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Simple Angel Costume Pattern


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simple angel costume pattern

Mermaids are everyone’s favorite underwater vixens. Popularized in everything from Greek mythology to The Litter Mermaid, mermaids have graced television screens for years, along with parades and even Halloween parties. Historically, mermaid sightings have been attributed to manatees—manatees carry their young in the arms like human babies, and fatigued sailors could easily mistaken these mammalian mothers for women. Or the way manatees break the surface of the ocean underneath patches of seaweed, rising to the surface with long streams of kelp like long, flowing hair. Still, the mermaid remains a figure of fantasy, the topic of fiction. And the mermaid costume remains a popular choice for any kind of party.

Up from Atlantis

A mermaid costume is available for any age and any style. Costumes for children are often sparkly and colorful, modeled much after Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Some costumes mimic the long, fin-like tail of mermaids, while others keep it a simple dress with a sea-shell top. Either way, with the right pattern of sequins and the right coloring, any little girl look just like an ocean princess in her mermaid costume.

For adults, choosing the right mermaid costume can be a little harder. Depending on the party, or the desired result, there are a variety of costumes available. Almost all of them are sexy, and can show off the curves and appeal of any woman, but some are sexier than others. A basic mermaid costume will give the appearance of fins with a low cut, sequined bottom skirt. The top can be a simple bathing suit top or a sea-shell bra for a little more festivity and accuracy, and halter tops are also available for women who want less exposure. Some costumes even come with headpieces and crowns.

While almost every mermaid costume will expose the midriff, some are designed for women who are going for family friendly, not for sexy, or for women who are not that comfortable with too much skin exposure. Designed as a one-piece dress, they will still mimic the fin-like bottom and will expose the shoulders and arms, but the beasts and stomach remain amply covered.

On the other hand, extremely sexualized costumes are available as well. A sexy mermaid costume like this will have a very low cut bottom skirt, which can even be see-through material. The shells or strips of material used to create the top will barely cover anything, and even seaweed-styled boas are available to add a little flair.

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