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Finding The Right Aquarium Décor
May 29th, 2017

Incorporating Bamboo Décor Into Your Decorating Scheme

When it comes to selecting, purchasing and arranging aquarium décor there is nearly a limitless amount of options. Not only will you want aquarium décor that is pleasing for you and your guests to look at, but you will also want to find the right aquarium décor that you fish can use and appreciate.

By choosing the proper aquarium décor and placing it in the right locations you can provide a natural and beautiful environment for your fish. Natural borders are also very helpful since it can help reduce aggression among the fish in your aquarium. When introducing new fish to the tank it is important to change the location of the decorations so that you break up the existing territories and give all the fish a fresh start at setting up their own territories.


When it comes to aquarium décor the first choice many make is in the background. Depending on what you want and what your budget is you can either find a cheap or a very expensive aquarium background. The cheapest option is just painting the back of the aquarium, however this can be a pretty permanent option. Another cheap option that you can choose in case you want to change it later on is to tape a printed picture to the back of an aquarium.

When it comes to expensive options you can choose to have your background specially created to blend with the natural landscape that you place inside your aquarium. Once you have finished choosing your aquarium décor on the outside you can focus on the inside.

Inside Décor

One of the excellent options when it comes to aquarium décor is stones and rocks. You can pretty much use any types of stones that you want to decorate your aquarium. However, you should always make sure the rocks don’t effect the pH levels of your aquarium or have toxins that can effect your fish. You can drop a weak acid on the stone and check for a reaction.

If there is a reaction then you may not want to use the rocks for aquarium décor. If you are unsure about the safety of a rock or stone then it is best that you don’t use it. The best aspect of rocks is that they can be used to create caves which many fish appreciate, especially the cave dwelling species.

There are also many fake decorations that you can purchase for aquarium décor. The most common is ceramic decorations. These can be an excellent option as long as you make sure they don’t have any sharp edges. Although always remember that removing algae from ceramic decorations is very difficult. You can also choose to use fake plants for aquarium décor, but you will likely want to find one that looks relatively real to help provide the natural appearance for your aquarium. It may be a better idea to use real plants, unless you are unsure which plants to use.