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Simple Angel Costume Pattern


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simple angel costume pattern

You did not have any plans for Halloween, but all of a sudden you got a call from a friend inviting you to a party. You really want to go, but it is a little late to run out and buy a costume. So, you need some other last minute costume ideas.

Last Minute Costume Ideas in Your Closet

Of course, when looking for last minute costume ideas, the first place you are going to look is your closet. You take pride in your feminine closet, and all of those accessories that you were wondering what to do with can be incorporated into various last minute costume ideas.

The first last minute costume idea that you can try is that of a rocker chick from the 80s. Begin by finding some tights (leggings) and colorful socks – preferably two different colors. Find an open-necked sweater and a gym bra, toss a lot of gel in your hair, put on bright lipstick and lots of blue eyeshadow, and you are all ready!

Another last minute costume idea is one that is a bit revealing, and should only be incorporated for a party that you know has that kind of a theme. Specifically, you can go as a lady of the night. For this, look through your lingerie drawer, and find a nightgown that covers just enough. Put on some jewelry, high heels, and a light robe, and your look is complete.

If you are a more conservative kind of person, a last minute costume idea to try is the academic look. Keep your makeup very plain, except for a hint of blush and clear lip gloss. Find some fashion glasses, pull your hair back in a bun, find a conservative skirt, blouse, and shoes, and you have yet another look for the party.

Another costume idea is to go dressed as a man. For this, what you will need are the most masculine clothes you have. Once you have chosen the clothes, pull your hair back and tuck it into a hat (again, it needs to be masculine!). Put on some sneakers, and add some facial hair with an eyeliner pencil.

If you would like more costume ideas, all you have to do is go on the internet. Various websites will give you ideas from the simple to the elaborate. It really all has to do with how comfortable you are wearing the outfit you choose, as well as the overall theme of the party.

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