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Simple Angel Costume Pattern


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simple angel costume pattern

Cleopatra was a very popular Egyptian Queen that lived 69 BC – 30BC. She was also a very popular lover because she had affairs with both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Her reign marked the end of the Hellenistic era and she was the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Because of her beauty and her popularity as an Egyptian queen, she is a very popular costume for many women. Some couples will dress up like Cleopatra and Mark Anthony or Julius Caesar.

How Can I Create a Perfect Cleopatra Costume?

If you are thinking about creating a Cleopatra costume for your next costume get together, it is important to remember that Cleopatra had several different looks. She always wore very elegant and extravagant clothing that was draped on gold and other fine jewelry. Therefore, do some research on the internet. Look at different pictures of her and then decide which Cleopatra costume you would like to create.

When creating a Cleopatra costume, begin with the basics. She had straight shoulder length black hair. So, look for a wig of this type. Next, consider your make up. Cleopatra is usually seen in pictures wearing thick dark eyeliner that is applied so it appears as if she has cat eyes. She also can have a small diamond stone or other jewel glued to the corner of her eye. In addition to the eyeliner, she also wore heavy blush and lipstick. She usually made her face up with a lot of make-up.

Next create the Cleopatra costume that you would like to wear. She almost always wore a gold head piece on her head. Sometimes it has a headband in the form for a snake, other times it was like gold colored netting. Her head pieces were always decorated in beautiful jewels. Next, almost all of her clothes included some form of neck band or collar. These neck bands were very large and usually covered from neck to shoulders and were decorated in beautiful jewels.

Her dresses were usually long dresses that went to her feet. A plain, long, white dress will work perfectly because Cleopatra loved white dresses. The dresses were not usually decorated in jewels like her head and neck pieces. They were simple white dresses. She also wore a lot of bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Cleopatra had a lot of fine jewelry and loved to wear it all the time. So, you will want to include some rhinestone costume jewelry with your Cleopatra costume.

Finally, you should get a pair of sandals for shoes. Any sandals will work because you can decorate them with rhinestone costume jewelry also. If you do not want to wear sandals, then you can go bare footed. It was poplar during Cleopatra’s time to walk around with your sandals off.

Now, you can create your own Cleopatra costume. Be creative, because she was a beautiful woman you can create a beautiful costume.

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