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Simple Angel Costume Pattern


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simple angel costume pattern

When one thinks of a maid costume, chances are that one thinks of the most popular (and revealing) version, the French maid costume. However, for those who are more demure, a lovely maid costume to wear is that of the Country maid.

The Country Maid Costume Has a History

In the Victorian era, photography and stories were rife with pastoral scenes. For example, a young innocent shepherd girl would be sitting in a grassy knoll tending her sheep. These scenes were to reflect purity, and to chastise women who were tempted to compromise their virtue.

The shepherd girl costume and the country maid costume are basically one in the same. However, it is the accessories that really make a country maid costume the most interesting, and this a hit at a costume party.

The basic components of this kind of costume include a mid-length skirt with a corseted bodice, simple boots, and white stockings. The costume is also generally accompanies by a large, wide-brimmed hat with a ribbon encircling it and tying below the chin.

When it comes to the accessories for this costume, the one that absolutely makes it intriguing is the shepherding crook. This can be a tall wooden branch, or a cane. The main accessory to have is a little toy sheep to carry around!

The hair can be done in a variety of different ways. If the woman has long hair to begin with, that is a plus, since she will not have to spend the extra money on a wig. However, if that is not the case, there is the option to buy an already-styled wig.

The most popular hairstyle for this kind of costume is two long braids tied at the end with ribbons. However, other options include two buns, a low ponytail, or hair just cascading freely. The many different options in terms of hairstyles are part of what makes this kind of costume so fun to wear.

For more ideas on accessories to pair with this costume, or even where such a costume can be purchased, look in your phone book for local costume stores. Visit each one in turn until you find the ideal costume for you.

You can also search the internet, and buy the accessories for the costume from several different websites if just one does not have everything you are looking for. With patience and research, you are sure to be the prettiest maid at the costume party!

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