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Simple Angel Costume Pattern

simple angel costume pattern

Costume parties are always a lot of fun, and the guests that attend often come up with ingenious ideas. You have been invited to a costume party, and you are unsure of what to wear. If you want a unique, yet relaxed outfit, look no further than the versatile elf costume.

Elf Costume Idea #1: A North Pole Elf

If you are attending a Christmas costume party, a North Pole elf costume is an excellent idea! For this particular elf costume, you will need a red outfit. For a man, this should be red britches and a red vest (the shirt under the vest should be green). For a woman, this could be a short red dress.

As for accessories for this particular elf costume, men should wear white and red socks, and red shoes. Women can wear any kind of pantyhose that they think matches their outfit, and could wear red flats, or red high heels. Both men and women should also have the obligatory Santa/stocking hat!

Elf Costume Idea #2: A Woodland Elf

This particular costume idea is one that works especially well for any costume party. While men can wear a costume of this nature, it is meant more for women. Begin by getting a long wig (if you do not have long hair already). Next, get a wispy dress (preferably a dress with a lightly shredded skirt).

When it comes to accessories, the shoes should be as invisible as possible. Clear flats or sandals work best. Some people go so far as to wear no shoes, but if you choose this option, be mindful of safety. The other two interesting accessories are a wand, and wings, both of which can be easily gotten at a costume shop.

For More Information

If you would like more ideas on how to create your own elf outfit, all you have to do is search the internet. There are many different websites that are sure to give you some interesting ideas about your look, complete with makeup.

When it comes to makeup, the key material for both men and women is glitter. You can get glitter body makeup and lightly apply it all over your face for an interesting look. For women, you can also incorporate eye shadow and blush in an entire range of different colors. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are sure to put together an excellent elf outfit with the proper research!