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Simple Angel Costume Pattern


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simple angel costume pattern

If you are seeking a unique costume that will get you noticed in terns of elegance, splendor and beauty, you should look into wearing a Victorian costume. During the time period of 1830-1920 many people dressed in a Victorian style. This style included long, beautiful, flowing dresses for the women and stylish coats and top hats for the men.

The Victorian Woman

A Victorian costume for a woman should be a long, beautiful dress that is full of detail. Most of these dresses were a soft pink or earth tone color. Not many bright colors were used in Victorian dress. There were usually a lot of buttons and lace around the dress. The skirts of the dress were very full and the bodices were very long, thin and tight. Each dress included a very large, decorated hat or a bonnet.

Victorian women put a lot of emphasis on detail and your Victorian costume should also contain a lot of detail. Not only did the dress bring out the woman’s beauty, it also made a statement about her as a person. Women of money had extravagant dresses; whereas the poor women only had a plain dress. Your Victorian costume should reflect something about you as a person as well.

The Victorian Man

Like the Victorian costume for a woman, the Victorian costume for a man should also be very elegant and stylish. They should include a long, dark overcoat, a top hat or some other form of hat, and some type of bow tie or dickie. Many men would also carry a walking stick and a pocket watch. Dark colors such as browns, grays and blacks were usually the main colors of choice for men of the Victorian era.

The Victorian costume for a man also tells a lot about who the man is and what role he plays in society. Depending on what career the man chose, his clothes would reflect his life’s work. Most of the time, one could determine what line of work a Victorian man was in simply by the way he dressed and presented himself.

When thinking about a Victorian costume, one should do some research and look at the different ways people dressed during this time period. Although each person dressed uniquely, there was still a very distinct style for this time period. One will have fun dressing up in a Victorian costume because of the elegance, beauty and splendor of this type of costume.

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