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March 27th, 2017

Where the Profits are - Sell what Sells

Flowers have always been big business but the age old art of flower drying and making them into works of eye catching bouquets is becoming hugely popular in business today. Many people have spent years perfecting the art as a hobby but when it comes to selling dried floral bouquets it can become a bit daunting on how to get the word out. So here, we will go through five marketing ideas of how to do it yourself and without hassle.

1) Internet Marketing:

Internet marketing can be easy, free and as simple as adding a signature to all your outgoing emails and posts. To do this all you need to do is to write a short message about your business, its name, phone number, email address, website and a little information about your bouquets. Remember to keep your signature short and easy to read.

Another thing you could do is write articles that people will gain information from and can link to or from or add in their newsletter with a link to your business.

Consider starting a newsletter yourself, is another great idea when marketing online, include information, products and specials that the reader will gain something from.

Make your website search engine friendly by using keyword rich articles and information on your products.

2) Flyers, Pamphlets and Brochures:

Yes, most companies and businesses do this and for good reason, it brings in potential customers and sales. When you create your flyers, pamphlets or brochures make it eye catching, enticing and something that the reader will enjoy. Write as though you are talking to your reader in person and include descriptions of your products, like what type of flowers you use and so forth. Give the reader a reason why your product will benefit them and make them interested in learning more.

Buddy up with another company that will compliment yours, like a local wedding company. This is a great marketing strategy for both you as you will save money on mailing costs and target twice the readers. This buddy strategy works by sending with your flyers and pamphlets their business card/flyers and in turn they will do the same for you.

3) Use The Things Around You:

Marketing your business by using the things around you or on you can be greatly beneficial and you usually only need to pay the one set up cost. Think about putting your logo sticker on your car windows or doors.

Get a t-shirt printed with your business logo and phone number and where it as a uniform, out shopping, or wherever you may be.

Making sure you have all your paper work and envelopes printed with a letterhead and business information and have business cards always on hands.

All these things are easy to do and will be noticed wherever you go even when you are not working, really it is marketing that works for you all day, every day.

4) Special Offers and Information:

Giving special offers can boost your business dramatically. Send them to clients who have bought off you before or send them out with your pamphlets to entice newcomers. Give specials to people who by in bulk for a wedding or other event or even create a customer rewards program. When creating a special make sure you include an expiry date.

Another thing you could do is give out free information on how you make you products like giving demonstrations on how to arrange a bouquet or how to dry flowers. This sort of information is something a customer can take away with them or entice them to buy the product from you, knowing how much time and energy go into it.

5) Advertising:

Advertising has to be one of the most valuable marketing strategies a person can take. Before you delve into buying and placing ads find an appropriate place for it that with your target customer in mind.

You could buy ads on the internet on floral, wedding websites or wherever your target buyer is likely to go.

Placing ads in trade and specialty magazines is another great way to reach a wide amount of readers and potential buyers who are or will be interested in your product.

When creating an ad, make it eye catching with pictures of your bouquets and valuable contact information or a website where they can look at more of your arrangements. Just remember not to make it to busy and make sure all information is easy and simple to read.

The above is just some ideas where you can start your marketing campaign there are many more options you can choose from. Remember enticing potential customers to buy from you is the most important aspect of marketing, being noticed is just the starting point