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Simple Angel Costume Pattern

simple angel costume pattern

When one chooses to wear an ancient Greek costume, they will have the challenging of figuring out what exactly the ancient Greek people wore. This is an easy challenge because the people of ancient Greece did not wear a wide array of different clothes. Therefore, the first step in making the perfect ancient Greek costume is to find out how they dressed back in ancient Greece and what they looked like.

Create the Perfect Ancient Greek Woman Costume

Women did not wear very elegant dresses back in Ancient Greece. They basically wore one large piece of wool or linen that was wrapped completely around their body and pinned together in various places so that it would not open up or fall off. These wraps always came down to the ankles and were tied up around the left shoulder. Women also usually wore leather sandals.

All women wore their hair tied up in a bun or in a pony tail. It was disrespectful to wear their hair down. So, if you choose to dress in an ancient Greek woman costume, you will also need to tie your hair up. It is very Greek to wear your hair up in a bun. If you already have short hair, you may want to put gel in it so that it remains close to your head. Greek women rarely had frizzy or fluffy hair styles.

Create the Perfect Ancient Greek Man Costume

An ancient Greek costume is usually a very popular for man. Men love dressing up in Greek togas at costume parties and partying the night away. For some reason, men feel very masculine when they are dress up in an ancient Greek costume. Creating the perfect ancient Greek man costume is very similar to the woman’s costume.

Men will also wear long cloaks or robes that are tightly wrapped around the body and pinned in place. Unlike women, the men wore both long togas or short togas. However, the short, knee length togas were the most popular. It was common for Greek men to either wear leather sandals or go barefooted.

An ancient Greek costume is an easy costume to create for man or for a woman. It is basically a simple toga with leather sandals. Many times it can be made out of a white bed sheet. Therefore, it does not require a lot of money or time to create the perfect ancient Greek costume. Because it is easy to create and it is also very affordable to create, it is one of the most popular costumes for costume parties.