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Simple Angel Costume Pattern

simple angel costume pattern

Each and every Halloween thousands of people dress like their favorite animals. Costumes such as a cat, a mouse, a dog or a rabbit are commonly seen at almost every costume party. However, one animal costume that is not too commonly seen is a penguin costume. Imagine dressing up like a large black and white penguin. With some cool accessories, one can take a simple penguin costume and turn it into something very cool and fun to wear.

How to Make the Perfect Penguin Costume

Finding a good penguin costume in the stores may be a little challenging. Therefore, many people take on the task of making their own penguin costume. This way, they can customize this unique costume how they feel best fits their idea of a perfect penguin. It is not very hard to make your own penguin costume.

First, you want to decide what type of penguin you would like to create. Use the internet to research types of penguins and look at some pictures of them. Many people will simply choose a regular penguin because it is the easiest costume to make. To make a basic penguin costume, begin with a black and white tuxedo with long tails in the back.

Most penguins have long, straight backs; so, long tails on the tuxedo will portray this characteristic. Use a white cummerbund and a black bow tie. You may also want to find some black gloves or mittens because penguins do not have finger like a human. Next you will want add a black top hat or a toboggan and an orange beak of some sort. Finally, top the costume off with some orange painted tennis shoes for feet.

Once you have your penguin costume on, you want to also act like a penguin. This will include walking like penguin. Tie your legs together using a piece of black rope. Penguins do not have knees and they walk very stiffly. Tying your legs together will help you walk more like a real penguin. Finally, you may also want to carry around a large rubber fish or a bucket of gummy fish. Penguins love to eat fish, so by adding some form of fish to your costume will add a nice touch to your completed penguin costume.

Everyone at the party will love your penguin costume. It will be very different and very unique. No one will have any trouble figuring out which animal you are portraying. As the matter of fact, they may start to call you Chilly Willy.