, pitbulls are very intelligent and trainable, as well as being affectionate and loyal. They can make an excellent family pet, even if you have small children. If they are raised and trained properly, and socialized with children and other animals at an early age, you should have no problems at all.

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