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The Batman Costume Has Many Different Looks
March 27th, 2017

Beauty and The Beast, A Couples Costume That Is Easy To Create

If your little caped crusader has his or her heart set on being Batman, there are many different options to choose from and it is important that you know which costume your child is interested in wearing on Halloween.

Traditional Batman Continues To Hold Strong In First Place

The original batman costume included a full gray colored body suit, blue briefs over the gray suit, yellow utility belt, a plethora of “bat” tools and a blue cape and hood with blue boots. A large yellow colored oval containing a black bat symbol is in the center of the chest of the batman costume. This was however, the costume that existed in the comic books and on the cover of coloring books. Very few children want to wear this style of Batman costume

Batman Begins Brings Forth A New Look For the Caped Crusader

In recent years, the Batman costume has changed to an all black outfit, more fitting of the “bat” persona, with a full black suit, cape, gloves and boots with a completely black belt. This costume is much more “stealth” and imposing that its earlier counterparts. It is also much more muscled in its appearance, than its early counterparts as the 1960’s versions was not interested in muscles at all. The yellow oval containing the bat has been modified to just a black bat that is embossed into the material, the traditional gold oval is gone. Many of today’s Batman costumes include a hard muscled chest version that establishes Batman’s physical strength.

1966 Created The Most Popular Children’s Batman Costume

The most popular Batman costume by far is the gray and black version made popular by the original 1966 Batman television show and the 1966 film. This batman costume still uses the full gray body suit but rather than blue, the cape, hood, briefs and boots are black. The yellow oval with the famous bat insignia is still placed in the center of the chest of the costume and matched the utility belt around the waist.

When Buying A Batman Costume, Pick Your Child’s Favorite Version

Since there are many different choices in Batman costumes, utility belts, Batman face masks and Batman weaponry, it is important to have a good idea of what your child’s image of Batman is to them. If possible take your child costume shopping with you so that you purchase the correct version. This Batman costume will most likely be worn over and over again, not just on Halloween. If it is anything like my children, they wore the costume out long before they outgrew it.