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Simple Angel Costume Pattern


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simple angel costume pattern

Back in the day before costume shops became a favorite place to shop, whenever there was an occasion for which to dress up, you had to make your own costume out of materials available in the home. Depending on the family budget as well as the members in the family, it could be a fun and exciting time to put different things you found around the house to use as you figured out how to make your own costume.

Others that have more skills with a sewing machine may be tempted to make your own costume by using a pattern available in many fabric shops or discount stores. After looking through the available selections of patterns you can find the one that screams out that it is really you, buy the necessary material and head home and get to work on your costume. There are a wide assortment of patterns that will enable you to make your own costume look as though it came from a costume shop.

If you do not have the needed knowledge to run a sewing machine, you might be able to find a friend or relative to help you make your own costume, but you will want to swear them to secrecy so that what you are going to wear remains a secret.

Occasion Can Help Determine Costume Design

Your need for a costume will help decide the type of costume you make. Typically, when people talk about having to make your own costume it is for Halloween or some other form of costume party. With others expected to be at the party you will want to look your best, while wearing a costume that did not set you back too much money. Visiting a thrift store that offers used clothing is another place to find ideas for costumes.

Many times, some of the older clothing that is available can spark your imagination in ways that you can make your own costume to represent someone from a bygone era. Some times you will get luck and find a costume as well as accessories in the same shop, but it may require a visit to different locations to put together the perfect outfit for the occasion.

If you know anyone that works with a theater, some of their old costumes may be available and a few alterations may allow you to wear a professional looking outfit without the need to make your own costume from scratch.

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