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Simple Angel Costume Pattern


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simple angel costume pattern

Dressing the part of a native American can be tricky, as different tribes from different parts of the country wore different types of clothing. There are a number of stigmas about what an Indian costume should be, and, while some of them are almost realistic, there are many others that revolve around what the popular perception of how Indians dressed in the past. Most people consider brown leather topped off with feathered headgear and carrying a hatchet to be an official Indian costume, but different positions in the tribe also dictated how they dressed.

Before going out wearing an Indian costume, it would be best to research the type of clothing worn by the various tribes. Many different ones wore long pants, and some in areas where the temperature was high all year around, may have wore shorts, but rarely with a hem. Simply because they lived in what is called the wild west, was not reason enough for the clothing to appear dirty and unwashed.

Too many times, especially with Indian costumes for females, clothing is made from the same pattern as some of the racy lingerie in brown cloth and referred to as appropriate dress for squaws. While this type of Indian costume can garner the wearer a lot of attention, it is not realistic.

Accessories Add Realism To Costume

Many of the available costumes do not include accessories, which can make the dress seem to be more realistic. Remembering that as a tribe member's status improved within the ranks of the tribe, their headgear also changed. It would be out of character for a warrior or a young brave wearing an Indian costume that includes full headdress of feathers. Even during celebrations and dances around the campfire, the number of feathers worn in the headband was indicative of their official standing within the tribe.

Another common error when attempting realism with an Indian costume is the type of shoes worn during the era. Moccasins made of leather were the most common throughout most of history, with some tribes wearing boots during inclement weather, so a squaw showing up in an Indian costume with six-inch stiletto heels or the brave wearing Italian leather loafers would not fit into any tribe.

However, attending parties wearing an Indian costume can be fun, especially those parties to which a wild west theme is part of the evening, putting the apparel together appropriately can add to the realism of the Indian costume and may even garner a top prize in any judged contests.

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