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The Merits Of The 7 Day Colon Cleanse
March 28th, 2017

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Colon cleansing has been around for some time already. One of the more famous programs that involve this method is the 7 day colon cleanse. This 7 day colon cleanse is like a regimen that you have to perform for seven straight days in order to detoxify your colon. For those who have not had a colon cleanse in heir entire life, the term inspires horrible images. Actually, colon cleansing can be as mild as just taking something to generally clean your colon. It need not be the invasive images that your imagination has conjured up.

Many people do not believe that there is build up in our colon that we need to eliminate nor is there a need to for cleansing our colon. These individuals do not believe that the 7 day colon cleanse is necessary for a healthy life, after all, it has just been in this century that colon cleansing was developed.

What To Expect From 7 Day Colon Cleanse

Those who advocate the 7 day colon cleanse will tell you that this program will be a bit difficult when doing it for the first time. The entire 7 day colon cleanse program may actually not just be for seven days. You will need to achieve three to five bowel movements the day after you initially take or ingest pills, capsules or powder form of the medication. If you can not achieve this, you will have to increase the dosage until such time that you do have three to five times bowel movements.

The stated 7 days colon cleanse will start upon defecating the required times in a day. The dosage that has helped you achieve the necessary number of times you move your bowels will then be maintained for seven consecutive days. This is where the 7 day colon cleanse program gets its name. In actuality, some of the programs that promote a 7 day colon cleanse will have additional instructions regarding maintenance pills after the supposed seven days.

Testimony of users of the 7 day colon cleanse programs that abound the market vary from very satisfied, amazed and also the bereft. Many believe in what the 7 day colon cleanse can do for our bodies. This belief if fueled by what comes out of the users bodies after the prescribed time. It is better to try out a 7 day colon cleanse for yourself to be able to have your own opinion of the matter.