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Simple Angel Costume Pattern

simple angel costume pattern

The medical profession is a very prestigious and highly respected career. People study long and hard for many years to become highly effective doctors and nurses. It is because of this reason, a nurses costume is a popular choice of costume for young girls and women alike.

It is fun to dress up like and act like a nurse. No matter if you want to be a good nurse, a bad nurse, a sexy nurse, or a crazy nurse, you will have fun doing it. It will be just as much fun creating the nurse costume as it is wearing it.

Things you Need to Create a Great Nurse Costume

When people think of a nurse, they usually think of a woman wearing a short white skirt, a nurse’s hat and white shoes. Although, this is a traditional nurse, not all nurses look like that. There are many different types of nurse’s costumes you can create. Not all nurses look the same, but all nurses usually wear white clothes. Therefore, although the nurse’s costumes may be different, they all will be based around the color white.

A Sexy Nurse

Older women may choose to be a sexy nurse. In this case, you will want to get some sexy white lingerie, a white cape, a white nurse’s hat and some white stiletto heels. The possibilities are endless when one wants to be a sexy nurse. It is totally up to you how sexy and revealing you want to be. One can be a conservative sexy nurse, while another can be a very liberal sexy nurse.

A Cute Nurse

Younger girls may want to explore the possibility of being a cute nurse. With this nurse costume, you could wear the typical nurse dress, with a hat and white shoes. One can either have a short white skirt or white pants with a scrub top. White panty hose will also look cute with this type of nurse costume.

The Crazy/Mean Nurse

A psychopathic nurse is another great nurse’s costume. This costume can really be any type of nurse’s costume. However, one may also want to include blood stains, messed up hair, too much make-up or other things to make the nurse appear to be psychotic.


One of the coolest things when creating a nurses costume is the accessories. A nurse can carry around a clip board, a stethoscope, a large sized needle, pill bottles or bandages. These types of accessories can be found at a local costume shop, a medical supply store, and sometimes at a pharmacy. The accessories for a nurse’s costume are endless. You can accessorize as much or as little as you like.